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Those who want to visit Oman to experience its distinct culture and view should get a visa prior to their entry. In a year, millions of tourists are visiting Oman for various activities like diving, and exploring its unique culture. This influx of tourists paved way for the Omani government to improve its airport to be able to give their visitors the warm welcome that they deserve. Along with this improvement, they have also improved their visa processing policies starting last March 21, 2018. Travelers don’t have to worry about this new policy though because applying through their website is just convenient and easy. But before we get to that, let us first know what are the different types of Oman visit visa and if you are eligible to apply for such type.

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Types of Oman visa

There are certain types of visa in Oman that you have to check if you qualify or not. You can also check the site if you want a thorough explanation of each visa type.

1. Resident Sponsored Visa – you are qualified for a resident sponsored visa if you are an investor, sponsored worker, foreign wife of an Omani citizen, relative of an Omani national, spouse or child of a foreigner working in Oman, or a student at an approved educational institution, college or university.

2. Resident Unsponsored Visa – you are qualified for a resident unsponsored visa if you are a property owner of a housing unit in an approved tourist complex in Oman.

3. Visit Sponsored Visa – you are qualified for a visit sponsored visa if you are a businessman invited by a local sponsor, a passenger or crew travelling in a cruise, a tourist sponsored by a local, an artist performing in Oman, a person participating in festivals or exhibits, or a friend or relative of an Omani resident intending to visit.

4. Visit Unsponsored Visa – you are qualified for a visit unsponsored visa if you are on the list of approved nationalities or you are accompanied by someone from the list, someone who enters Oman directly from Dubai and has a current tourist visa for Dubai, someone who has to travel to Oman then to Qatar, a resident of the GCC, or someone in transit through Oman to a third country.

Who are eligible to apply for a visa?

Some countries are free to enter Oman without applying for a visa while some still has to apply for an e-visa prior to entering Oman.

Visa-free countries

  1. Bahrain
  2. Kuwait
  3. Qatar
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. United Arab Emirates

Visa refusal

While most countries can enjoy the privilege of an Omani visa, residents of Israel are refused to enter in its territory even when transiting only through Oman.


How to apply for a visa to Oman?

With the new process in applying for a visa, service desks no longer accept physical applications effective on March 21, 2018. Applicants must therefore submit their application through the Royal Oman Police website: In just 3 main steps, you’ll get your visa sweat-free!

  1. Application

To kickstart your application, all you have to do is to go to the website, and select the service that you want to avail. For unsponsored visa application, you will be asked to select your nationality and identify if you are a resident in a GCC country. The site will then show you the visa types you are eligible to apply for.

a. Register as user – if you don’t have an account yet, you will be asked to register first. Just simply answer all the required fields in the form

b. Confirm email – an email will be sent to your email address which contains the link to verify your new account.

c. Fill up the application form

The form will require you to supply the following information:

    1. Your travel document details such as your travel document number, and travel document type.
    2. Application details such as the applicant’s personal information and information of your sponsor (if any).

d. Upload supporting documents

Be sure to scan and upload these documents along with your application details.

    1. Copy of your passport
    2. Copy of your sponsor’s passport
    3. Copy of authorized signatures by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
    4. Valid copy of  company’s certificate  of membership with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
    5. Cover letter from the sponsor indicating that he/she is aware of her responsibilities as the applicant’s sponsor while staying in Oman.

You can also upload other documents that you think are necessary for your application.

2. Oman Visa Cost

With the new visa application process, you are now required to pay using cards either debit or credit through the Global Payment Gateway of the site.

Regular Visa Fee:20 Omani Riyals
Visa Fee (if the visa is from a local sponsor):5 Omani Riyals
Foreign residents in GCC countries: 5 Omani Riyals

3. Receiving an e-visa approval note

You will then receive an email after submitting your application. This contains your e-visa approval note which you have to print and present to  the border control offices upon arrival in Oman.

Visa Validity

  1. The visa is valid for use within 6 months from the date it was issued.
  2. The visa holder should not stay for more than 3 months from the date on entry.
  3. The visa extension is only valid for a 1 month single entry use.

Note: Be sure to leave the Omani territory on or before the expiration date of your visa. Otherwise, a fine of 10 Omani Riyals per day will be asked from the offender.

Other information

For more information regarding the visa application process to Oman, you can direct your questions to the following offices:

Omani Consulate in the Philippines

2215 Paraiso Street
Dasmarinas Village, Makati

Telephone: (+632) 822-2141 / 822-2222 / 821-1651 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Fax: (+632) 824-3549 / 845-9745 / 845-1848 / 822-2144

Omani Embassy in Jakarta

Jakarta Indonesia

Telephone: (+62) 21 251 0757
Fax: (+62) 21 576 4334
Email: [email protected]

Omani Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

No. 17, Jalan Kedondong Off Jalan Ampang Hilir
55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone: (+60) 3 4257 7375 / 8
Fax: (+60) 3 4257 1400
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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