tinggly christmas gift ideas for travelers

Looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for travelers? Choosing gifts for travelers can be daunting, much more if it’s for a special occasion such as Christmas. Forget the material things and buy your globe-trotting loved ones a Christmas gift experience that they can actually use on their next holiday.

tinggly christmas gift ideas for travelers

As a traveler myself, I value experience more than things. With Tinggly, give stories, not stuff can not be any truer. Study shows that people who spend money on experiences are happier than those who spend their money on things.

Not convinced? Then just ask any traveler whether they want a new set of clothes or a paid tour somewhere else. And I bet most will choose the latter.

And if you don’t know where to start, we curated this list of the best Christmas travel gift ideas for all types of budget. And whether it’s for you or for your loved ones, these Christmas gift ideas for any type of travelers.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Travelers

1. La Sagrada Familia Guided Experience For Two 

la sagrada

Europe is always a good idea no matter what the season is. But Christmas? It’s fantastic! Just think of all the beautiful Christmas markets that you can visit, the snow-capped Alps and the romantic sights of castles and the amazing architectures everywhere. 

La Sagrada in Barcelona is one of the most visited sites not only in Spain but also in all Europe. Famous for its history and unique architecture, La Sagrada is considered an unfinished masterpiece that graced almost all the architecture magazines. 

This means that this place gets really crowded. So to fully enjoy the trip to this world-famous landmark, you can get a private tour with priority access to skip-the-line. 

2. Coba Ruins Sunset Experience with Dinner from Cancun 

coba mexico

If you want to avoid winter, Mexico offers some exciting adventures for travelers. Coba is an ancient Mayan city in Mexico home to a large network of stone causeways from Mesoamerican civilization. 

Located in the State of Yucatan and 2 hours away from Cancun, Coba ruins are a popular day trip from the city. If you want to take a peek in the history of Mayan civilization, Coba Ruins is a must. 

The tour includes a guide, transport, use of bicycles and dinner. 

3. An Authentic Thai Cuisine Cruise in Bangkok for Two

bangkok cruise

Thailand does not only boasts amazing beaches and amazing adventures, but it is also famous for its amazing food. So if you know any that will go to Bangkok, they will definitely love this Christmas gift idea.

This Bangkok cruise will take you to the most iconic attractions in Bangkok while enjoying a sumptuous dinner. It also includes a traditional show. 

4. Cave Kayaking Experience from Belize City for Two

atm cave belize

Another exciting adventure awaits anyone in Belize. This cave kayaking experience will take you to an amazing underground world and interesting world of the Mayans. 

The tour includes transport from Belize City, a guide and a kayaking adventure in the underground caves. 

5. Lava Horse Riding Tour in Iceland

Horses Riders Iceland

‪More than being the ultimate hot spot for chasing the northern lights, Iceland’s diverse, rugged scenery is an experience that’s on most travelers’ must-do list. Have you ever seen those beautiful Icelandic horses even in photos?

They’re like four-legged rockstars in the wild. How about an adventure through Iceland’s volcanic landscape with these horses as your companion? 

That’s bound to be a creative way to try to escape the biting winter wetter and it’s definitely worth it. This breathtakingly beautiful adventure takes you through a literal ‘Unnamed Road’ in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland.

The scenic horseback tour will bring you to ‬the Mt. Helgafell volcano, the ancient lava fields around Helgafell that looks quite otherworldly while enjoying views of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the Bláfjöll Mountains.

With your ride taking you through Iceland’s majestic scenery, this is an experience that brings you right into nature. 

6. Mesmerizing Kyoto Experience with the Last Samurai for Two

A must whether you’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture or simply want to experience something different. This experience takes you through Japan’s original capital — Kyoto with its thousand shrines and temples.

Forever intriguing with its well-preserved art, culture, and tradition, this is bound to be a thrilling crash course in pretty much anything that’s uniquely Japanese.

The highlight? Your tour companion is a true blue samurai. 

You’ll visit temples and shrines, enjoy an authentic Japanese lunch, wander through the stunning Shusui-tei Garden, visit traditional workshops of highly skilled Japanese craftsmen to see them at work and check out an authentic Japanese teahouse.

Another highlight: your companion’s samurai sword show where you’ll watch him slice apple mid-air. Remember to breathe and keep your eyes open, that alone is a must-see. 

7. A Full Day of Relaxation at Balinese Spa in Indonesia

balinese spa

Traveling is fun and the experience is priceless, but it can be tiring and draining as well. That’s the only price one pays for every adventure, and to prepare for the next, one must recharge first.

An ideal way to gift a traveler with a much-deserved break is to put them through an entire day of relaxation, with treatments to help soothe the muscles and refresh the spirit. What better place to do it than in Bali, Indonesia. 

Here, you’ll be tucked in a serene environment where your only option will be to just relax. You’ll be in the hands of highly skilled therapists who’ll take you through some of the most relaxing and soothing experiences ever.

The signature Ayurvedic Chakra Dhara massage, a refreshing herbal body scrub, a therapeutic bath, a facial with neck and shoulder massage, and an invigorating hair creme bath. That’s for an entire day of being pampered from head to toe, where you’ll feel like a new person after, ready for another adventure. 

8. Hermitage Museum Walking Tour in St. Petersburg for Two

Hermitage Museum

The most European of all Russian cities, a trip to the majestic St. Petersburg is a holiday experience you won’t soon forget.

Bathed in winter glory, the city’s most famous attractions are even more stunning. Everything here looks grand, opulent and each with either great treasures inside or a story to tell. 

A definite highlight of this experience is a visit to the massive Hermitage, the oldest museum in the world that’s built by Catherine the Great.

Comprised of several buildings that house great art collections, stopping at each item on display will take days. That’s right, eleven days to be exact.

This tour takes you through the essentials— from the likes of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, to the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists collections, and even the Peacock clock  — this is bound to be a truly fascinating gift experience. 

9. Experience of the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland for Two

Wieliczka Salt Mine

This unique experience takes you through one of the most famous sites in Poland — a salt mine that produced table salt for the area from the 13th century to 1996.

It is now open to curious visitors who are given access to the underground caverns and lakes.  

That’s about 380 steps down, and through 2 miles of the cave system to explore. It’s not all rocks, caverns, and lakes though, as you’ll also see sculptures of religious and historical significance.

There’s also a chapel, with chandeliers made from rock salt. The most fascinating part of this tour though is encountering lakes deep within the caverns, quite a magical sight that makes this experience even more special. 

10. 4×4 Winery Tour with Tapas & Wine Tasting from Barcelona

Tapas and wine? Who would resist that? Definitely no one, and neither would anyone say No to a thrilling 4×4 ride that’ll take you through the Penedès region, just outside Barcelona. 

This experience brings you through 2,000-year-old vineyards, most of them sandwiched between the mountain and the sea. Get introduced to different grape varieties and the winemaking process.

Visit a subterranean cellar where you also get to sample what the region has to offer, such as Carva, which is the traditional Catalonian sparkling wine. 

You’ll also get to snack on delicious tapas to go with your wine, your reward for a full day of learning that you won’t soon forget. 

11. The Great Kornati Adventure in Croatia


This action-packed experience brings you to one of Croatia’s national parks and UNESCO Heritage site. Kayak through the islands and reefs that comprise the incredible Kornati Park, which is indeed a nautical paradise. 

You’ll also snorkel through waters thriving with colorful and diverse marine life. Maybe try a bit of cliff diving if you’re u to it, and when you reach the Telašćica Reserve, enjoy a stroll or cycle through olive groves and ancient ruins. 

12. Full-Day Pass to Thermal Spa “Hells Gate” in New Zealand

Hells Gate New Zealand

While the rest of the world is wrapped in layers and covered in winter glory, New Zealand (and the rest of Oceania) are enjoying the summer heat.

A wonderful experience that gets you in literally the other side of the world, in one of the most beautiful and green countries you’ll ever find yourself in. 

Trace the footsteps of ancient Maori warriors and enjoy an invigorating soak at Rotorua’s most active geothermal park. 

Author George Bernard Shaw named it Hells Gate, and the name stuck since. Experience New Zealand’s biggest mud volcano, as well as the Southern Hemisphere’s hottest waterfall, said to be where  Maori warriors would visit to treat their wounds after the battle.

Check out the twin mud pools called Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as land coral, sulfur crystals. You can also enjoy a mud bath, then a sulfur spa said to be good for improving circulation and soothing the skin.

No skilled masseurs or essential oils needed, this is a truly natural experience where you’ll feel like a new person after, once more ready to tackle the next adventure. 


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