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Old Havana. Image taken by Luciana Chbeir. Check her other images through instagram.com/luccipucci

Although Filipinos require a visa for Cuba, we don’t really need to endure a rigorous process in getting one. The Philippines is one of the countries that can get a Tourist Card in order to enter Cuba. A tourist card will allow you to stay in Cuba for 30 days which you can extend for the same period of time once you’re already in Cuba.

So here are the ways on how to get Cuba tourist visa for Filipino citizen.

Where Can You Obtain a Tourist Card for Cuba?

1. Airlines

You can get your tourist card from your airline on the last leg of your trip. For example, if you’re flying Manila-Miami-Havana, you will have to get your Tourist Card from your airline in Miami before flying to Cuba.

Please note that the price varies from airline to airline and from which country you are buying it.

Cayo Largo del Sur

  • If you’re flying to Cuba from the US you will have to pay between USD$50-$110 depending on the airline, which makes the US the most expensive place to get your tourist card. Also, the US is the only one providing the “pink card” (while other countries use the green card) and you have to make sure you have a pink card when departing from any US airports. You can apply for it online and the airline will either give it to you at the gate or the airline will send it to you via mail. Just make sure to clarify directly from the airline.
  • If you’re flying to Cuba from Canada, the airline includes the price of the tourist card on your ticket.
  • If you’re flying from Mexico, you will have to pay at the check-in counter before you board your flight going to Cuba.
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Vintage Car in Havana. Image taken by Kylie Feller. Check her other other works through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

2. Travel Agencies

Majority of the travel agencies that sell trips to Cuba also provide tourist card. However, the price is almost similar to what you have to pay if flying through US airlines.

3. Embassy or Consulate

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Cuban embassy in Manila. If you google it though, you will find info that we do have one. But it’s not existing anymore. I tried contacting them and the contact details are not working anymore. Either way, if you find yourself resorting through this avenue, below are the requirements.

General requirements for Cuba Tourist Visa Card

El Capitolio

  1. One completed and duly signed an application form.
  2. Photocopy of valid passport – passports must have at least one-month remaining validity beyond intended departure from Cuba.
  3. Photocopy of a return ticket or travel agent voucher for a pre-paid package tour.
  4. Fee (payable in cash) which varies depending on the country.


Update as of March 2019: Cuba is now requiring a visa for Filipinos technically. However, there are people I know who went recently with just a tourist card and they got through. I also have a friend who applied for the visa in Hong Kong and arrived in Cuba last June and was questioned why he had a visa. I also know people who were asked for it. I tried to contact the embassies in Malaysia and Hong Kong to verify the requirements but I haven’t received an update yet, unfortunately. So as a rule of thumb, please check with embassies and official sources for the visa requirements.

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  1. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I am reasonably certain I’ll be informed plenty of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  2. Hi Christine, thanks for the informative Cuban visa application.
    We’ll be cruising to Cuba via Royal Caribbean Empress of the Sea on July 5, 2017.
    The Manila office advise us that visa is not required since we will visit for a few hours only.
    However, they changed their statement last week and advised us to get the A1 visa, and they don’t process it for Philippine passport holders.
    May I ask if it is possible to obtain the tourist card instead of A1 visa? since we are pressed for time.
    Do you know any agencies in Manila that process this? Fyi, we won’t flying so the airline is not applicable.

    Looking forward to you reply the soonest.


    • Hi Joy. Unfortunately there had been some changes regarding visa policy in the Philippines. I have been actually trying to contact the Cuban embassy as well in KL to confirm this so I can update my post. Im not sure if this is going to help but I have friends who gambled last April and they went through with just tourist card via Canada (airline) and I know someone who got his A1 visa in Hong Kong and flew to Cuba and presented his A1 visa but the immigration was wondering why he had a visa and not tourist card. So right now the information is confusing as Cuba has been changing their visa policy. Your best bet is try to ask the embassy in KL or HK to be sure. For the tourist card, I don’t know any travel agency that provides this in the PH. I was still living in Belize when I planned for Cuba. Where is Empress of the Sea going to depart? I’m assuming Miami and that might be something to check for TC or A1 visa as well if you guys are going to stay there for a bit before embarking on your cruise.I’m sorry I can’t be much help 🙂 Good luck with cruise!

      • Sale, did you get a tourist card? Christine, do you have the latest on his passport holders’ visa for Cuba? I have a multiple entry US visa…

  3. Hi Christine, thanks for the reply.
    Yes we’ll be embarking at Tampa, Florida. Problem is we will be flying from Kansas to Tampa on July 14 ETA 2200, so there is no way we can obtain the tourist card or A1 visa since we are departing the next day. This is quite inconvenient and costly for a day trip with just a few hours of tour around Havana. Visa application at KL embassy is impossible for us so our last resort would be the TC . Kindly let me know if you have any updates with their visa policy for cruises to Havana, I hope they will make an exemption for cruises though, like Jeju island in Korea or Kagoshima Japan.

  4. Hello, we have our flights booked to Havana from cancun this Tuesday with interjet. I just chat with them today and they said I have to get my visa at the consulate and they don’t issue visas for filipino citizen. Is it really possible to get it in cancun airport?

    • Hi Sofia, there had been changes on the Cuba visa for Filipinos. I have some friends who got in few months back with just a tourist card, there was someone who got a visa but the immigration in Cuba was so confused why he had a visa. Your best resort is to ask our consulate directly. I will have to update this post soon but Im still waiting for an answer from Cuban embassy in Malaysia.

  5. I truly appreciated this amazing weblog. Make confident you maintain up the very good function. All of the very best.

  6. Hi Christine!
    Any updates whether it’s tourist visa or A1 visa for us? Planning to go End of October , and I’m so confused with all informations. Thanks

  7. Hi Christine,
    i just want to ask if there is any update regarding the requirement for a filipino going to cuba.. because i am planning to go to cuba this feb 20 from new york, i am a philippine passport holder,i just have a US tourist visa, so from new york im going to havanna.. do i need to have a visa? and how can i apply for it? thanks


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