Sunday, December 15, 2019
tinggly christmas gift ideas for travelers

12 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Travelers

Looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for travelers? Choosing gifts for travelers can be daunting, much more if it’s for a special occasion such as Christmas. Forget the material things and buy your...
Old town in amsterdam

2 Days in Amsterdam: Itinerary With Maps and Tips

If you want to be in any European city and you’re looking for a place with amazing architecture, fascinating culture and rich history then Amsterdam is for you. Most of the attractions are within walking...
Thornbury Castle, Bristol

9 Amazing Castle Hotels in England 

With its fascinating history, and with a still active monarch, it is no wonder that England abounds with stunning castles converted into hotels. Most are built in the lush English countryside, or nestled within...
st. john the fortress kotor

11 Things To Do in Kotor, Montenegro

One of the Balkans’ hidden gems that’s slowly but surely gaining attention from travelers and those into picturesque history-rich old cities, Kotor in Montenegro is a small town that definitely packs a punch. Situated by...
Castelo de Almourol, Vila Nova da Barquinha

9 Must-See and Best Castles in Portugal 

Portugal is a country with a rich, colorful history that mostly involved conflicts and conquests, which explains why the country has many castles. Dating as far back as the 9th century, these castles were primarily...
Bran Castle one of the best castles in romania

9 Best Castles In Romania That You Must Visit

Castles in Romania are nestled within forested hills or tucked in mountainous areas which makes it the country's best-hidden gems. Castles and fortresses built mostly during the medieval era are among the country’s most...
Trosky Castle

10 Must-See Castles In Czech Republic 

Centuries ago, the country that we now know as the Czech Republic was ruled by Bohemian monarchs, nobles, and royal families. They were rich, powerful and important, and had extravagant tastes that...
best chateau hotels in france

9 Best Chateau Hotels in France

Although chateaux these days can also refer to a country mansion or aristocratic home, it’s literal translation is actually ‘castle’. Rural France boasts of a great number of these chateaux, complete with towers, gatekeepers,...
Castello di Petroia one of the best castle hotels in Italy

9 Best Castle Hotels in Italy

One can never go wrong with Italian castle hotels, as most if not all of it offers more than just a fairytale experience. With most of these dating back to the middle ages and...
Schlosshotel Kronberg germany

10 Best Castle Hotels in Germany 

There are several castle hotels in Germany, with most of it intended as fortifications in the earlier times. Most of them are located in the countryside — on a lush forested area to rolling...

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