armenia e visa
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Armenia? You probably haven’t heard a lot about this country. It’s not exactly on a lot of people’s list on where to travel next, but it doesn’t mean that Armenia doesn’t have what it takes to be your dream vacation.

Armenia is a country situated between Europe and Western Asia and it’s probably one of the cheapest travels that you can do overseas. An estimated budget of P8,000 and that already includes food, tours, accommodation and Armenia e visa.

Yerevan Opera Theatre

What more can you ask for? If the word cheapest and the budget estimation didn’t intrigue you, then you should know that it is a country that’s very rich in culture, enthralling history, scenic landscapes and scenery. There’s a lot to do in Armenia too, I’m pretty sure you won’t get bored.


armenia e visa
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But here’s the fun part: For Filipinos with a Philippine passport, you can acquire your Armenian tourist visa upon arrival in the country. Yes! No long list of requirements and anxiety-inducing process of visa approval! Upon arrival at the airport, you will need to fill up a form and pay 3000 (Armenian dram). That is more or less just Php300 (US$6)!

You can get your visa without other supporting documents. However, feel free to apply for the Armenian E-visa prior to traveling. It can save time and you will avoid the queue in the airport.


In applying for the E-visa, take note of the following steps

  1. Visit Armenia e-visa portal 
  2. Enter your country, passport and email address.
  3. After confirming your email address, fill out the requested details such as personal data, passport information, your accommodation address in Armenia and contact number. Upload a facial photo (JPG, PNG or BMP files only. Up to 2000×2000 pixel with maximum size 2mb) and your scanned copy of passport.
  4. State the purpose of travel and the duration of stay.
  5. Pay the required amount (US$6 for single entry visa for 21 days) through debit/credit card or PayPal.
  6. Wait for your Armenia e visa.

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