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When we travel, it is not just simply visiting, or being in a certain locale in some far off country, island or continent. It is more than seeing famous attractions or exploring sights — it is also about discovering hidden gems and traversing off-the-beaten paths.

Traveling is such an all-encompassing human activity that all the things involved in it should be thought of and planned with utmost care. We may splurge or follow a certain budget, but we must make sure that our journeys are easy, convenient, safe and hassle-free. 

Accommodations? Check. Itineraries? Check. Luggage contents? Important documents and IDs? Check, check. But how do we go around a certain place while making sure we get the most out of our trip? That we really get to experience this place?

Is it enough that there’s a reliable transport system available in that city? Should we always count on what we know about this town? Not always, right?

This is where the comfort and convenience of renting a car come in handy, and definitely your best bet if you’re a traveler who values experiences. 

Compared to commuting which may be easy and safe enough, driving a rental car and navigating the place yourself gives you total control of your time, your pace, your experience. You literally get to know the place like a local.

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There’s always a chance to stumble upon an area that you probably have never heard of but is just as fascinating; an opportunity to acquaint yourself with an entirely different perspective of a certain city, town or country. Renting a car is pretty easy, too! You can even just swing by an airport bay reserved for rental cars, ask your hotel concierge or just visit the local car rental company.

Better yet (and this is highly recommended by travelers all over), book your car rental online! There’s plenty of options with all the perks and freebies to entice you, but how about booking your car rental with one of the world’s best?

Here, we’d like to make things easy for you and make sure you’re dealing with the best so here are five of the top car rental agencies in the world that’ll surely make the most of your travel. 

  1. Viajemos‬.com

Trust Ratings: ‪4.7 Excellent ‬

‪Check the Trust Pilot reviews here.  ‬ consistently gets positive reviews from customers and keeps its high TrustPilot ratings due to its excellent pricing, great deals, and prompt customer support.

Those who have used their service rave about the ease of navigating both the app and the site, the friendly customer care staff and how issues are easily resolved. has many affiliates and has a presence in a lot of locations worldwide, and in Brazil as in most countries, the great deals include full coverage insurance as well as transparency in what’s included in the price. 

  1. Miles Car Rental

Trust Ratings: 4.7 Excellent 

‪Check the Trust Pilot reviews here.

Miles Car Rental is another trustworthy and highly recommended car rental agency, which has a presence in a lot of countries around the world. They take pride in their extensive car fleet as well as great deals on offer, while their customers praise the immediate responses from the customer service team.

Each of their rentals comes with insurance coverage in Brazil, instead of you having to request or add it. This way, you’re assured of a convenient and safe experience while using their cars, easily putting them on to of the most trusted when it comes to car rentals. 

  1. Despegar‬

‪Trust Ratings: 4.5 Excellent ‬‪

Check the Trust Pilot reviews here. ‬

Another great car rental agency is Despegar, and this one is highly praised by customers due to its user-friendly website and app. There’s a variety of choices with regards to the car brand, type, and other details.

Despegar is also found in most countries and major cities worldwide, and customers need not worry about last-minute decisions regarding their car rental bookings as the prompt customer service staff are always ready to guide them through their transactions. 

  1. Rentingcarz

Trust Ratings: 4.4 Excellent 

‪Check the Trust Pilot reviews here.

Through RentingCarz it is most definitely possible to reserve a car in Brazil from its many affiliates, all reputable and recognized as among the best in the market. Customers get to choose from a variety of compact cars, family cars, convertibles, SUVs, minivans, sports cars, and luxury cars. RentingCarz offers car rental packages, an easy-to-use website, many different payment options, and reliable online support. 

  1. Carrental8

Trust Ratings: 4.4 Excellent 

Check the Trust Pilot reviews here.  

Car Rental 8 is an online car rental company that provides its services in more than 120 countries. Customers love its multilingual website, as well as the booking feature that’s easy to use: you simply have to search for the car that you like, book the car that you chose and you’re done!

CarRental8 also has a Protect Package an accident or small car damages. Their customer care service is also highly praised, often for being helpful and their promptness in resolving issues. 

We’ve just introduced you to five of the world’s best car rental agencies, and we guarantee each has great deals to offer.

Now, before you browse through the many car options in any of those sites, there are some requirements that you need to comply with to ensure that everything runs smoothly as you receive your rented car.

You wouldn’t want to encounter any problem and waste even a few seconds of your precious trip so it’s advisable that you have the following:

car rental companies

  1. ID that proves you’re over 25

Twenty-five is the minimum age requirement for renting a car so prepare photo IDs where it’s easily seen that you were born at least twenty-five years ago. In some states and cities, you might even go to jail or pay a fine if you’re caught misrepresenting your age. Be honest and prepared so just bring an ID. 

  1. A valid driver’s license

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You need to have a valid driver’s license as this proves your fitness and capability to drive around a rental car. If you’re traveling with a group, be sure that everyone else has their license with also as the car rental agency requires to check them when you pick up the car. 

  1. Full coverage insurance    

Thoroughly check and ask if your car rental agency has plans that provide full coverage insurance. If they don’t have one, be sure that you’ll get insurance through them only as there are cases wherein third party insurance providers do not have the necessary requirements for car rentals. Getting the insurance through the car rental agency also ensures that you are not billed twice by the insurance company. 

  1. An embossed credit card

This is mostly to assure the car rental agency that you have the means to pay, that you’re a legit customer and not a crook, and therefore will return the car. However, as everything will be charged on this card, be sure that you and the car rental agency are clear on the kind of plan that you get.

Do not buy any add ons that you won’t need so you won’t get unnecessary charges on your card. Be sure also that it is an embossed card as that’s what’s internationally accepted mostly for security reasons. 

That covers everything you need to know and consider when renting a car to use during your travel. Remember to pack all the requirements along with your responsible driving skills and a sense of adventure! 




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