Lake O'Hara Yoho National Park

Every visitor will arguably accept that Canada is a diverse and scenic nation. Canada is a premier destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Canada has boundless things to do and explore. Great White Northside of Canada never fails in mesmerizing the visitors.    

Many travelers gravitate around different Canadian cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and other places. Meanwhile, they should not skip visiting the beautiful and the best national parks in Canada at any cost and plan with Holiday Gear Lab for a memorable trip. 

Here are the top 8 national parks in Canada in which tourists must visit.

Top 8 Stunning And Best National Parks In Canada

  • Banff National Park, Alberta
  • Jasper National Park, Alberta 
  • Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island
  • Gros Morne National Park, Newfound land
  • Fundy National Park, New Brunswick
  • Cape Breton National Park, Nova Scotia
  • Yoho National Park, British Columbia 

Banff National Park, Alberta 

best lakes in canada

Banff National Park in Canada is the world’s third oldest Park located in the heart of the rocky mountains. The national park has been boasting the unsurpassed levels and the beauty of the dense coniferous forests.

The snow-capped peaks will definitely be a treat for the visitor’s eyes. Many visitors reach out to this particular destination to witness the scenic beauty of the mountains, enjoy hiking, biking, and canoeing.

Lake Louise is the crown for the rocks. The ultimate beauty that a visitor ought to witness will become an everlasting memory. 

(Traveller’s Tip: Check out this epic guide: Things to do in Banff in the Winter!). 

Jasper National Park, Alberta medicine lake jasper national park

Jasper National Park situated in the eastern Canadian rock slopes in Western Alberta. One would never believe that the scenic beauty of the mountains exists.

Jasper National Park takes the visitor to an imaginary world which makes visitors drop their jaw. The flowering alpine meadows will bring a sort of bliss to the visitors. The visitors can also observe abundant wildlife including bears, caribou, and bighorn sheep.

The park is one of the recognized places to witness the beauty of night sky. The Dark Sky Festival in October will be the perfect time to visit. 

Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island 

Sunset over Pacific Rim National Park

In order to witness the wilderness of Canada, Pacific Rim National Park situated in Vancouver Island is one of the best national parks in Canada that one must not miss.

The rugged, harboring rain forests and spectacular coastal cliffs will be eye-catching. Entangle into the soft sand beaches, hike a coastal trail. There are high chances to witness the migrating whales during the coastal trail.

There are miles of sandy beaches, old-growth forests, and coastal vistas. The total place will be a paradise for hiking lovers and hikers.

Lots of people combine a trip to Pacific Rim National Park with Tofino since they are relatively close to one another. Tofino has more amenities and lots of campgrounds as well so staying here would be a good option.

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland 

National Park Gros Morne Newfoundland

Gros Morne National Park situated in Newfound land is the second largest national park in Atlantic Canada. The park is rich in dense forests, flowers, waterfalls, and adorable seaside villages.

The park has been boasted by the UNESCO World Heritage site. The park is the great significance for the geological landscape with ancient traces including plate tectonics.

The Tablelands, a place to access rare rocks, has become the best place to visit in this park phase. 

Fundy National Park, New Brunswick 

Fundy National Park

If the visitor is a marine lover, then Fundy National Park is the right place. It is situated Atlantic coast around the bay area of Fundy.

It is the park that has the world’s highest tides and impressive cliffs. The wide stretches of the beach will become a fascinating scene to witness upon. The hikers can go on hiking thereby exploring the thick forests, sparkling streams while surpassing the waterfalls.

As the bay of Fundy is listed under the world’s greatest natural wonders, the moments spent here will become an everlasting experience. Guided trekking and beach walks will be more relaxing during the visit to the park. 

Cape Breton National Park, Nova Scotia 

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cape Breton National Park situated in the northern portion of Cape Breton is rich in different habitats. The park is defined by the plateaus and with the deep forested river canyons.

The wildlife in the park will be a remarkable blend of ocean and mountain ecosystems. One can witness the famous Cabot trail winds in the areas of the park.

The intrepid hikers will have an amazing opportunity to glace the panorama of deep forests, mountains, and beautiful seascapes. 

Yoho National Park, British Columbia 

Lake O'Hara Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park situated in Western slopes of Canadian rocks has been heaven for hiking freaks. The breathing scenery and the priceless beauty of the park never stop amazing the visitors.

The dramatic effect of ice on rocks and Yoho’s geology has become a boost up for the visitors to enhance their time over there. The park also has glaciers and mountains to glance upon.

The deep blue lakes and ever ending waterfalls are the add-ons to increase the enthusiasm of the visitors. Visitors never miss to eye up the beauty of Takakkaw Falls, the highest waterfalls in Canada. 

These are the top 7 national parks in Canada which one should never miss on their trip. A trip to those national parks will definitely give the visitor a stunning experience to look back gain.

Holiday Gear Lab will help the visitors to plan and make their trip best. To make a trip memorable and enjoyable, do visit the site for more information. 



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