Neuschwanstein Castle one of the best castles in germany

From medieval fortresses to noble palaces all representing its rich history, Germany is a must-visit if only for its fascinating castles. Located in different parts of the country, a lot of these structures are steeped in history and legend, with some in partial ruins and a good number still owned by the original families. And some were converted as castle hotels in Germany. 

Most of Germany’s castles are perched on cliffs, hills or rocks, while some are hidden deep in forests, all with stunning views of surrounding areas. From the world-famous fairytale-like Neuschwanstein Castle to the Instagrammable Burg Eltz — here are some of the best castles in Germany that you must visit.

Map of Castles In Germany 


10 Best Castles in Germany 

1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle

The idyllic Neuschwanstein Castle was built in the 19th century, at a time castles were no longer important as a means of defense and protection. This castle was ordered to be built by the mysterious and shy Ludwig II, who wanted his own grand hideaway.

Neuschwanstein Castle is situated in the Bavarian Alps and has scenic views over the Hohenschwangau valley. This is one of the most visited castles in Europe and is also known as the Sleeping Beauty Castle or Disneyland Castle because this structure was said to have inspired Walt Disney.

Best visited with a guided tour, people flock to visit Neuschwanstein Castle not only for its famous animated film and theme park associations but also to know more about the recluse ‘fairy tale king’ who owned it and was its former resident. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Admission Fee

€13 per person (plus €2.50 for advance reservations). Admission is free for children under 18 but they still need a paper ticket so do include them when making reservations.

Contact Information

Address: Neuschwansteinstraße 20, 87645 Schwangau, Germany

Phone: +49 8362 93988-0

Email: [email protected]

2. Hohenschwangau Castle, Germany

Hohenschwangau Castle Germany

Located slightly south of Neuschwanstein, is the equally beautiful Hohenschwangau Castle. For a long time, it has been the residence of rulers before it came into ruin.

After some time, it was acquired by King Ludwig’s father, Maximilian II, in the 19th century. He rebuilt it into a Romantic Gothic castle that we see today, which was then a summer residence for his family.

It was where the shy Ludwig II grew up and it was said that the castle walls painted with Germanic historic legends sparked his interest in fairytales, eventually inspiring him to build Neuschwanstein.

With its ornate interiors and stunning location, combined with its fascinating history, Hohenschwangau Castle promises an inspiring and magical visit, whether you like fairytales or not. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday – 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Admission Fee

€13 per person (plus €2.50 for advance reservations). Admission is free for children under 18 but they still need a paper ticket so do include them when making reservations.

Contact Information

Address: Münchener Straße 2 87645 Schwangau Germany 

Phone:  +49 83 62 / 81 98 – 0

Email:[email protected] 

3. Burg Eltz Castle in Germany

Burg Eltz Germany

Located near the Moselle River between Koblenz and Trier is the fairytale-like Eltz Castle of Burg Eltz. This perfectly preserved rural fortress has been around for the past seven hundred years, and among the best castles to visit in Germany.

It is perched on a rock that’s 70 meters high, hidden in a small, wooded valley. Made entirely of stone and timber, this striking castle is cared for and owned by the Ektz family, who kept the castle in great condition over the past centuries.

Burg Eltz has retained much of its furnishings, as well gold and silver treasures and porcelain still intact. With its location deep in the forest, it’s literally a gem hidden in the woods. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday – 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Admission Fee

Adults – € 10.00
Adults in a group of more than 20 people*- each € 9.00
Students and disabled visitors- € 6.50
Students in school classes**  each -€ 6.00      
Family Ticket (2 adults, 2 children)  -€ 28.00

Contact Information

Address: Gräflich Eltz’sche  Kastellanei Burg Eltz Burg Eltz 1 56294 Wierschem, Germany

Phone: +49 2672 95050-0

Email: [email protected]

4. Heidelberg Castle in Germany

Heidelberg Castle Germany

Still one of the most visited castles in Germany despite being in partial ruins, Heidelberg Castle was built before 2214, then expanded to two structures in 1294. This Gothic masterpiece was then plundered, burned then struck by lightning twice over the past centuries since it was constructed.

The ruins still tower imposingly over the Neckar Valley, as it dominates the skyline and blends well with its forested location.

Heidelberg Castle is also a proud owner of the world’s biggest wine barrel, which is 23 feet high and 27 feet wide. Known as the Heidelberg Tun, this barrel is bigger than most apartments and can contain about 220,000 liters of wine.

Aside from the giant barrel, Heidelberg Castle’s courtyard offers scenic views, and the castle walls are adorned with unique sculptures.

Opening Hours

Courtyard: 8 am – 6 pm (last entry 5:30 pm)
Big Wine Barrel: 8 am – 6 pm (last entry 5:50 pm)
Pharmacy Museum:10 am – 5:30 pm (last entry 5:10 pm)

Admission Fee

Adults – €5,00

Reduced – €2,50

Family – €12,50

Audio Guide (in several languages) – € 5,00

Groups of 20 or more per person – € 4,60

Contact Information

Address: 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Phone:+49(0)62 21.65 888-0

Email: [email protected]

5. Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle Germany

Located in the heart of Baden-Württemberg is Hohenzollern Castle. For many centuries, this structure that sits on a steep cliff has been home to Swabian counts and princes, Prussian kings and German emperors.

The Hohenzollern Castle was built in the 14th century, in the midst of Lake Constance, the Black Forest, and Stuttgart, therefore giving it majestic views that stretch to 100 kilometers of the surrounding forest.

This castle has been destroyed and rebuilt a number of times over the past centuries, The Hohenzollern Castle that we see today was the result of the 19th-century reconstruction, in the English Neo-Gothic style.

Despite the numerous changes that took place, the castle is still home to much of its old royal treasurers which visitors can look at. The Hohenzollern Castle’s Treasure Chamber features knights’ armors, Fredrick the Great’s uniform, Queen Louise’ silver dress, the famous snuff-box that once saved Frederick the Great’s life and a Prussian royal crown decorated with diamonds and sapphire. 

Opening Hours

Monda to Sunday – 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Admission Fee

Admission per adult – €12,00

Reduced admission €10,00

Admission per child – €6,00

Family ticket €28,00

Contact Information

Address: Burg Hohenzollern 72379 Burg Hohenzollern

Phone: +49 7471 – 2428


6. Drachenburg Castle, Germany

Drachenburg Castle Germany

Drachenburg Castle stands on a wooded hill above the Rhine River and looks like an architectural mishmash of a medieval castle, a Gothic cathedral and even London’s Big Ben. Its name means ‘Dragon’s Castle’ as there’s an old tale about a hero that slayed dragons on that hill.

This castle was originally built as a private villa and had a long, strange history since with regards to how it was used. For one, its owner who ordered its construction never got to live in it. It became a summer resort, a Christian Boys’ school, and chapel before it was partially destroyed by the second world war.

In the late 1940s, Drachenburg Castle was a training center before it was privately owned in the 1970s. Since then, a lot of work was done to preserve and restore the castle. Now fully restored and brilliantly preserved, Drachenburg Castle is visited by many and among Germany’s best castles. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday – 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Admission Fee

Adults: 7 Euro

Kids/Discount (student, elderly, disabled): 5 Euro

Family Ticket: 17 Euro

Contact Information

Address: Schloß Drachenburg, Drachenfelsstraße 118,53639 Königswinter, Germany

Phone: +49 2223 901970

7. Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

Lichtenstein Castle Germany

The charming Lichtenstein Castle is located just an hour’s drive on the south of Stuttgart, which has scenic views of the Echaz Valley and Swabian Alps. The construction of the castle was said to have been inspired by Wilhelm Hauff’s romantic novel Lichtenstein.

It was Count Wilhelm of Württemberg, Duke of Urach who ordered for the castle to be built, right on the foundation of a medieval knight’s castle.

Regarded as one of the best castles to see in Germany, the Neo-Gothic Lichtenstein Castle is said to be a perfect homage to the middle ages. It is open to the public for visits and aside from the castle itself, Lichtenstein castle also has a cafe called the Old Forester’s Lodge and a rope course in the castle grounds that’s an ingenious and fun way to explore it. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday – 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Admission Fee

Castle Courtyard 
Adults: 2 €
Children: 1 €

Basic Guided Tour
Duration: ca 30 min.
Children: 3,50 €
Adults: 8 €
Reduced: 7 € 
Groups with a minimum of 20 paying participants: 7 €

Contact Information

Address: Schloss Lichtenstein 172805 Lichtenstein, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)7129 41 02


8. Reichsburg Castle (Cochem Castle)

Reichsburg Castle (Cochem Castle)

Also called Cochem Castle or Reichsburg Cochem, this structure stands 300 feet above the picturesque town of Cochem and has amazing views of the Moselle River. It was believed to have been built around the 1100s before French King Louis XIV destroyed it in 1689.

For 180 years, the former castle was left in stone ruins before wealthy Berlin businessman Louis Ravené bought the ruins and rebuilt the castle in 1868. However, Ravené didn’t retain the castle’s old Romanesque style and instead made it into a Neo-Gothic castle that served as his family’s summer home.

Reichsburg Castle is one of the biggest in Germany, and it’s open for tours and visits. From the town, the steep walk up to the castle takes about 20 minutes and you can relax in the castle’s gardens free of charge before you start exploring. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Admission Fee

  • Adults: €6
  • Children (6-17): €3
  • Groups 12+: €5
  • Students: €5
  • Family Ticket (2 adults + children): €16

Contact Information

Address: Schloßstrasse 36

Phone:+49 2671 255

Email: [email protected]

9. Schwerin Castle, Germany

Schwerin Castle

Before it became stare-owned, the Schwerin Castle was home to grand dukes. It was built between 1847 and 1857 and is made up of various towers with golden domes and sparkling pinnacles.

The castle’s architecture is so well-admired that it was regarded as one of the most significant architectural creations of the romantic historicism era in Europe. Surrounded by lakes and forests, Schwerin Castle’s vast grounds features an orangery and one of the most impressive Baroque gardens in Northern Germany.

Inside the castle, you’ll find a museum that displays elegant ballrooms, ornate living rooms, a throne room, a gallery, china and silver, and a collection of hunting and parade weapons.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Admission Fee

€ 8,50, including photography permission
€ 6,50 for students, pupils, and groups from 10 persons

Contact Information

Address: Schwerin Castle Museum Lennéstraße 1 D- 19053 Schwerin

Phone: +49 385 5 925212

Email: [email protected]

10. Mespelbrunn Castle, Germany

Mespelbrunn Castle

The late medieval, early renaissance Mespelbrunn Castle is a moated structure constructed in a valley in Mespelbrunn. It is situated between Frankfurt and Würzburg, surrounded by hills as the castle rises over a pristine lake.

This charming castle that dates back to the 16th century has elegant red sandstone and stained glass windows, with centuries-old armors and spikes on display inside. The family of the Counts of Ingelheim own the castle and still live there.

They made sure that the castle remains as one of the best in Germany, and is open for visits. It’s just an hour away from Frankfurt but once there, it’s like being transported in another world or era as the Spessart Forest encloses the Mespelbrunn Castle.

Opening Hours

Open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed in the winters from approximately November to March depending on the year.

Admission Fee

  • Adults: €5
  • Children & Students (6-17): €2.50
  • Groups 25+: €4.60

Contact Information

Address: Schlossallee 2563875 Mespelbrunn, Bavaria, Germany

Phone: +49 6092 269

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