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You have to see what the fuss is all about in China! You can’t really say you love Chinese food when you haven’t tasted it in its country of origin and you can’t really appreciate their 5,000 years of culture until you’ve seen what it has become after flourishing across the decades.

There’s a lot of things that you can explore in China, not to mention the authentic Asian experience that obviously can’t be compared to Philippine’s own version of Lucky China Town.


There’s not much to say about why you need to visit China. It’s just hands down one of the best experiences you can immerse yourself in. But first and foremost, applying for a Chinese tourist visa for Filipinos is necessary.

How To Apply For Chinese Tourist Visa

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  1. You need to fill up the application form here.

2. You have to make sure that you have the complete China visa application requirements.

3. Submit your application personally to the Chinese Embassy or submit the requirements through a travel agency. No appointment is required.

4. The embassy will give you a claim slip as to when you need to come to claim your passport back.

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General Requirements For a Chinese Tourist Visa

  • Valid Philippine passport with six (6) months validity.
  • Filled-up application form and a 2×2 colored ID photo.
  • Ticket and hotel reservations.
  • If you have a previously issued Chinese visa in your old or new passport.
  • For those who are employed: you should provide the following: Employment Certificate, Employment ID, Leave of Absence (for government employees), ITR and Bank Certificate with Official Receipt or original passbook updated within the month you are applying. Sometimes, the embassy also asks for NBI Clearance and a valid government-issued ID such as SSS, GSIS, LTO, TIN and COMELEC ID. If you are self-employed: provide your Business Documents such as DTI, SEC, BIR, ITR, Audited Financial Statement, government-issued ID such as LTO, SSS or COMELEC and Bank Certificate with Official Receipt or original passbook updated within the month you are applying.

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  • If you are being invited by someone in China, you need to provide a: Letter of Invitation, photocopy of Chinese Residence Visa and passport bio-page or Chinese National Identity Card, proof of the financial capacity of the inviter and proof of kinship (if applies). Sometimes, the Chinese Embassy requires that these documents will either be authenticated or notarized.
  • For those who are unemployed, you need to provide proof of financial capacities such as remittances and Bank Certificate with Official Receipt or original passbook updated within the month you are applying or other documents showing your financial capacity.
  • For students, you will be required to present a school ID.

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Note that the Chinese Embassy in Manila only accepts applications from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The releasing of passport whether or not a visa is granted is from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. It is important that you arrive early in order to avoid the long queues.

Payment of visa is also on the day of release. The visa processing regularly takes four (4) working days. For express service, an additional fee of $20 is charged for a second or third working day release. For those who want the same working day releasing, a fee of $30 is charged.

Chinese Visa Cost

Single Entry: Php1,400
Double Entry: Php2,100
6-month Multiple Entry: Php2,800
1-year Multiple Entry: Php4,200

For further details on China immigration requirements, Filipinos are advised to contact:

China Embassy Philippines

2nd Floor, the World Center,
330 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue,
Makati City, Metro Manila
Inquiry: 0063-2-8482395 (Work Day 09:00 -11:00, 14:00 -16:00)
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Thanks for all those information. Since my tourist visa for Australia was denied, I decided that I am going to visit countries that will not require a tourist visa. China is one of the countries that I would love to visit since many of my foreign friends are Chinese. Your blog is very useful for all Filipino who would like to travel. Keep it up!

  2. I truly agree when you said that, in order to really experience one culture, you really have to travel to the place of origin of a certain thing, like food. Anyway, I love Chinese food and hopefully I can visit China soon if I get the chance. I love that you have provided all the necessary information and the requirements for Chinese tourist Visa, this will surely be a big help for me as I’m actually planning to visit China next year. Thank you so much for this well elucidated post.

  3. Hi! I have been issued a Chinese visa before and I’m planning to apply again this year. I was reading the requirements again, pero hindi po ako sure kung tama ang intindi ko. Yung mga first time applicants lang po ang kailangan mag-submit ng mga bank certificate, certificate of employment etc, tama po ba? Maraming salamat!


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