Kerby is a digital nomad working for foreign companies. We met in a hostel while both of us were travelling. Working remotely made it possible for him to travel around, while at the same time supporting his family. Right now, he’s travelling around South East Asia and enjoying what life has to offer in Vietnam. So let’s get to know him!

When did you discover your love for travelling?

When I was in elementary, I was in the boy scout and I got chosen as a representative for competitions sometimes. The most vivid memories that I have of those times is my excitement in packing my things. I remember that I always do the packing myself and how thrilled I am in doing it. I also like the feeling of sitting in a bus and watching the passing trees, houses, and birds outside. I love watching the disturbed waves from the moving ship and the moving clouds and cars from the window of the plane. More than that, since I’ve always been an extrovert even as a kid, I find great joy in making and chatting up with new found friends.

Who influenced you to become a traveller?

I don’t think there’s a particular person who have influenced me to travel. But I think in terms of exploring things and getting out from my comfort zone, that person is my cousin, Daphne.

Kerby in Tam Coc, Vietnam.

What are the usual problems that you encounter as a Travelling Pinoy?

Sometimes when I’m traveling in a foreign country I meet western travelers and I realize that, it’s hard to keep up with the experience of the Western traveler. I came from a humble town so their background is so different from mine.

Oh come on! I hope the Philippine passport is as powerful as Germany or UK passport!

What Filipino traits help(ed) you in your travels?

I think the best thing about being a Filipino is that we don’t take a problem as a problem. We just laugh and try to enjoy the simple and little things life offers. Along my trips I face a lot of challenges but I just brush it off! I just say “Bahala na si Batman”

Greatest lesson that you learned from travelling?

Gosh! I have learned a lot! But one of my greatest lesson so far would be – Decide what is best for you! Traveling will give you many options – time to depart, airline, hostel, beer, food, and those tempting sex and drugs, etc. etc. But in the end, you have to choose what is best for you. It maybe not always be the good thing, but choose the option that will make you a better version of yourself.

Being a digital nomad can afford him to work in beautiful places like this beach!

As a Pinoy traveller, how do you promote Philippines to other travellers?

I have an IG account and many of my pics there are from the Philippines. Though I only have 500+ followers. And also word of mouth of course. One of the prevailing issues in the Philippines is safety and I will just say, our country is generally safe. My foreign traveler-friends are travelling around the Philippines and they are really good now. Philippines is a beautiful country! But more than that, they would love the Filipinos as we are a genuinely friendly and happy people, plus we speak good English.

Filipino blogger/s that you look up to?

Sorry, but none 🙂 (ed: not even me? chos!)

Bonus question: What is the travel sound track of your life?

It really depends on my mood, but if I want to feel happy and energetic while traveling, I listen Reggae and Latin Pop music. My favorites are songs are One Day and Boombastic.

You can follow his nomadic lifestyle through his Instagram.

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