Just because you suffer from anxiety, doesn’t mean you should let it stop you from doing the things you love. It might be difficult and take all your mental strength, but powering through and tackling your fears head-on will certainly help.

It’s recommended that planning ahead can help with your travel anxiety, so here you’ll find a list of helpful tips and simple advice to use while you’re on the road. Happy traveling!

1. Plan for the inevitable

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Often the fear of the unknown can be a real trigger when it comes to travel anxiety, so if you make sure you have the best travel insurance, you should take comfort from knowing that – if anything does go wrong – you’re fully covered. Check out UHC Safe Trip for the latest information and prices.

2.Plan your route and your itinerary

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Many travelers head to a new city or country and simply wing it – it happens all the time in the movies. It doesn’t seem very romantic or spontaneous to plan everything to the last detail. But if planning these things will certainly give you a lot more comfort, then you should do it.

Find out which neighborhoods are safe to walk in and which restaurants and areas are tourist-friendly. Find out the best way to get around the city and the easiest and quickest routes to all the tourist attractions you want to visit.

Remember that just because you’re working from an itinerary, doesn’t mean you have to cram everything in within a few hours or a certain time scale. You can still take your time and not be rushed.

3. Be smart with your packing

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Leaving your packing to the last minute? Queue stress! There’s nothing wrong with making lists of everything you need to take several weeks in advance of your travels. After all, if you’re going away for a while, you’re going to need quite a bit of stuff.

And forgetting something would be disappointing. Make lists for your clothes, footwear, personal items, electricals, travel documents, money, toiletries etc.

4. Learn to distract yourself


The tube or train might be fit to burst, or you might hit a pocket of turbulence whilst in the air – try not to panic or overthink. Easier said than done, I know. But distracting yourself with music, a funny movie or even a good book until the anxiety has passed will help. Remember, it won’t last forever.

5. Discover meditation and other anxiety-busting techniques

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Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you’re not open to learning new skills. Try a little meditation or even yoga in your hotel room, remember to breathe and concentrate on the positive sides to your trip (there will be many).

6. Reach out

If you’re worried about your stress and travel anxiety and don’t think self-help is the way, then it’s important to reach out to someone who might be able to help you. Whether that’s a friend or a family member, or even your GP. You don’t have to suffer in silence.


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