lord howe island sunset

Oceania is a region of diversity. It is home to the world’s most beautiful beaches, rugged mountains and volcanic islands. This is the reason why the sunset in Oceania is one of the most dramatic in the world. And as part of our sunset series that take us from the best sunset spots in Asia and sunset spots in Africa, here are the most amazing spots for sunset in Oceania according to travel bloggers.

1. Lord Howe Island, Australia by Marion of RedzAustralia

lord howe island sunset

Australia is well known for its awesome sunsets. But for the best of the best, I go off-shore! About 600 km north-east of Sydney, Lord Howe Island is a tiny subtropical island paradise with outstanding World Heritage-listed attractions including a LOT of world exclusives. Think endemic creatures like the Lord Howe Island Woodhen and Phasmid. Plants like the well known Kentia Palm. World’s highest volcanic rock stack. And the only golf course on World Heritage soil!

About 600 km northeast of Sydney, take a 2-hour flight in a small plane that might – or might not – touch down on the airstrip bisecting the island with a VERY tricky landing in high wind. If the plane is full, expect to be weighed when you leave – too much weight and luggage sometimes gets left behind! But Lord Howe Island’s best experience is free – chill out and watch the sun setting over the lagoon. And if you get REALLY lucky, you’ll see the fire in the sky as I did!

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2. Nausori Highlands, Fiji by John & Leezett of Blended Family Road Trip


fiji sunset

Being that we have lived in Nadi, using it as our base for the past 7 years, we know where to find not just those good diving spots in Fiji but also those magical sunset locations.

One of our favourite spots, is on a mountaintop on Nausori Highlands Road, back of Nadi.  You can literally sit on the mountain rim overlooking Nadi City while watching the sunset set slowly over the Pacific Ocean. Bring wine and cheese to enjoy the area which gives a remote location feel all while being close to Nadi and with magic views that seem to extend in every direction for miles and miles.

How can you find this magical location? You will need a vehicle a 4×4 is best.  Head up Nausori Highlands Road which is off Nadi back road and drive inland till you see the beautiful mountain overlooking Nadi.  It’s easy to spot and keep driving till you reach it, park then walk up from the main road.  TIP – Bring a torch if you want to stay after dark, any local driver will know the spot and take you up and back for a fee.

3. Kakadu National Park, Australia by Shandos of Travelnuity

Kakadu SunsetLocated in the tropical north of Australia, Kakadu National Park offers up a cornucopia of experiences to visitors, from exploring ancient Aboriginal art to getting up close to man-eating crocodiles. But one of the must-dos is enjoying a contemplative sunset at Ubirr, in the northeast of the park.

The track to the sunset viewing lookout branches off the main Ubirr loop walk, which also visits multiple rock art sites. Aim to arrive at the carpark at least 1 hour before sunset, so that you have time to stroll around and view the artworks. It’s then a 10-minute scramble up to the lookout area. Find your own rock to perch on, then settle down and enjoy the sun setting over the floodplain below, just like humans have for tens of thousands of years. Just don’t stay too long after sunset, or the local mosquitoes will discover you!

4. Byron Bay, Australia by Toni of 2 Aussie Travellers

byron bay sunset

One of our top spots for sunset on Australia’s east coast is Byron Bay.  The eastern shores are generally better known for their sunrises but Byron is special, located on a peninsula that includes Australia’s most easternmost point it enjoys spectacular sunrises and sunsets over the water.  You can watch from a number of beaches and clifftops but in our view, the place to be is Main Beach in the heart of the village. Looking West towards the wreck the sun sets over the bay silhouetting the mountain ranges including Mt Warning in the distance.  The sky is painted with a dramatic range of hues and there’s a festive atmosphere, often including some spontaneous music, as people gather to watch nature’s evening show.

5. Russell, New Zealand by Kaylie of Happiness Travels Here 

Sunset Russell Russell is a small town in the beautiful Bay of Islands in New Zealand. This tiny coastal village is of great historical significance, being the first permanent European settlement in New Zealand. Though it is on the East side of New Zealand, the town, positioned on a peninsula, faces west across the Bay of Islands, giving beautiful sunsets across the water. Position yourself on the waterfront with a packet of fish and chips and watch as the last orange rays of the day fade away. Or take a table at the harbourside Duke of Marlborough Hotel which has been quenching the thirst of patrons since 1827. Russell is 3 hours north of Auckland International Airport. Once near the Bay of Islands, there are 2 ways of getting to Russell. The long but scenic route around the coast or by catching a ferry across the harbour. A passenger-only ferry leaves from Paihia and a car ferry from Opua.

6. Mindil Beach, Australia by Keri of Our Globetrotters 

Darwin Sunset

Australia is known for some amazing sunsets but still, nothing beats the fiery red skies you get at Mindil Beach. One of Darwin’s favourite evening locations facing Fannie Bay, twice a week an outdoor market is held with great street foods, crafts and performers.  Suddenly as the sky starts to dim the crowd spreads on to the soft white sands to watch the dramatic nightly show, it’s like watching a ball of fire dive into the ocean!  It’s always met with a cheerful round of applause. It honestly is one of the best shows on earth and one of the best things to do in Darwin, Australia.

Tune in next for the best sunset spots in Europe!

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  1. Wow. Oceania seems to be full of beautiful sunset spots. There is something about sunrise and sunsets that we are always attracted to them. The amazing show of colors across the horizon that nature plays during the sunsets is so beautiful. When I visit Oceania, I will keep these spots in mind and will definitely watch some sunsets.


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