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As a solo traveler, keeping India on your itinerary list for solo female travellers is not a wrong decision given the fact that this country is a beautiful mix of vivid culture, colors, and awe-inspiring scenes. However, going to a whole new country without the knowledge of the place and things to guide you through the journey, you might be stuck with nowhere to go. This is especially true if you are are a female traveler who loves to venture solo.

So before you go and travel to this country, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind as you venture to your solo female travel in India.

1. Smile

You might have come across many guide books that tell you not to smile when looking at someone. While this might be true in some cases where you are being stared by local malefactors, keeping a mum face as you are on a trip might not always be the call. Your guide might say you that a smile might suggest that you are available for the men, but to clarify it, men would even assume a simple eye contact as the sign of a female being available. So there is no certain reason for you to keep a frowned face while you are trying to enjoy.

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2. Allow only group pictures to be taken

When the locals come up to you and say that they want to take pictures with you, you can safely participate in a group picture and feel like a celebrity. However, try not to be a part of individual pictures given the fact that a man’s mind works in mysterious ways and you might end up being called as his girlfriend to show off to his friends.

3. Learn how to ignore men staring at you

While the most you can do in this case is to try and ignore it. But make sure you do not give them any reason to gorge their eyes upon you. When it becomes a combination of staring, whispering, and laughing or you feel like you are being teased, it’s time to raise your voice. Although it might seem that they want to get physical with you in a sexual manner but it might turn out that they are just really curious.

4. Be prepared for the spicy food

India is a very big country with a lot of places to visit and doing all that in a time frame of few days might not be an achievable target. This is why you need to adapt yourself to the taste of the nation and get used to spicy food. If you happen to suffer from an issue ailing your stomach such as indigestion or acidity, you can always opt for Ocid medicine to control the situation.


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5. Create a scene for crazy situations

When in India, you most probably won’t come across any bad situation. However, you need to be prepared just in case. Whenever you feel like the situation in worsening and beyond control, you can start shouting or doing crazy things to attract the attention of the on-goers. This will help you control the issue. The eve-teasers won’t be a problem if you bring in a lot of attention. They might even leave given the embarrassing situation.

6. Prepare for period pain

Traveling long routes might lead to added pain during your menstrual cycles and this is something you need to deal with the help of Meftal Spas tablet and make sure your monthly cycles don’t ruin the fun of being the solo woman traveler.

7. Wear appropriate clothing

India is a country with vivid culture. In Mumbai, you might come across party animals and business-prone citizens, while in places like Haridwar or Varanasi, you might come across with religious faction. So make sure you know what to wear in different circumstances. When clubbing in Goa, wear anything you love. But apart from that make sure you gel well with the crowd without attracting a lot of attention.

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8. Make sure to arrange transport with your hotel in advance especially if you’re arriving late

India has online reservation system for guest houses and hotels. You can easily pick a guest house of your choice and book it by paying online or after you complete the duration of your stay. However, makes sure that the hotel provides services for pickup for late train or flight arrival. You wouldn’t want to get into a local transportation only to get lost in the way. Call the hotel manager or staff before you reach the place and confirm their arrival at the gate to pick you up. This makes sure that you safely reach your  guest house or hotel.

9. Indulge in the culture

Hire a local guide to help you know the place better from a regional perspective and ask him/her whether or not you can participate in the different cultural festivals in the country. For most of the cases, the people here are very nice and allow you to participate in their local rituals. If you manage to reach the country during Holi or Diwali, you will most definitely experience a beautiful celebration accomplished with music, amazing food, and lots of colorful clothes. You can even buy yourself a traditional dress like Saree or Salwar and flaunt it with style while participating in the Indian cultural festivals.

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10. Most of all have fun

Like every other country, India too is a mix of good and bad people. If you are lucky enough, you will come across a section of good people who will guide you during your journey. However, having some safety tips for your first solo female travel in India is a good preparation. Inda is a once-in-a-lifetime destination…Make friends, enjoy the trip, relax, and explore the different terrains of the country but do all that while taking care of yourself, especially your health. You can get some more tips on how to take care of your health while traveling to India at Your Health Support.


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  1. Thanks, Anirudh Singh for the awesome tips for female solo bloggers. I do experience a few of the incidents mentioned above and learned from them. I guess this is common in every part of the world 🙂


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