Tuesday, November 19, 2019

SafetyWing Review: Affordable Travel Insurance For Filipino Travelers

Even if I have a good medical insurance in the Philippines, it doesn’t cover me whenever I travel abroad. So finding affordable and good travel insurance is one of my problems as a Filipino...

10 Best Travel Shoes for Women

One of the most important items to complete every women’s travel bag is a pair of shoe. As many would say, “Good shoes can take you to good places” but what really makes a...
best carry on backpack

10 Affordable and Best Carry On Backpack

Choosing the best carry on backpack for our travel is an essential investment. Whether you’re staying on the road for a long time or just getting a quick break from work, you should always...

10 Travel Themed Pillow Cases

Guess you’re a certified travel bug when even your cozy house reminds you to travel. Mind you, travel souvenirs and posters are not the only cute items that you can decorate your house with...

5 Best Travel Apps For Filipinos

Apps for mobile phones are now necessities like my travel towel. Gone are the days of notebook travel planners, real calendar, paper maps (umm what?) and talking to your travel agents to find you the best...

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