Moraine Lake best lakes in Canada
Moraine Lake by James Wheeler | CC-BY

The azure blue alpine lakes in Canada are the most gorgeous and easily recognized the world over. Here, you will rapidly find the door open to a host of outdoor activities, rather than trying to do something in the big cities. The 36 national parks of the country are brimming with natural beauty, amidst a background of its world-famous lakes.

The Great Lakes system alone is said to be the largest interconnected waterway in the world, containing a staggering 20% of the freshwater available on earth. Not only that, these lakes cover an area exceeding 95,000 square miles.

Apart from the Great Lakes, Canada is home to some equally stunning water bodies, situated in the Western Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. All the best lakes in Canada listed here, share the same highlights any freshwater lake offers.

So if you contemplate spending some time in luxury homes in Canada and exploring these lakes you are sure to be rewarded with a memorable experience which is one of the best souvenirs that you can get from Canada.

1. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

luxury homes in CanadaLake Louise by sundiver72 | CCO

Lake Louise, also referred to as the Lake of Little Fishes, is the finest lake in this region. Although small in area, the surrounding areas of this glacial fed beauty, harbor some tantalizing trails which are the real delight for hikers.

One can easily access the lake by foot, car or even horseback, but the best way is to get the grand view is by paddling into the water by kayak or canoe. For the more adventurous and able-bodied ones, a quick scramble to the top of Fairview Mountain will provide amazing views of Lake Louise below.

2. Peyto Lake, Alberta

luxury homes in Canada
Peyto Lake by Antheah | CC-BY

This beautiful Banff lakeside setting is a true photographer’s delight, with the highest point of the Icefields Parkway, Bow Summit, offering some of the best locations to snap a screen saver shot. If you are in the area, Peyto Lake is one of the best things to do in Banff

The viewing platform on the summit tends to be overcrowded most of the times, so your best bet is to walk up the trails from the car park. These paths have hardly any hikers and allow for some incredible views from plenty of other less-visited viewpoints.

3. Emerald Lake, British Columbia, Canada

luxury homes in Canada
Emerald Lake by cpeng | CC-BY

Situated in the spectacular Yoho National Park, in the Canadian Rockies region, Emerald Lake is one of the largest of the 61 lakes found in this park. There are three miles of excellent hiking trails around the lake which allow for lots of opportunities to take pictures against the beautiful backdrop of the President Mountain range.

Canoeing and trekking are other year-round activities on offer in this splendid setting.


4. Spotted Lake, British Columbia

luxury homes in Canada
Spotted Lake by Anthropodermic | CCO

Straddling the borders of Alberta and Washington state, this eye-popping beauty of a lake is located near the town of Osoyoos. The Spotted Lake is reputed to be one of the warmest lakes in the whole of Canada.

Visitors flock here to take advantage of the lake’s many therapeutic properties, apart from viewing some of the strangest of saltwater formations during the dry season. For a truly unique experience,  do not miss out on visiting Spotted Lake.

5. Lake Memphremagog, Quebec

luxury homes in Canada
Lake Memphremagog by Bdescary | CCO

This vast expanse of water, occupying an area of roughly 1780 square kilometers, lies equally divided between Quebec and Vermont. The Memphremagog is considered to be the crown jewel of the Province, and easily the most beautiful in Quebec.

The lake is a great place for recreation, especially during the summer months, when legend has it that there are numerous sightings of the mythical Memphre. This 30-foot river monster, just like its famous Scottish counterpart, Loch Ness, has been spotted hundreds of times since the 19th century.

6. Western Brook Pond, Newfoundland

luxury homes in Canada
Western Brook Pond by Siderd | CCO

Should you ever happen to be in the vicinity of the small town of Rocky Harbour, pay a visit to the Gros Morne National Park, which is hardly 27 km away from this town.

Here a Western Brook Pond boat tour is organized regularly during the summer months, which takes guests leisurely up this scenic 16 km long glacier-fed lake.

Onboard guides willingly point out the surrounding billion-year-old geological formations and the plethora of cascading waterfalls, all of which go into making this an incredible island fjord visit.

7. Lake Superior

luxury homes in Canada

Superior Lake by Yinan Chen | CCO

The biggest lakes of all the Great Lakes of North America, the 560 km long Lake Superior shares its boundaries with Canada and America. Unlike the lakes of the alpine region, Lake Superior has a stunning coastline which draws hordes of admirers to its shores year after year.

8. Medicine Lake, Alberta

best lakes in canada
Medicine Lake by Esther Lee | CCO

Alberta is no doubt the home of the world-famous Jasper National Park, however, some 12 miles south of Alberta lies an equally stunning gem known as Medicine Lake.

The lake and its environs provide first-class facilities for spending the day in the outdoors, as well as other activities like wildlife watching, which are regularly sighted along the 4 mile stretch of the lake.

Even though the altitude is high, the lake itself is rather shallow, allowing for ample angling opportunities to the fishing enthusiasts to target the plentiful trout species. Bird lovers can have a great time looking for eagles and ospreys which also excel in targeting these fish.

9. Moraine Lake

best lakes in Canada
Moraine Lake by James Wheeler | CC-BY

This paradise lake is another gem in Banff National Park. This glacial lake is nestled in the spectacular valley of Canadian Rockies. The lake’s blue-green water is caused by rock flour due to a melting glacier and it’s more imminent when the lake is full.

Moraine Lake is located up in the Valley of Ten Peaks at an elevation of more than 6000 feet. This lake is popular among the locals and tourists and considered one of the most scenic lakes in the world.

Canada, as a whole, has more than 30,000 lakes, far more than any other place in the world, nestled within the boundaries of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

No matter which province of Canada you travel in, you are bound to come face to face with these alpine, glacial and boreal beauties.

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  1. We’re heading to Lake Louise next year and couldn’t be more excited! I didn’t know about some of these other lakes. I’ll have to add Medicine Lake to our ever-growing list of places to visit in Canada! 🙂

  2. Wow! These are just stunning, there’s something about the scale of the landscape that’s specific to Canada, I definitely need to see more of it – thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I’d go with all of the Great Lakes, really! I live on Lake Ontario and it’s beautiful. Sometimes Lake Erie can even look like the Caribbean – the waters get so turquoise!

    Love the lake views with the mountains in the background <3

  4. Canada has always been in my bucket list because of its national parks. I didn’t know they had these gorgeous lakes though. And there are 30,000 of them?? If Canada isn’t too cold, I would totally want to live there. My fave here are Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, although the Spotted Lake is weirdly beautiful too!

  5. I’ve seen various pictures of these lakes scattered across the internet, but never collected all in one spot. Having them all here, makes you realize how incredible they all really are! Would definitely love to take a trip just to get some great pictures of these lakes. Plus, you had some great weather! Hopefully I can be that lucky with the weather!

  6. Some of my best memories of our time driving through Canada are of fantastic scenery – usually lakes and tree covered mountains. I agree that Canada has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

  7. I’ve only been to a few of these so far but I am beyond blessed to call this beautiful country home! Definitely didn’t know about Medicine Lake and wish I had when I was visiting back in August. Will defs have to revisit now!

  8. I really get upset when I see all these beautiful lakes from my country and then realize that I have not seen any of them. 🙁 Wow I got some exploring to do in my own backyard, I can definately see why Lake Louise in Alberta is number 1. Wow its looks like a painting. Beautiful!!!

  9. Holy crapy, the first picture of Lake Louise literally made my jaw drop! Every time I see pictures of Canada, it makes me want to add it to the top of my travel list. You’ve given me a serious case of wanderlust! 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing this! Canada is on my list to get to very soon and I would love to visit all of these lakes! There’s more than just the classic Lake Louise! Western Brook Pond looks almost like it’s in the Swiss Alps! I didn’t even know about that one!

  11. Wow! Your photos are amazing especially of Lake Louise it looks magical and I love that is known as the lake of little fishes! Medicine Lake in Alberta looks stunning too. I have only been to cities in Canada, but now after reading I know I need to venture further out to see these beautiful lakes.

  12. Ok I knew I had to visit Canadian Rockies, our dear neighbor, very soon but now I am going to make sure I am visiting as soon as the winter is over! 🙂 Beautiful photos. You convinced me to go to all of these places.

  13. i think your post pretty much summed up the landscapes i’d be looking forward to see when I visit Canada!! All i need is some hiking gear and a clear kayak 🙂

  14. I thought that the lakes in New Zealand were out of this world but I think I need to visit Canada now. What lake was your favourite and where had the most activities whilst you were there?

  15. These are awesome. We’re just back from our first ever Canada Trip (Vancouver/Victoria) and it has left us with a desire to see more of the amazing country. As water signs we have to be near the sea but these will definitely do!


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