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The Americas comprise the 2 continents and divided into 3 regions: North, Central and South. The regions are known for diverse landscapes, weather and architecture. The regions also lie to the biggest bodies of water in the world so it is not surprising that most of the sunset spots in Americas are found near the coastline. To conclude our Sunset Series that takes us from the best sunset spots in Asia, sunset spots in Africasunset spots Oceania and sunset spots in Europe, here are the most amazing sunset spots in the Americas according to travel bloggers.


Ottawa, Canada by Thais of World Trip Diaries

One of the highlights of our trip to Ottawa, in Canada, was watching the sunset from Rideau Canal. It’s near the Parliament grounds, we walked there, and it’s stunning. The good thing about Ottawa is that everything is very close by, so you can walk almost everywhere.  It was summer, and even though there were lots of annoying sand flies all over, it was definitely worth it! There was a lot of people there enjoying the moment there, just as it should. This particular photo was taken while we were sitting on the edge of the water, talking about how beautiful it was, and, well, trying not to swallow any sandfly.

Madison, Wisconsin by Alison of Up&AtEm Travel

Lake Mendota sunset

The capital of Wisconsin, Madison, is perfectly situated between Lake Monona and Lake Mendota. While viewing sunsets on the water is peaceful in both places, the UW student union sits on Lake Mendota and offers fantastic local ice cream; favourite flavors include orange chocolate chip and chocolate peanut butter. The union vends other food, as well, in addition to beer. (Wisconsinites love beer, so grab a draft and you’ll fit right in.)

The expansive Lake Mendota Terrace sits right behind the University of Wisconsin – Madison student union, at the corner of North Park Street and Langdon Street. Here, you will find the vibrant, iconic terrace chairs. For an even more serene spot, head out onto the pier and dangle over the lake, as you watch the sun dip below the water. When you a spend a day in Madison, you’ll not only get an unobstructed sunset view, you will also get a feeling for the low-key, chill Midwestern vibe. In addition to watching sunset, you can take a relaxing walk on the leafy Howard Temin Lakeshore Path or listen to a band when an event is on.

Pensacola, Florida by Maegan of The Wanderlust Dietitian

pensacola sunset

Pensacola, Florida is known as the City of Five Flags for the fact that it has been ruled by Spain, France, Britain, the Confederacy and the United States. There is more than history here and it’s easy to find beauty at every turn. My favorite spot, aside from the beach, is downtown. Stroll through downtown Pensacola, FL on the street of Palafox. Take in the local shops, bars, and coffee houses as you meander towards the Palafox Pier. Upon arriving at the pier, have dinner at Jacos Bar and Grille as you watch the sunset over the marina.

Austin, Texas by Yulia of The Foodie Miles

austin sunsetThere’s one spot in Austin, Texas, where both locals and tourists come to watch magnificent sunsets – the self-proclaimed sunset capital of Texas – a restaurant called Oasis. Multiple terraces and colorful tables make it look more European than Texan. Oasis is located on the shore of Lake Travis, approximately 30 minutes north of downtown, but the view of the lake at golden hour is so worth the drive! Arrive early as many people travel here every night for breathtaking views. You might have to stay in line to get a table, but there are plenty of viewpoints around to take pictures while you are waiting.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico by Rachel and Sasha of Grateful Gypsies

puerto vallarta sunset

There are many places around the world to see an amazing sunset. Our favorite is in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is in the perfect place to see sunsets thanks to its westward facing position. There are plenty of bars and restaurants along the Malecon where viewers can grab a bite or a drink and watch the show. Some restaurants even play music to accompany the spectacle. Many are so moved by it that they applaud.
Getting to Puerto Vallarta is pretty easy. There is an international airport that has direct flights to many places in the USA and Canada during high season (November – May). If it’s outside of high season, it’s still possible to fly to Puerto Vallarta, you will just need to connect in Mexico City or Guadalajara. If you’re already traveling in Mexico, you can take a bus from just about anywhere in the country up to Riviera Maya side.
Negril, Jamaica by Hanna of Getting Stamped 

sunset in jamaica

We are total sunset junkies. We are beach lovers but not all beaches have epic sunsets. Our favorite sunset spot is on Seven Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica. We love it so much we’ve been back 5 times and know we’ll go back soon. Any spot on Seven Mile Beach is great to stop and catch the sunset. There are tons of cute little beach bars with $2 red strip beers that are perfect to wash the sunset down with. We loved it so much we decided to get married on this beach at sunset and stayed an extra week for our honeymoon in Jamaica.


Cabo Polonio, Uruguay by Gabor of Surfing the Planet

sunset in cabo polonio uruguay
Cabo Polonio, this small village in the Atlantic Coast, is one of the most magical places to visit in Uruguay. It is a small settlement between sand dunes and the beach without running water or electricity, and you can only access it in 4WD trucks. Only a few dozen fishermen live there permanently, and it’s a wonderful place to disconnect from the civilization. One of the most amazing things about Cabo Polonio is the chance to experience wonderful sunsets there. Uruguay in general is famous about the greats sunset, but the intense orange color of the sky in Cabo Polonio stands out even from them. The best place to watch the sunset is from the rooftop of your cabin. Absolutely unforgettable.

Easter Island, Chile by Ketki of Dotted Globe

easter island sunset

I have always wanted to visit Easter Island and finally in September 2017 my dream came true. After spending 6 hrs on a flight from Santiago, Chile I finally landed on the most remote airport in the world at Easter Island. Easter Island is a Chilean territory in the southeastern Pacific Ocean and is part of the Polynesian group of islands. It is famous for its giant stone statues, called the Moai, carved by early native Easter Islanders. A number of mysteries surround the native Rapa Nui people and the Moai, and attract tourists in large numbers. Moai erected on ceremonial platforms, known as ahus, are one of the most popular attractions of Easter Island. Ahu Tahai is the most popular sunset spot on Easter Island – the sun setting behind the giant statues looks stunning.

Isla Del Sol, Bolivia by Miguel of Travelsauro 

isla del sol sunsetLocated between Bolivia and Peru, Lake Titicaca is a place of unparalleled beauty. It’s the largest lake in South America and the highest navigable lake in the world. If you take a local boat, you’ll have a chance to visit Isla del Sol, an ancient holy island of the Inca empire. The island has steep cliffs, beautiful white-sand beaches and tiny villages along the coast. The main access to Isla del Sol is from Copacabana, a little town on the Bolivian side.

The views around the island are breathtaking at any time of day. However, sunset is the best time to appreciate the place’s magical energy. My favorite spot is the viewpoint next to Challapampa, on the northern side of the island. The lake is so big, it looks like you are surrounded by an ocean whose quiet waters reflect the changing colors of the sky, creating surreal scenery.


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