UAE tourist visa

In dire need of an unforgettable holiday? Retail shopping therapy? Top-class hotel restaurants? Traditional culture that will surely pique your interest? Then it’s time to apply for a UAE tourist visa.

United Arab Emirates or UAE is one of the world’s fastest growing tourist destinations. It has almost everything that you need for a perfect holiday getaway. It has picturesque landscapes and iconic skyscrapers, palm-shaped islands, malls that are as big as cities, and beach resorts. What else can you ask for? It already sounds like a dream vacation coming true!

To apply for a UAE tourist visa via their online portal. Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of six (6) months including the issuance day. You are only allowed to stay for thirty (30) days including the entry and departure days; it is also non-extendable.

Here’s a step-by-step process:

1. Apply for the visa online or in person.
2. Send application to immigration.
3. Decision is made by immigration.
4. Immigration conveys decision to TT services.
5. And lastly, services notifies applicant via e-mail.

But before all of that, please refer to list below regarding the requirements needed to get a UAE tourist visa!

UAE tourist visa


  • Scanned/colored copy of your Passport bio page and last page that contains the details of your full name, nationality, date, place of birth, passport number, date of issue and expiry.
  • Six (6) months validity of passport at the time of travel.
  • Only normal passports will be accepted to apply for visa.
  • Colored ID photo with white background. (Size: 4.3×5.5cm)
  • Confirmed ticket travelling to Abu Dhabi and onwards from Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways. (Only a round trip ticket will be accepted.)
  • Completed and signed application form for visa processing.

There are additional documents that might help you speed up the visa processing time, especially if you are a frequent traveler to UAE:

  • Entry/exit stamp pages of your passport that shows you have travelled to UAE within the past year.
  • Invitation letter from your immediate family members, including the letter itself, passport copy and valid residence visa copy of the host.
  • Copies of visa or travel proof if you have travelled at least once in the last 5 years to: USA, UK, Schengen countries, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Canada.

Note that the visa is only limited to single entry with a visa fee of 96 USD. The processing time is 3 to 5 working days excluding Friday, Saturday and public holidays. However, it is greatly advised that you process your visa application ahead of time in order to avoid inconveniences and for a hassle free holiday. If by any chance that you have to cancel your application, (In which we hope that you won’t!) a cancellation fee of 41 USD is charged.

You can also track your UAE tourist visa application here.

For further details on UAE immigration requirements, Filipinos are advised to contact:

The Dubai Mall

Embassy of United Arab Emirates in Manila

16th Floor, Commerce and Industry Plaza (CIP)
1030 Campus Corner Park Avenues
Mckinely Town Center, Fort Bonitfacio
Taguig City, Manila, Philippines

Telephone Number: (+63) 856 – 7449
Fax Number: (+63) 2 555 – 1843
Email: [email protected]

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UAE tourist visa


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