Europe is an important region for arts, history and culture. The continent is famous for historical landmarks, palaces and amazing nature. This is why the sunset spots in Europe are one of the most romantic places on earth. And as part of our sunset series that take us from the best sunset spots in Asia, sunset spots in Africa, and sunset spots Oceania, here are the most amazing sunset spots in Europe according to travel bloggers.

Sardinia, Italy by Angela of Chasing The Unexpected

Located on a tranquil bay on Sardinia’s west coast, Italy, S’Archittu is a small sea resort for locals or in-the-know travelers. At first, the main beach is what will capture your attention, but if you look carefully and follow a paved way towards the sea (and an increasing stream of adventurers), you will end up in what’s the real gem of the village: a limestone arch leveled by the constant action of the sea. Try to go early because the truly tiny white beach that sits in front of it gets packed pretty quickly.
But it’s when the day starts fading away that people stop whatever they are doing, be it eating, drinking or walking along the seafront, and stare at the magical sunset exploding with a volcano of bright colors such as fire red, purple, gold, and orange. Whether the sea is calm, like it usually is in summer, or rough, typical of winter time, the sunset in S’Archittu is always a reason to stare in awe. At about 25 km from Oristano town in central Sardinia, you can get to S’Archittu by bus or, even better, by car if you rent one.

Tuscany, Italy by Michelle of Intentional Travellers 

tuscany sunset

It’s no wonder “under the Tuscan sun” is such a ubiquitous phrase. The light in Tuscany has its own magical glow to it, providing dazzling sunsets night after night. A work-away exchange recently provided us the opportunity to spend six weeks in a relatively unknown corner of Tuscany called Castagneto-Carducci. We quickly fell in love with the area, which is blessed not only with gorgeous sunsets but also vineyards, olive groves, rolling hills, fantastic produce, charming villages, historic landmarks, and beautiful beaches.

This photo was taken from our host’s backyard. She rents out two apartments in the upper level of a restored farm house (Casa Toscana), and she teaches cooking classes from her home kitchen.

Porto, Portugal of James by Portugalist 

porto sunsetThe Dom Luís I Bridge is the perfect place to stand and watch the sun go down over Porto. From here you not only get to see the sun set over Porto, but over Vila Nova de Gaia as well. At 45 metres in height, it provides an unparalleled view of the rooftops of both cities as well as along the River Douro.

Getting to the bridge from Porto is easy. From São Bento train station, take Avenida Dom Afonso Henriques for around 350 metres until it becomes Avenida Vimara Peres. At the end of this road, the road will become pedestrianised. The bridge is also pedestrianised, with the exception of a single metro track. Continue along this road until you reach the bridge. Once there, enjoy the sunset and the beautiful views of Porto.

Etretat, France by Donovan of Travel Voila 

Etretat Sunset

If you are exploring Normandy region in France, you have to visit Falaise d’Etretat (The Cliffs of Etretat). Rated #1 things to do in Etretat, this is a lovely seaside town which is popular for day trip. It is only 3 hours drive from Paris, and you can do this after your visit to Mont Saint Michel. The town is famous for their white cliffs and the three natural rock arches. The seaside is so magnificent that several artist including Eugène Boudin, Gustave Courbet and Claude Monet have painted there.

Facing the Atlantic Ocean, you have unblocked view of the sunset from the cliffs as well as the bottom of the cliffs. You can chill at the bars along the shore while witnessing the sky turning orange.

Reykjavik, Iceland by Megan of Megan Starr 

reykjavik sunset

The best sunset I have ever witnessed with my own eyes was this one in Reykjavik, one of the stops for our South Iceland itinerary.  I had been venturing around the city enjoying the best of its vegetarian fare when I saw the colors starting to pop.  I decided to wander over and watch.  I took photo after photo only to quickly realize that the sunset was much better admired without the camera.  I put it down while the sky transformed from these colors into something even more amazing- double rainbow and all! This has become one of the most magical days in Iceland that I have experienced. I have been to Reykjavik twice and spent several days there all together and I have never seen more beautiful sunsets than the ones I have witnessed there.

Tune in next for the best sunset spots in Americas!

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