Guess you’re a certified travel bug when even your cozy house reminds you to travel. Mind you, travel souvenirs and posters are not the only cute items that you can decorate your house with but even as petty as throw pillows can make you feel excited about your next getaway too.

So for your next purchase, you might want to consider these travel-themed pillowcases to highlight your living room couch or to make your dream of your next trip to the Caribbean.

10 Travel Themed Pillowcases You’ll Love

1. Ambesonne Sketchy Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

Even a throw pillow cover can take you to the famous spots in Italy. Take a quick peek at the beautiful Italian architecture in Florence, Rome, and Venice with this throw pillowcase while you wait for flight prices to Italy to drop.

This Ambesonne Sketchy Throw Pillow Cushion Cover is also the perfect match for your minimalist living room.

Product Description:

This throw pillow cover measures 18” by 18” which is a perfect cover-up for your square accent pillows at home. It has a double-sided print which highlights the top tourist destinations in Italy.

It is made from high-quality and 100% spun polyester which makes it waterproof.

  • The design matches well with any pattern or color in your living room.
  • The fabric used is high-quality
  • It can be machine-washed.
  • The print is on both sides of the pillow
  • Can easily spot stains or dirt

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2. U-LOVE Flamingo Pattern & Tropical Flower Leaves Cotton Linen Cushion Covers

This pillow cover gives your room the tropical vibes you deserve. Whether you decorate it in your living room couch or office chair for a daily dose of travel inspiration, this pillow cover won’t let you down. Its colorful design will simply brighten your day.

Product Description:

This pillow cover from U-LOVE is the perfect fit for your square accent pillows. It measures 18” by 18”. It comes in a set of 4 pillow covers made with cotton linen fabric and a tropical design on one side.

It is made with a durable material which can endure indoor and outdoor use. It can be hand washed or machine washed too.

  • This set of 4 pillowcases is cheap
  • The colors are vibrant and the pillow is made with high-quality material
  • Hidden zipper
  • The inner stitch needs a minor improvement
  • The fabric is quite thin
  • Does not exactly fit an 18” pillow insert.

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3. ChezMax Linen Blend Eiffel Tower Pattern Cushion Cover

This woven pillowcase from Chez Max is great for your office, bedroom, living room, or car. It can fit an 18” x 18” pillow and your entire Parisian dreams in it.

Showcasing the popular Eiffel Tower, a popular tourist destination in Paris and a touch of vintage vibes, this pillowcase is a great addition to your travel-related collection.

Product Description:

This pillowcase is made with cotton and linen blend which is the perfect material if you want a pillow cover that absorbs moisture, dissipates water, and adjusts to the temperature.

The Eiffel tower design only sits on one side of the pillow. The cover size is advertised to be 18” by 18”.

  • The design looks very vintage which is perfect for homeowners who are “addicted” to the Parisian life.
  • For its cheap price, the quality of the item is very good.
  • A great find
  • The stitching around the zipper needs a little improvement
  • The material feels a bit rough

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4. Nautical Style Sofa Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover

While some enjoy the bird’s eye view from flying, sailing is also a thing for some travelers. If you are one, be sure to add this Nautical style pillowcase in your collection and let your guests know your fascination of the deep blue sea and the waves.

Product Description:

These pillowcases measure 18” by 18” which are great for square accent pillows. Designed to keep your space stylish yet comfortable, this pillowcase from BPFY is available in the following designs: compass, world map, sailing ship, and arrows.

  • It is made of high-quality and eco-friendly material
  • Design is minimalist yet stylish
  • For only $15, you’ll be getting 4 high-quality nautical style pillow covers already.
  • The zipper is hidden
  • Colors are not always true to what was advertised
  • Sizing of the cases is not consistent
  • Print is one-sided

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5. Watercolor World Map Colorful Burlap Pillow Cases

A bigger canvass for a big great world. This pillowcase fits a long pillow insert. Pretty sure every certified world travelers would love to have it in their home even those living in a trailer truck, or a sailboat.

Product Description:

Linkwell does a magnificent job making this colorful world map burlap pillowcase. It measures 20” by 12” and the print is only on one side of the pillow.

  • The colorful world map is very catchy
  • The zipper is good quality and perfectly hidden
  • Can be for outdoor use too
  • A good choice if you’re looking for a decorative pillow
  • The fabric is a little rough
  • It not for sleeping or snuggling
  • It is a little bit smaller than what was advertised
  • The print is one sided

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6. Retro Vintage New York City Skyscraper Throw Pillow Case

Ah! New York… the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. This New York-inspired pillowcase is definitely a dream come true for all NY fans out there.

Spiced up with a retro design, this pillowcase will give a New Yorker feels to your home.

Product Description:

This pillowcase is made of durable and lightweight linen cloth and provides comfort and style in every home. It has a hidden zipper design and can fit 18” by 18” throw pillows.

It is safe to machine wash too. The print is only one-sided though.

  • Perfect for a New York-themed living room or office decoration.
  • The small zipper is tucked securely
  • The design is attractive.
  • The print is one-sided

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7. Wonder4 Geography Theme Throw Pillow Covers

Looking forward to the next country off your bucket list? This geography-themed pillow cover is the perfect item that you’re looking for. Add this cheap and stylish decoration in your home to keep you inspired in your travel goals.

Product Description:

This pillowcase by Wonder4 is made of 100% cotton and measures 18” by 18”. The fabric is high-quality and durable. It can be used as home decoration, car decoration, or office decoration.

Aside from that, you will also not get bothered with harsh zippers because its zipper is perfectly hidden. The design is only printed on one side of the case though.

  • Aside from an 18” by 18” pillow, the case can also fit a 20” by 20” pillow.
  • The artwork is high quality
  • The fabric is soft and sturdy
  • The size is not consistent
  • Needs minor improvement in the stitching

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8. Inspirational Quote Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover

These colorful bohemian pillowcases will inspire you to step your best foot forward every single day. No dreams are impossible to explore and discover with these pillowcases from Micro pillow.

Product Description:

Made of cotton linen, this pillowcase can fit an 18” by 18” pillow insert. It has an invisible zipper and a colorful pattern on one side.

Depending on your preference, it can be hand washed or machine washed.

  • The colors are very cute
  • Pillow inserts can easily fit in
  • The zipper is sturdy and opens smoothly
  • The fabric is soft
  • The fabric is a bit thin
  • The quality is not consistent
  • One-sided print

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9. HOSL Blending Linen Square Throw Pillow Case

This is the perfect pillowcase design for the mermaid souls out there. An anchor embellished with corals, it looks like it came from The Little Mermaid’s collection.

Product Description:

This pillowcase can fit an 18” by 18” square throw pillow. It is made of durable blending linen fabric with a blue rusty anchor design on one side.

The pillow insert is nicely sealed with zipper closure.

  • The design looks great. It is very magical.
  • The zipper is hidden and well constructed
  • It is cheap
  • The fabric feels soft
  • The colors are not very consistent
  • The sizing is also not consistent

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10. Elephant Deer Mountains Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover

This wanderlust design is perfect for travel bugs who enjoy minimalist designs. Whether you place it in your living room or outdoors, this endearing pillowcase screams for attention most especially among your traveler friends.

Product Description:

Made of cotton linen, this pillowcase can fit an 18” by 18” pillow insert. The design is simple and printed on one side only.

The zipper is hidden on the side which keeps the pillow insert in place.

  • The pattern is very modern and stylish
  • The design is printed on the fabric
  • The fabric has a slight sheen and feels soft.
  • It fits perfectly on an 18” by 18” pillow insert
  • There’s a slight difference in the color
  • Needs a minor stitching improvement

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