romania tourist visa for filipinos

If you’re looking to travel to a place where mysterious castles are built on top of luscious green mountains and breath-taking landscapes, you might be eyeing Romania for quite some time now.

Just like our country the Philippines, Romania is overflowing with history and myth that makes it one of Europe’s most enticing countries. So here’s a quick guide on how to apply for Romania tourist visa for Filipinos.

Romania Tourist Visa For Filipinos/ Philippine Passport Holders

As per most countries, a valid passport is required for travelers overseas that are non-EU visitors. Before applying for a Romania Tourist Visa, it is important that you check the expiration date carefully before traveling to Europe.

Most airlines such as Lufthansa may refuse to let you board at your point of origin or while transferring planes. Make sure that your passport is valid at least six months before your extended date of departure.

You can apply for a Romania Tourist Visa by going to the E-Visa portal. The visa application along with the passport must be submitted in person by the applicant or by a third person such a travel agent.

Mailing to the embassy is not permitted as all arrangements with third persons are not the responsibility of the embassy. However, there is no need for an official power of attorney when delegating the submission of your visa application.

Requirements for Romania Tourist Visa 

Bran Castle

Below is the list of general requirements to apply for a tourist visa for Romania:

  1. 2 recent passport-size photos.

2. Fully accomplished and duly signed the application form.

3. Detailed and original copy of flight itinerary with indicated arrival and departure date.

4. Evidence of sufficient financial means. (Recent original bank or credit card statements.) You must have a minimum of 50 euros/ day or a minimum of 500 euros or equivalent currency for the entire duration of your trip.

5. Travel health insurance.

6. Confirmed hotel reservations.

7. Certificate of Employment (if employed)

romania tourist visa for filipinos

It is important that you provide credible documents to the Embassy as they reserve the right to call the applicant for an interview. Immigration officers can also ask for additional documentation when deemed necessary.

Make sure that you provide them with the original and a copy. The copies will be kept by the Embassy and the original will be returned to the applicant upon presentation and upon request of the border police at the entry point in Romania.

Take note that the Embassy only approves only a maximum of 15 days on tourist visa for Romania in order to avoid any attempt to circumvent the legislation regarding work permits. If you are planning to stay longer than 90 days, you need to apply for a temporary residence permit. It can be done either before arriving in Romania or at least 30 days before the 90-day “no visa” stay expires). You can go to to apply for an extended stay visa.

The visa processing takes between 7 to 14 days and cost about 70USD.

For further details on Romanian immigration requirements, Filipinos are advised to contact:

Palace of Parliament

Embassy of Romania

1216 Acacia Road,
Dasmariñas Village,
Makati City, Philippines

Telephone: (632) 843-9014 / 892-7682
Fax: (632) 843-9063
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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romania tourist visa for filipinos



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