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Does your home country fall into the category of Canada eta eligible countries?

If you are from the U.S. or any of the visa exempt countries, you can plan a 6-month long Canada trip by simply getting an ETA.

An ETA is a travel authorization and not a Canadian visa, which means that its application process is much easier and faster. Once you get your hands on a Canada ETA, you would want to waste no time but plan a memorable trip to the land of Canada!

Before you get too excited, there are travel tips for Canada that you need to know to ensure a safe, fun-filled trip. Especially if you are a first-time traveler to Canada.

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1.    The Weather

Canada is one of the countries where it is chilly all year round. Even if you are planning a trip in the summer season, chances are it will get cold at nights in the mountains. While the weather does vary from place to place, the golden packing tip for Canada is to keep multiple layers of warm clothes. And when it comes to winter, expect it to get very cold – make sure you bring along a woolen hat, thick gloves, and a wool scarf to wrap around your face or neck.

2.    Addition of Sales Tax to the Bills

In Canada, a federal sales tax is added to all the products, goods, and services. In addition to this, most provinces have their own tax too.

So, when you go shopping in Canada, remember that the price you see on the tag is not the final deal. The sales tax also applies to restaurant bills and hotel bills. Thus, while you are in Canada, all your bills will be added with up to 15% of taxes.

3.    The Customer Service

The customer service in Canada is impressively good. Canada is a consumer society and hence, a customer is always the king there!

Most stores are open seven days a week and remain open until late at night, which means you can roam around the cities shopping your heart out whenever you like. Moreover, restaurants offer a variety of delicious food to suit the taste and diet of all. You can expect a warm welcome and some friendly treatment from all salesperson and waiters.

Not only this, there are toll-free numbers to get in touch with customer service representatives and let them take care of your needs in the best way possible!

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Lake Louise by cpeng | CC-BY

4.    Driving

One of the most important things you should know is that Canada has different speed limits. So, before treating it as your own country, make sure you check out what the local speed limits are.

Like in most countries, you should use mobile phones hands-free while you are driving in Canada. Also, you would want to avoid smoking in the car when you are with a minor unless you want to face legal actions.

5.    Health Insurance

Canada does have a great healthcare system but it is only meant for the Canadian citizens. Therefore, it is recommended to have a health insurance while you are on a visit. Otherwise, be ready to pay huge medical bills for even the most minor of an injury. So, before you visit the country, make sure you have an adequate travel insurance that covers medical bills.

If your home country is among the list of Canada eta eligible countries, you would want to apply for an eta first to make sure your trip is as safe and adventurous as you have planned it to be!


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