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I often see pictures of massive head statues as I scroll through my social media feeds and I have to admit, I find them quite interesting. From the day I knew that these picturesque statues can be found on the Eastern Island in Chile, I have always dreamed of setting foot in this country. Located in South America, Chile shares few similarities with my home country, the Philippines, which makes it more interesting for me. I’m talking about Christianity, Spanish colonization, and location in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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However, although Filipino passport holders enjoy the freedom of a visa-free entry to some South American countries, Chile is not one of them. So to all traveling Pinoys out there who also want to go to this beautiful country, this article will guide you on how to get a tourist visa for Chile in the Philippines.

Getting started with the Chilean visa application

Getting a Chilean visa in the Philippines is quite a challenge because unlike other popular destinations like South Korea, Germany, France, and the USA, it’s hard to find  information on how to apply Chilean tourist visa in the Philippines. So here are the basic steps to make it easier for you.

  1. Know where to apply.
  2. Know what documents to prepare.
  3. Know how much is the visa fee.
  4. Know how much time you should wait.
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Where To Apply Tourist Visa For Chile in the Philippines?

There are two ways to apply for a Chilean visa: online and walk-in.

How To Apply Chilean Visa Online

Online application is the most convenient way. And you only need to pay the visa once it has been approved, so no need to risk a big amount of money for visa fees. 

  1. Log your application to the consular website here. The default language is not in English but it has an option to select the language.
  2. Then, select the “Visa Application” button.
  3. Fill out the form. It contains information about the details of the trip, and the applicant’s identification, contact, and family. From the form, you can also select the country where you are applying from and the consulate office where you will be submitting your application.

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If you select “Philippines” from the list of countries, you will see that the only Chilean consulate from the options is in Manila.

  • Scan the required documents, save them in one PDF file, and upload.
  • Upload your digital photo. It must be in JPG file and must not exceed 100 KB.
  • Submit the application and wait for the result.

Note: The website can be a bit slow so patience is required.

After you have submitted your application, wait for a couple of days. You will receive an email if your application has been approved. Then, you have to set an appointment date with the consulate in your area to submit your original passport and the supporting documents for verification. Affix your fingerprint on each copy of your approved application. Once your visa is ready, you can then pay the visa fee (and the handling fee).

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Walk-in Application

Although the website is widely used for handling visa application, there are still some consulates that accept walk-in applications. To be sure, prepare the necessary documents first before going to the Embassy in Manila. Also, call to check their availability and to know if there’s a need to schedule an appointment.

The Chilean Embassy in Manila

17th Floor, Liberty Center Building
104 H.V. de la Costa St. corner Leviste Street
Salcedo Village P.O. Box Box 1138, Makati, Philippines

For inquiries, you can also contact them at:

TELEPHONE: (+63) (2) 843 3461
FAX: (+63) (2) 843 1976
EMAIL:  [email protected] , [email protected]

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What Are The Requirements For Chile Tourist Visa?

Here are the documents that you have to prepare when applying for a Chilean tourist visa:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Certificate of employment signed by your employer
  3. Leave of absence
  4. Bank statement
  5. Payslip
  6. Credit card statements
  7. Roundtrip airfare
  8. Hotel reservation
  9. Issued visas (expired or unexpired)
  10. Digital photo

How Much Does Chilean Visa cost?

The cost of the visa depends on the type of visa you are applying for. So before knowing the fees, let us get to know the two types of tourist visa that you can apply for: Single entry and Multiple entry tourist visas.

Single entry visa allows the holder to enter Chile once and stay for a maximum of 60 days while the multiple entry visa allows the holder to enter Chile multiple times for a maximum of 90 days.

Single entry visa – $30
Multiple entry visa – $60

Note: Visa fees above do not include the handling fee yet which costs around $10.

Visa fees should be paid on the day of the pickup. There are some consulates that accept debit/credit cards. For your convenience, it’s best to call the Chilean embassy in your country. Again, you only have to pay for the visa once it is approved.

How Long Will It Take To Process The Visa Application?

Some were able to get their visas within a week but the rule of thumb is to apply at least 30 days before your intended travel date. Most importantly, note that the Chilean consulates do not provide priority or expedited processing too.

Online applicants can check the status of their application by logging in to the website.

Other important information that you should know:

  • Hand over two copies of the approved application (with your fingerprint) on your first point of entry in Chile. Then keep the remaining one for yourself
  • The tourist visa is strictly for recreational, sports, health, business, family, religious and leisure purposes only. It should not be illegally used for immigration, residency, or to conduct gainful activities.

So there you have it! You’re now a step closer to a fantastic backpacking experience in Chile. If you have more questions, it is best to direct them to the Embassy of Chile in Manila.


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  1. If I already have an appointment with the embassy saying they have the status of my visa. How long they give the visa? right the day or it takes more days? thank you

    • It depends how long you’re going to stay in the country. As a rule of thumb, I prepare Php5000-7000 day for all countries I’m visiting. Then add the airfare and other possible expenses.

  2. Hello, i only have an ATM is this valid for the requirements instead of Bank Statement? I don’t have a bank account. And if the ATM valid how much the amount of money that required?

    • If you have ATM, then you have a bank account. You just need to request from your bank for your bank statement. As a rule of thumb, you need to have at least $60/ day + airfare and accommodation to show that you can afford to travel to Chile.

  3. Hello. Hindi ba waived ang visa for Filipinos holding a valid US visa like how it is in Central America?

    Also, i love what i see in pictures of Chile especially the nature. Question is, how do i get around it? Do i need to drive? I don’t know how to drive.


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