Friday, December 1, 2023
is the philippines safe

Is The Philippines Safe in 2020? | Your Complete Guide To Safety

Thinking of going to the Philippines? We're definitely all for it! There's awesome beaches, a laid-back, friendly culture, rice terraces to see, mountains, delicious food and the chance to island-hop around some pretty beautiful gems...
boulders beach

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit South Africa

If you haven't been to South Africa, then you're missing out. There are several reasons why you should visit the country. When I first came to South Africa in 2017, I brought all the...
travel tips for miami

Practical Travel Tips For Miami, Florida

If you are looking for a fresh tourist destination, why not consider Miami? One of the premier vacation spots on the southern side of Florida, Miami has great weather, beaches, culture, history, entertainment, and...

10 Best Travel Shoes for Women

One of the most important items to complete every women’s travel bag is a pair of shoe. As many would say, “Good shoes can take you to good places” but what really makes a...

How To Cope With Travel Anxiety – 6 Tips That Will Help

Just because you suffer from anxiety, doesn’t mean you should let it stop you from doing the things you love. It might be difficult and take all your mental strength, but powering through and...
canada flag

5 Practical Travel Tips For Canada

Does your home country fall into the category of Canada eta eligible countries? If you are from the U.S. or any of the visa exempt countries, you can plan a 6-month long Canada trip by...

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