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If you are looking for a fresh tourist destination, why not consider Miami? One of the premier vacation spots on the southern side of Florida, Miami has great weather, beaches, culture, history, entertainment, and sports.

It is true that most people do not consider this side of the region when planning for their vacations but it is only because it is a hidden gem. Did you know that in between downtown Miami and the Atlantic Ocean lays the Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay?

In fact, for locals who do know the area, a trip to Miami is considered one of the best things to do in South Florida. 

Well, this is just a teaser if you consider all the attractions lined up for visitors to see in and around Miami. So, what is there to see?

1.The beach

miami beach florida

If you have never dreamt of taking a bath outdoors, the Miami Beach entices you to do it. Seated right besides Cuba, The Bahamas, Cancun, and the Dominican Republic, Miami is basically a beach city. Think of basking beneath the palm trees, or lazing about on the extensive sandy beaches – you have nature’s own version of a bathtub that keeps the water at a constant warm temperature.

This part of Miami is free and that is what makes it really special. If you brought along your car, cheap airport parking is an option that will liberate you to move around to many places in this destination. Did you know that Miami beaches are man-made? You just have to visit them t learn more about how it happened!

2.The architecture

miami skyline

If there was a destination where Art Deco truly is amazing is in Miami. Walking down the Miami streets feels like a stroll through a flower path with the blues, pinks, purples, and yellows that adorn the wall facades. That is not all because even shapes have been used to add to the attractive streets. You will find yourself keeping a tab of the diamond, square, and circle shapes – do not lock in the gleeful child feeling that wants to come out to appreciate this architectural delight.

People who experience the Art Deco Architectural report to experiencing happiness at the sights. Would you pay for parking at the airport to see Boston’s City Hall (The Unsexiest Building of Boston)? Then you would definitely pay for a parking spot in advance just to be in Miami!

The Cars

cars in miami

Judging from the many cars that ride on the roads of Miami, this city obviously has extensive parking options. You do not even have to be on the road yourself to appreciate the models and makes. Are you a car enthusiast? Miami is a destination you need to consider to fuel your curiosity about cars. Talk about eye candy that never gets old and Miami is your first choice every time.

Things to do before you head out to Miami

Get somewhere to park your car

parking lot in florida

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Buy or bring a camera

You will have so many places to set foot when you visit Miami; from the museums to the wildlife and ecosystem, all these memories need to be preserved. A good way to do this is to take pictures, bring along extra memory storage because the pictures will not feel enough. There is a fun vibe that engulfs Miami and you will flow with it during your visit. What better way to share such memories with family and friends back home than with neat pictures of everything you saw?


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