australian visa for filipinos
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The land down under—or what we all know as Australia is a travel haven. With its unique wildlife that would either send you running or absolutely in-love, the vast landscapes and even miles of powdery white-sand beaches, Australia is one of the most interesting places there is.

If you’re up for a wildlife adventure with crocodiles, kangaroos and adorable koalas, or a sightseeing adventure in Sydney Opera House, Australia could be the best place to go.

But before anything else, let’s proceed on how to get Australian visa for Filipinos.

australian visa for filipinos
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Visa Application Process For Australia

  • Before applying for an Australia visa, make sure that you already know what type of visa you need. You can visit the Australian Home Affairs website to help you decide.
  • Complete and sign your visa application form. Make sure that you also accomplish all the requirements needed in this checklist.
  • Print a copy of the checklist that corresponds to your visa application. Make sure to submit the checklist along with your Australia visa application. Don’t forget to affix your signature and attach your photograph.
  • Remember: Applications that are submitted without fully completed checklist may face processing delays.
  • Organize payment of the visa fees in the form of a Manager’s Cheque payable to “Australian Embassy”. Other forms of visa payment and payee will not be accepted.
  • Note: Paper applications lodged through Visa Application Centers shall pay the Visa Fee in a form of a Manager’s Cheque drawn from any Philippine Banks (except for Rural Banks). The amount should be in Philippine Peso (PHP)

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  • Prior to your online appointment for application, submission is a mandatory requirement. You may schedule to visit the AVAC website and lodge your application and submit your biometrics here
  • Applicants may submit their completed Visa Application form along with all the required supporting documents in-person or by a representative via the AVAC Monday to Friday 7:00 – 14:00 (except public holidays).
  • You may also send your application by courier. You may send your request for a Two-Way or One-Way Courier Pick-up in any of the following ways:

1. By calling the Call Centre at +632 790 4900, Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to                 5:00 PM
2. Sending an Email at [email protected]

australian visa for filipinos
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Please ensure you have completed the following before booking a courier pick-up:

  1. Duly filled out and signed Australian visa application form
  2. Duly filled and signed document checklist
  3. Photocopy of the data page of your Philippine passport & supporting documents as specified on the checklist
  4. Organize your visa fee payment appropriate to your visa category in the form of a Manager’s Cheque made payable to the “Australian Embassy”. Other forms of visa fee payment and the payee will not be accepted.
  5. Proof of service fee payment (Cash for walk-in and with appointments; manager’s cheque for courier applications)

Kings Canyon

The Australian Visa Application Centre charges service fee per applicant. The fees are as follows:

  • Primary Applicant Fee is PHP659 and Secondary Applicant is PHP460.
  • In person – Service charge can be paid in cash (Philippine Peso) at Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) Any further fees applicable to the visa subclass you have chosen will be explained further by the AVAC.
  • If it’s paid by courier, a service charge will also be paid in the form of a Manager’s Cheque in Philippine Peso and in the exact amount made payable to “VFS Services Philippines Private Inc.” Other forms of payment and payee will not be accepted.

If you will opt for a courier pick-up, please pay one of the following service fees depending on your requirement:


  • PHP 600 for Two-way courier service for the pick-up and return of your documents.
  • PHP 380 for Courier Pick-up service.

Should you wish to avail of the SMS service in order to receive real-time updates via email & SMS messaging on your application, you may include the SMS fee of PHP 110 along with the Manager’s Cheque for the service fee payment.

  • Metro Manila Addresses shall be scheduled for pick-up within 1 to 3 days. While Provincial Addresses located along the main roads shall be scheduled for pick-up within 3-5 days. For those who are located in the identified Out of Courier Serviceable and Critical Areas, applicants have to bring their documents to the nearest 2GO Express branch.
australian visa for filipinos
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Important: Please note that once you have secured a confirmed collection of your application/documents with reference number at the time of courier collection and for any reason your documents are not ready or any unavoidable circumstance arises and you were unable to cancel your courier booking before the scheduled pick-up of within 24 hours for Metro Manila; 48 hours for Provincial collection, you will be charged an additional one-way courier service fee of PHP 380.

To avoid possible delays in your application, make sure to include all relevant information and submit it together with the application. Any documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation as well.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Like always, don’t forget to apply early to avoid the hassle!

For further details on Australian immigration requirements, Filipinos are advised to contact:

AVAC Call Centre
Phone: 02 790 4900
Email: [email protected]

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Australian visa for Filipinos.


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