One of my favorite things to do during my trips is to watch amazing sunset. I find solace in watching how the sun creates the most amazing piece of natural art in this world. Some people think that sunset is depressing because it’s an ending of another day. But for me, I look at it as a prelude to a new beginning. And so I asked a bunch of travel bloggers to share the most amazing sunsets they have experienced and without further ado, here are the most amazing places in Asia where you can watch a magical sunset.

1. Agra, India by Sally of Our3kidsvtheworld

amazing sunset agra

An amazing sunset is a sight to behold and I’m lucky enough to have experienced a few cracking sunsets in different places around the world. The most recent was a Agra in Northern India home of the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is just to my left, across the river. We were late and the gate was locked so we had to squeeze through a gap in the gate to get this shot.

The garden across the river behind the Taj Mahal is a popular place for tourist to see the best sunset, so make sure you get there early. I commented on how orange the sky was and our tour guide said an orange sky means lots of pollution! Either way I was pretty impressed with the sight in front of me. The sunset was like this every night while we were in Agra.

2. Song-Kul, Kyrgyztan by Joan of Against The Compass

amazing sunset Kyrgyzstan

Located in the center of Kyrgyzstan, Song-Kul is one of the largest lakes in Kyrgyzstan and where takes places the most amazing sunset in the entire country. At 3,000m above sea level, this alpine lake is located in a massive plain which means that, at sunset, the sun can’t hide behind the mountains so, when the sky is clear, you get to see these beautiful colors over a camp of Kyrgyz yurts.

To get to Song-Kul from the capital Bishkek, you should first take a public bus to Kochkor (3USD), located at 200km. From there, you must take a taxi (15USD), or hitchhike, to the lake, as there’s no public transportation going there.

3. Antique, Philippines by Maria of Travel With Maria

amazing sunset Antique

There was a typhoon when I went to a spur-of-the-moment trip to Antique. Without an accommodation booked in advance, I started finding one when I arrived in the town center. I booked the very first homestay recommended by a local because the weather isn’t good.  My heart jumped when the owner says it is 15- minute away from Pandan beach. I checked the time it is 5pm, it’s perfect to watch sunset. The clouds are thick and the surroundings are getting darker. I can even hear the winds hurl from a distance. These young boys who are playing endlessly while it drizzles remind me that travel is not always about the view but the people you are with. There’s no airport in this province yet so you need to book a flight to Caticlan then catch a short boat ride then a bus for an hour or two.

4. Luang Prabang, Laos by Matilda of The Travel Sisters

amazing sunset luang prabang

Luang Prabang in northern Laos is not only a beautiful town but offers great opportunities to view the best sunset.  One of the best spots for beautiful sunsets is along the Mekong River which borders the town.  There are a few ways to view and enjoy the sunset both by water and land.  You can either stroll on the street bordering the river or have a meal or snack on one of the riverside cafes or restaurants.  But the best way to view the sunset is floating on the Mekong River.  You can join a sunset cruise or hire a boat on your own.  We chose to rent our own boat and it is easy and cheap to do.  Just go to the docks right before sunset and ask one of the boat owners to take you on a boat ride around the Mekong for an hour to enjoy the sunset.

5. Beirut, Lebanon by Clemens of Travellers Archive

amazing sunset beirut lebanon

Lebanon has a long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, with beautiful beaches, impressive cliffs and small fishing villages as well. Besides the fact, that the boardwalk of Beirut is a great spot for sunset, it’s those villages north of the Capital that are an even better place for a sundowner. One of the best locations is the area of the small town of Byblos just up the coast, where you can get either with a local bus or easily by rental car. It is one of the cities suggested as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world and the site has been continuously inhabited since 5000 BC. No wonder, that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great spot for sunset. Wander through the old souk, sip a glass of white wine down by the water and let your gaze wander over the little harbor. On the nearby beaches you even have an amazing view of Beirut and its skyscrapers, when the sun sets on the horizon.

6. Labuan Bajo Flores, Indonesia by Darlene of Point and Shoot + Wanderlust

flores sunsetThe day we arrived in Flores, Indonesia, we headed to a popular local watering hole in Labuan Bajo called Paradise Bar. What makes it perfect for a sunset experience? Its hilltop location and an open deck is a very good setting to watch the sun retire for the day while sipping some drinks with good company and music blaring in the background. The view deck looks out at a panoramic view of the sea, mountains, and boats coming and going. All good ingredients for a breathtaking sunset. You can walk from the main town of Labuan Bajo to Paradise Bar but be sure those knees are strong for an uphill walk.

7. Istanbul, Turkey by Parampara of Awara Diaries

Istanbul sunsetNapoleon Bonaparte once said, “If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be it’s capital!” Istanbul is considered to be one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and rightly so with its blend of historic past, fine architecture and scenic beauty that surrounds this city that bridges together the two continents of Asia and Europe. If you had the time for only one activity in Istanbul, I’d recommend the Bosphorus boat tour from the Sulatanahemet Square which gives you a brief glimpse of the city from the Golden Horn.

While you cross the mosques and bridges of Istanbul, the Bosphorus tour promises the most beautiful sunset that you can ever see. As the sun goes down and the sky turns deep orange, the prominent skyline of Istanbul provides the perfect contrast adding to the beauty of the sunset. While you can click or watch and wonder, this sunset will stay edged in your memory for long.

8. Kinnaur Valley , Himalayas by Himanshu of Everything Candid

Himalayas SunsetGolden hour shoot is my passion and whenever I get time, I just grab it. After so many road trips to Himalaya, I must say snow-capped peaks of Himalaya enthrall during sunset. Sun rays through clouds create psychedelic hues and shades and snow laden peaks attain their glory. A sheer riot of colors in the sky. This shot was captured in High Himalayan region of Kinnaur Valley and the exact location is Kalpa which is at 9700 feet from sea level. Mountain range is known as Kinner Kailash Range – a sacred Hindu pilgrimage location. This place is at 223 KM from famous Shimla and 560 KM from Delhi. Best way to reach is via road trip which will make you drive on the world’s one of the deadliest road. I would suggest this location for awesome sunrise shots also.

9. Jaipur, India by Jenny of TraveLynn Family 

Jaipur sunset

Naharagarh Fort, Jaipur, is just a 40 minute tuk-tuk ride out of the city and the sunset view at the Palace rooftop is perhaps one of the best in all of India. Unlike us, just ensure you arrive well before the doors shut at 6pm. We thought we had missed out, but thankfully, a lovely guide took pity on us (or rather, spotted an opportunity for a big tip) and ushered us up the narrow staircases. We had the entire place to ourselves, just as the sun was setting. Magical. I could have stayed there for eternity, but the officious whistles from the guards below were ordering us down. At least we managed to see this incredible view. If only for a moment.
Back out of the Palace doors, it’s then a short 2 minute walk to Sunset Point, where you can watch the last of the sun’s rays disappear behind the compacted rooftops of colourful Jaipur.

10. Siem Reap, Cambodia by Nicholas of Rambling Feet 

siem reap best sunset

If you’ve been to the floating villages in Siem Reap, you’ve probably passed Phnom Krom, a lone hill that overlooks Chong Kneas. Many just drive past it without realising that it’s a fantastic spot to view the sunset. It is a 30-minute ride through the countryside (7 USD on a tuk-tuk), followed by a steep 20-minute climb up the stairs and the slopes to an Angkorian ruin at the top, so aim to get there at least half an hour before sunset. Along the way, you’ll be rewarded with opportunities to snap mountain goats grazing on the cliffs.

At the top, beat your way carefully through the bushes. You’ll be rewarded with an unobstructed view of the floating village below and the setting sun. It’s even better towards the end of the rainy season, i.e. October and early November, when the great lake of Tonle Sap floods the village. There is water as far as the eye can see and it reflects the colours of the evening sky. The best part? No jostling with tour bus groups and their selfie sticks like at Phnom Bakheng or Pre Rup. You will share the view with just a handful of visitors.

11. Mount Rinjani, Indonesia by Tom of Travel Tomtom 

best sunset in the world

There is nothing more rewarding than hiking in the mountains and although trekking Mount Rinjani cannot be taken lightly this is one of the coolest things to do in Indonesia. Mount Rinjani is one of the highest peaks in Indonesia and located in the North of Lombok, an island next to Bali. To get to the rim of the Crater Lake it will take a full day hiking uphill and you will have to camp overnight. This makes it possible to witness an amazing sunset over Bali in the distance. Sleeping above the clouds is an incredible experience. In one picture you can catch the sunset, the Gili islands and the perfect silhouette of Mount Agung, the highest peak in Bali, when you wake up you are able to enjoy the same moment again for sunrise.

12. Miyajima, Japan by Javier of Vivir Para Viajar

amazing sunset

Japan is a very photogenic country. Not only for its futuristic cities or traditional landscapes, but also for the amazing sunsets you can enjoy pretty much everywhere. My favorite one is in Miyajima, a small island located in Hiroshima Bay, and also, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Japan. The main attraction is the Torii of the coast. During the low tide you can walk around, but when it goes up, it is surrounded by water, offering a stunning sunset difficult to forget. If you know a little bit about Japan, I bet you have seen already a photo like this, right?

13. Maldives by Claudia of My Adventures Across The World

maldives amazing sunset

Among the most incredible sunsets in the world, there’s those that travelers can enjoy in the Maldives. Imagine a small atoll with palm trees, coconuts, the whitest sand and the most incredibly clear waters you have ever seen. Combine this with the blissful silence that is only broken by a light breeze. Add a glass of champagne enjoyed whilst sitting in the plunge pool of your plush overwater villa, and it is easy to imagine how a sunset in the Maldives is one of the best experiences one may have.

14. Kuta Beach, Bali by Gokul of Plan Save Travel 

amazing sunset kuta

Kuta is the beach town of Bali. The lanes are all lined up with shops selling surfboards and restaurants serving you with the best of Balinese cuisine. This sunset was captured at the Kuta Beach on my last day in Bali. The beach is also located near the airport. You can watch the planes fly by the orange-reddish sky as you take in the beauty of the sunset. Also do not miss the surfers fighting the waves at the backdrop of the sunset. Or if you want to experience a magical sunset in more rural setting, you can also check out the fields and monkey forest of Ubud where sun creeps in between the trees. Spending time watching sunset is the best to end my Indonesian adventure.

15. Koh Lanta, Thailand By Taiss of Together To Wherever 

Koh Lanta Thailand Sunset

I’ve never been one to enjoy waking up super early to catch the sunrise, but I do love lounging somewhere on a beach and taking in a good sunset. It might be cliche, but sunsets on the beach are just special.

One of the most memorable and beautiful sunsets I’ve experienced was on the Thai island of Koh Lanta. While it can rain down for many hours during the day on this island, somehow it all changes as the sun goes down. The clouds spread ever so slightly, as a curtain would, to allow the evening show to shine through.The colors in the sky are fierce and rich. The golds and yellows are firey. The glow is absolutely heavenly. For the best way to savor this gorgeous sunset, grab a cool beverage and sit back in one of the bungalows at the Crown Lanta Resort Reggae Bar.

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