Natural wonders draw the attention of wanderers and pretty sure Brazil has plenty of those- making it as the top travel destination in South America. Heritage sites and endless partying to samba music are some of the interesting things that can highlight your trip to this festive country. Lucky for those US passport holders, getting a visa to Brazil has become easier and cheaper with the introduction of E-visas. So here’s a guide on how to apply a Brazil visa for US Citizens.

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What is the difference between the Brazil E-visa and Consular visa?

Both visas are valid but the e-visa provides a more convenient visa application process for US citizens. You can apply for an e-visa anywhere you are as long as you have a stable internet connection. The Consular visa, on the other hand, requires a personal appearance at the consul.

The E-visa has only one visa category which is the Visitor Visa which already includes the following purpose of travel as long as the visa-holder will not exceed 90 days:

1. Business meeting, events, trade fairs, and contract signing.
2. Traveling for tourism
3. Visiting friends or family (including a Brazilian spouse)
4. Transiting through Brazil
5. Attending or participating athletic or sports events
6. Conducting scientific research, studies, etc
7. Short-term medical treatments
8. Visiting as an aircraft or vessel crew member
9. Engaging in volunteering acts
10. And a person who wished to carry out cultural activities

The consular visa, on the other hand, has subcategories according to the purpose of your trip which you have to apply accordingly.


How to easily get a visitor’s visa for Brazil from US?

Along with Australian, Japanese, and Canadian citizens, US citizens can now apply for an e-visa to enter Brazil. It is a more convenient process for those who hate personal appearances at the embassy because with just a few clicks, you’re already a step closer to getting it. But before anything else, you have to check first if the purpose of your visit is qualified for a Visitor’s Visa.

Who are qualified to apply for a Visitor’s visa?

Basically, those who are NOT aiming to seek employment, education, and paid business ventures are qualified to apply for a Visitor’s visa in Brazil. Engaging in such activities while on a visitor’s visa is highly discouraged and proper sanctions such as deportation will be implemented once caught by the officers. Moreover, those who wish to stay for more than 90 days are also not qualified for this type of visa.

How much is the visa fee?

Compared to the consular visa fee of $160, the e-visa fee costs $40 plus the VFS service fee of $4.24. Cheap and easy!

How do I get started with the application?

As I have said, applying for the e-visa is quick and easy. It can be summarized with the following steps:

  1. Gather the basic requirements

Start the application by gathering the following basic requirements:

A. Machine-readable passport. It must be valid within the duration and at least 30 days beyond your trip to Brazil.

B. A clear copy of the passport bio page

C. A passport-size photo that has to meet the ICAO standard photograph.

D. For minors, a justification letter, a copy of passport bio page, and a photo of the legal guardian (both parents or either) should also be submitted.

E. Stable internet connection

F. Debit or credit card with 3D Secure System for payment

2. Register and fill up the Application Form

Once you have these documents ready, go to the VFS site or download the mobile app (see steps how to apply using the mobile app here) and create an account. Fill out the online application form correctly. Supply the information asked such as the country or region of the passport holder. For dual nationality, write the nationality of the passport you’re using to travel because if the country registered in the e-visa and the passport you’re using is different, your e-visa will automatically be invalidated.

3. Upload the documents

As stated on the requirements above, a stable internet connection is also required to ensure a successful and secured application. You have to upload the mandatory documents which contain personal and travel information.

Additional requirements are sometimes asked in some cases and it must be submitted within 30 days from the day of application.

4. Answer additional set of questions

After uploading your documents, you have to answer additional questions related to the purpose of your journey to Brazil. This is going to be a quick one so don’t fret.

5. Make online payment

The final step is to pay for the visa application. You can pay using a Mastercard, Visa, or Union Pay credit/debit card. Be sure to wait for a confirmation that payment was successful. Visa fees are not refundable except when the applicant paid twice for a single transaction. Once payment has been settled all you have to do is to wait for the results and voila!


How long should I wait for my visa?

The processing time usually takes 4-5 business days. The results will be emailed whether approved or denied. Unfortunately, reasons for denied applications are usually not stated by the Brazil immigration authorities but you can always apply again. For approved applications, the e-visa will be included in the emailed which you can then print/download and present at the border control. You can contact VFS Global if your application exceeded the 4-5 days standard processing time.

How long is the validity of the Brazil e-visa?

The e-visa is valid for only 2 years. Visa issued through the VFS is usually given as Multiple Entry.

So there you have it! A fancy beach escapade in Copacabana is just right at your fingertips. Good luck on your Brazil e-visa application and get ready to conquer South America’s most popular travel destination.

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