best carry on backpack

Choosing the best carry on backpack for our travel is an essential investment. Whether you’re staying on the road for a long time or just getting a quick break from work, you should always consider a backpack that you can trust and rely on while you are away from home.

Best Carry on Backpack

1. Cabin Max Metz Backpack

The Cabin Max Metz is the perfect backpack for all types of travelers. Designed to provide comfort, better organization, and convenience, this carry on backpack with take your flight to first-class.

Product Description:

A bag made of nylon, the Cabin Max Metz can safely keep your belonging from minimal water spillage. It also has padded back and straps which makes it very convenient for long hours of walking. This bag, weighing 1.5 lbs, has a 44L internal capacity and can fit into overhead bins with 22” x 16” x 8” dimension.

It has 3 main zipped compartments, 2 zipped internal compartments, adjustable shoulder and side straps, and top carrying handle. Cabin Max Metz is available in different fun patterns like balloons, galaxy, polka dots, emoji, map, mountain, oceans, paper planes, photo postcards, pool, pop, rainforest, stars, stereo, and urban icons.

If you’re looking for plain colors, you can also get it in black, grey, red, navy blue, and many more.

  • It is approved as a carry on bag for most US and European airlines.
  • The side straps help keep your belongings in place.
  • You can really maximize the space and carry more items with you.
  • You’ll have a lot of patterns and colors to choose from.
  • There are parts of the bag which is not properly stitched which causes the bag to rip off.
  • The quality control of the bag’s manufacturer should be improved.

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2. Osprey Packs Sojourn Wheeled Luggage

This Osprey Wheeled Luggage is the perfect bag for travelers who hate to wait at the baggage reclaim section. Durable and very convenient to use, this travel backpack can transform into wheeled luggage any moment you like.

Product Description:

The Osprey Sojourn is available in 3 sizes but if you’re looking for the perfect carry on bag, the 45L bag is the right match for you. It has a dimension of 22” x 14” x 9” which fits the overhead storage of most international and local airlines.

It has dual mesh pockets on the inner front panel of the bag and a zippered top-pocket to keep your toiletries within reach. The bag’s dual StraightJacket compression straps also keep the bag stabilized and intact. The bag weighs 7.8 pounds. It is available in Flash Black, Hoodoo Red, and Nitro Green colors.

  • It has a daisy chain on the front panel which gives you more room for other travel gears.
  • The bag is lightweight and rides smoothly on any surface.
  • It can also fit a lot of stuff and the compression strap helps keep it easier to carry
  • The wheels are also very helpful at times when your back gets sore from long hours of traveling.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • The bag has a tendency to look bulky.
  • Some people might find it inconvenient to reach their items inside because of the compression panels.
  • It is not cheap.

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3. Osprey Farpoint Travel Backpack

One bag with great features, this Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack screams comfort and convenience. You can definitely fly it with you on month-long backpacking in Southeast Asia without leaving those extra pair of walking shoes behind.

Product Description:

The Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack can carry up to 40 pounds. It has hip belts and harness that help support the heavy load- making your journey as comfortable as possible.

Its dimension is 22” x 14” x 9” which is the perfect fit for overhead storage. The main compartment of the bag can be secured through the lockable sliders. For a better packing experience, it has mesh pockets that can fit small items. Lastly, the dual compression straps also help stabilize the load.

  • The bag fits perfectly on the overhead bin of most airplanes like Air Asia, Eva Air, Virgin America, Norwegian Air, and Transavia.
  • You can pack a lot of things because the bag is spacious.
  • Very comfortable- perfect for long trips.
  • The waist strap secures and stabilizes the heavy load from the bag.
  • Since it can hold a lot of items, there’s a tendency to overpack and go over the weight limit for carry on.
  • Slightly expensive

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4. Osprey Packs Fairview

Do not be confused with the Osprey Farpoint Travel Backpack. Although this Fairview model sure looks like a copycat to the latter, this is designed for female travelers.

Product Description:

The Osprey Farpoint Backpack measures 21” x 14” x 9” and can carry 38L (XS/S) or 40L (S/M) which makes it perfect as a carry-on.

Osprey Farpoint Backpack has a lockable compartment, LightWire frame suspension, laptop and tablet sleeve, padded shoulder strap, and a slimmer design to fit with the feminine frames.

The front panel also has a zipped pocket which can hold small items- a great solution to organizing and keeping your items within reach.

  • Stricter airlines like Ryanair and Transavia approves this bag as carry on.
  • Comfortable to carry around most especially for female travelers because of its narrow and slimmer design.
  • The shoulder strap is narrower but still sturdy
  • The pockets are a little bit to the front so it will take a lot of effort reaching out to them
  • You cannot use the compression straps if you are using the outer pockets.

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5. Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack

Packing light has never been a problem with Hynes Eagle Backpack. With its water-resistant fabric, you can surely take the adventure to the next level without leaving your valuables behind. Plus, you can carry it however you want, wherever you go!

Product Description:

Hynes Eagle Backpack is made of water repellent polyester. It weighs 2.16 pounds and can carry up to 40L. It measures 20.1” x 13.4” x 9.8” which fits perfectly on the overhead bin and the storage under your seats.

It is available in different designs- some printed while some are plain colors. It has 4 adjustable compression straps, a spacious main compartment, thick top handle, padded laptop and tablet sleeves, and 2 lobster clasps.

  • You can carry it using 3 different ways: backpack straps, side handle, and top handle.
  • The backpack straps can easily be hidden inside its back pocket.
  • It has a side bottle pocket to quickly access your liquid containers.
  • The compression straps really help in keeping your clothes intact and wrinkle-free.
  • It represents style and durability in one.
  • The bag is very spacious and if you’re not conscious, you might go beyond the carry on the weight limit of the plane.
  • The buckles are not that sturdy.
  • There’s no hip belt which would have helped stabilize the load

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6. Samsonite Wheeled Laptop Backpack

This Samsonite Wheeled Backpack is ready to roll with you. Take it under or above your seat, you will not have a problem getting past the strict airline staff because this backpack is carry-on approved. For only less than a hundred bucks, the Samsonite Wheeled Backpack is truly a wise investment.

Product Description:

Made of ripstop nylon, this bag measures 17 x 13 x 9 and weighs 5 pounds. It has a large main compartment, a zippered front pocket, zippered side pockets, a mesh pouch, and a handle.

It is available in the following colors: Black, Black-orange, and Charcoal.

  • It is spacious.
  • It has lots of compartments inside which is perfect for keeping your things organized.
  • Can be used as a carry on bag.
  • Durable and convenient to use.
  • Has a pocket for water bottles at the side.
  • The handle is not that sturdy. It needs to be handled with care.
  • The bag is a little bit small for a carry on and some laptops might not fit.
  • It falls forward when the front pocket becomes too heavy most especially when the bag is half open.

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7. OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack

Be confident carrying this backpack wherever you are in the world. The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is not only carry-on approved but also an all-around backpack perfect for travels and other outdoor activities.

Product Description:

This multipurpose backpack is made of high-quality lightweight and durable nylon. It weighs 2.4 pounds, measures 23” x 15” x 8.6”, and can carry up to 50L. It has pockets and several compartments inside which can help you organize your things better.

Laptops up to 15.6” can fit in the padded laptop compartment of the bag. The padded foam belt also helps you carry the load comfortably. Lastly, it also comes with a waterproof rain cover.

  • The waterproof rain cover makes the bag a bit extra. No need to worry in keeping your valuables safe from rain and other liquids.
  • The bag is durable and lightweight.
  • It is comfortable to carry around with the padded and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • It is spacious and you can surprisingly fit in a lot of items inside.
  • Very affordable
  • The zippered side pocket is not very accessible because it’s a little bit on the back and is quite small.
  • It can not really endure an extreme outdoor activity.
  • The bag looks saggy when not packed full.

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8. Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack

Make the most of your carry on experience with this backpack from Amazon Basics. Affordable, durable and comfortable, this carry on bag is the perfect bag for savvy travelers.

Product Description:

The Amazon Basics Carry-on Backpack is made of durable polyester, measures 15” x 6.5” x 20.1” and it weighs 3.64 pounds. It comes with a removable padded shoulder strap, sternum strap, and waist belt. The bag can also be expanded up to 10% allowing you to carry items as much as you want to.

  • The bag has a large storage capacity.
  • It has dividers and small pockets to better organize your things.
  • The straps are removable so you can carry the bag in two different ways: backpack or like a suitcase– whichever feels comfortable at the moment.
  • The bag’s size is just perfect for carry on.
  • Affordable
  • Minor quality issues.
  • There’s no water bottle compartment which would have been convenient for those who like to keep their liquids within reach.
  • The outer compartments are not contained within the compression straps so you have to limit what to place inside these compartments in order to keep the bag flat.
  • The hip strap does not help carry the load because it’s too narrow. It’s also not padded.

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9.Kelty Redwing

Organizing your things have never been better with the Kelty Redwing bag. Made for different types of adventures, whether you’re just out for a touristy trip or you’re having an adventurous weekend at the peak, the Kelty Redwing is a good investment.

Product Description:

The Kelty Redwing measures 22” x 15” x 12” which fits the carry on standard of most airlines in the US and Europe. It is made of polyester and only weighs 3.2 pounds. It comes with a top compression strap, hip belt stabilizer, sternum strap, waist buckle, zippered side pockets, zippered stash pocket, and large front pockets. Lastly, the Kelty Redwing bag can also carry 44L of your belongings.

  • The bag is well made and durable.
  • The size of the bag is widely accepted as a carry on bag.
  • The compression straps of the bag help a lot in squeezing the items inside.
  • Few airlines in Asia will require you to check your bag.
  • Due to its design, the bag won’t be that comfortable for women with small frames.

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10. Venture Pal Backpack

Save yourself that check-in baggage fee with this Tortuga Travel Backpack. Now, you can bring everything you need for a carry-on backpack. Designed to add comfort, and convenience, this backpack will be your ultimate travel companion.

Product Description

The bag is made of 100% nylon. It measures 22” x 14” x 9” and can hold up to 45L. The padded computer compartment of the bag can fit devices up to 17”. It is Spacious pockets keep all things organized and separated. Made with a thick and sturdy and water resistant material.

  • The hip pockets are large enough to fit in items that you have to access easily like passport, wallet, keys, and etc.
  • It is well-padded and so it feels very comfortable to carry around.
  • It is also water-repellant
  • It is also lightweight and compact with spacious pockets.
  • Difficult to fit on people with small frames.
  • The suspension harness takes ⅓ of the volume of the bag which is a problem if you’re struggling to keep the weight within the carry on limit.

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