turkey tourist visa

Turkey is an alluring destination that has glorious landscapes, sun-soaked Mediterranean seas, mighty mountains and steppes that are vertigo-inducing. It is a beautiful nation straddled between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Natural wonders such as Pamukkale and Cappadocia are the top things to do here.

Galata Tower

It has strong cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. If you’ve been eyeing Turkey as your next travel destination, surely you’ve seen the architectural resemblance to those stated above.

It’s also known for their vibrant culture, vast history and not to mention—exotic and famous cuisine that will excite your palate.

Just by reading that you’re probably getting excited, so let’s get to the point on the process of obtaining the Turkey tourist visa for Filipinos.

Filipino travellers are required to have visas before they can travel to Turkey. They must lodge their Turkey visa applications at the Embassy of Turkey in Manila as visas are not obtainable to them at the ports of entry.

Turkey Visa Requirements For Filipino Citizens

turkey tourist visa

1. Completed application form. The form is provided at the embassy.

2. Passport-size photo. To be attached on the form. (Affixed to the top left corner of the visa application form.)

3. Passport and photocopy of the first two pages. (Passport with a validity of 3 months)

4. Certificate of Employment. The applicant’s job title, work record and monthly/annual income must be indicated.

5. Documents supporting the purpose of the visit (e.g., letter of invitation, travel itinerary, round trip ticket, hotel reservation with payment guarantee, etc.)

Dolmabahçe Palace

6. Latest Individual Income Tax Return

7. Company’s latest Income Tax Return if travel is business-related.

8. For business owners – Company Business Registration such as SEC and DTI.

9. Original Bank Deposit Certificate addressed to the embassy. No specified amount, but some travel agency officers I spoke with in the embassy suggest P100,000+.

10. If invited by the government or private sector and international companies or institutions holding office in Turkey– Original invitation letter addressed to the embassy.

If invited by a Turkish national – Original invitation letter must be notarized in Turkey, affidavit of support and pertinent credentials of the invitee together with the Turkish IDs and other supporting documents.

11. Confirmed hotel accommodation booking.

12. Round-trip airline ticket.

turkey tourist visa
Want to experience this magical hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia?

Please note:

  • The visa fee is non-refundable.
  • The Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documentation when deemed necessary.
  • Filipino applicants may need to appear personally to lodge their Turkey tourist visa applications.
  • Visa processing fees may vary depending on the type of visa applied for and nationality of the applicant. Please contact the Embassy to obtain the most accurate information on visa fees.

Mount Nemrut

Filipinos are strongly advised to confirm the above-mentioned information on visa and entry requirements before traveling to Turkey, as these may change from time to time. Take note that original documents and their photocopies are presented and submitted. Incomplete documents will not be accepted.

If they are deemed satisfied with the documents you presented, you will be asked for a P2,500 single entry tourist visa fee with a claim stub of the visa release. The processing time for acquiring a Turkey visa for Filipinos is usually within ten (10) working days from the receipt of application.

Mount Nemrut

The Embassy of Turkey opens from 9:30AM-12:00NN every Monday to Friday except Wednesday. It is important that you arrive early since there are cut-offs.

For further details on Turkish immigration requirements, Filipinos are advised to contact the Turkish Embassy in Manila:

Embassy of Turkey

2268 Paraiso Street
Dasmarinas Village
1222 Makati City

Telephone: (+63-2) 843-9705 / 843-9707 / 887-6373 / 888-5699
Fax: (+63-2) 843-9702
Email: [email protected]

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turkey tourist visa for filipinos


  1. Me and my family were planning to go to Turkey for 3 weeks.10 days only for Istanbul,about one week Agean Sea and Mediterranean Sea tours including Bodrum,Antalya trips and the last 3 days for Cappadocia.We shared this there mANILA Turkish Embassy, but i think the woman who got our application didn’t listen us well.I dunno why but the interview ended up only in 2 mins.Me and my parents used to travel every summer and we have been 6 different countries already (including Italy and Portugal).
    Anyway after 2 weeks we got Turkish Embassy again,the woman gave to our passports and then she started to talk with my dad and she said our visa confirmed just for 15 days so it is better if we change our itinerary.My dad tried to explain and also after Turkey we were planning to visit Georgia (Caucasian country near Turkey) and that’s why he said ‘ok maybe we can stay in Georgia 1 mopre week’ .after that the woman smiled and said ‘yeah good idea’. I was really angry.We are not beggars.We applied visa for Schengen countries before and nobody acted like that. I said to my dad ‘who in the world do they think theirselves?

    Turkey might be beautiful country and i am sure it is but we will not go there.My dad and my mom is pharmacist and also i am a nurse.We brought all the documents before we got Turkish Embassy.But i am sure they didn’t even check our visa files.Have a nice day all the Pinoys

  2. I was planning to stay in Turkey about 10 days but i was denied also 🙂 Anyway every country has different rules and visa policy.So i can understand this.This coming July i am planning to travel Dubai and Qatar.This will be the first time in Mid-East.Happy sundays everybody and enjoy your travels!!

    • Im planning to go to turkey because my friend is a turkish national. He invited me to come. I hope my visa will get approved since this is my first time to go abroad.

  3. I am planning to apply for Turkish visa in the coming month, can you please give me ideas what documents I need to submit apart from the primary and basic requirements that were already mentioned. Im just worried that I might also be denied, it’ll be my first time to apply for a visa like Turkey. Thank you

  4. Did you already went to Turkish Embassy? how was the experience? I went there but I think the girl doesn’t care at all even if you submit your documents completely.

    • I have the same experience last month when I submitted my application. The woman was so rude, she didn’t even let me finish when she asked about my intention to visit the country instead she asked for the $60 immediately and that was all it only took less than 5 mins for the whole interview. And unfortunately I got a denied visa just couple weeks ago, I am not sure of the reason although I submitted a complete requirements and all (travel ins., flight itinerary and all other supporting docs.) but I was still denied. 🙁

  5. Hi im planning to visit Turkey for 14 days. I will be travelling from amman jordan going to turkey. What will be the requirements?


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