Meet our Travelling Pinoy Of The Week – Darlene “Dada” Madrid.

I first met Dada online through a Facebook Group. She sent me a friend request and from then on, we talk constantly (probably all the time 😉 ). She’s the blogger behind Point and Shoot + Wanderlust where she writes her travels, misadventures and foodscapades. She left her corporate job to become a freelancer so she could pursue her love for travels and adventures. Right now, she’s an expat in Doha, Qatar where she continuously inspires people to leave their comfort zone and follow their passion and dreams. So let’s get to know her!

Darlene in Doha, Qatar

When did you discover your love for travelling?

I don’t know exactly when I discovered my love for traveling. Because ever since I was young, I always remembered and enjoyed whenever my family travels. I also like the long travel time from my home to all my schools. That’s why I also chose a first job that involved fieldwork. Because I’m not a big fan of just staying in one office for the whole day. I was very lucky to have traveled around the Philippines in one of my later jobs for a big QSR company. And that’s how my love for travel got even bigger.

Who influenced you to become a traveller?

Although I used to be traveling for work, I still considered myself a novice that time. So when I met this guy traveling around the Philippines after quitting his work in Hawaii, I was astonished. It was then that I realized that it is possible to live a life of travel. Because of Kris, I got the courage to make my two month backpacking trip happen. And from there I realized that traveling slowly is more for me. That not having an itinerary sometimes lead to more exciting and richer experience.

What are the usual problems that you encounter as a Travelling Pinoy?

I didn’t really encounter much problems as a Pinoy traveller. But I did had a mishap with the Singapore immigration because I was a solo female traveler backpacking from Malaysia to Singapore. It was my first time in Singapore that time.

Much of the places I want to go to now have strict visa applications, so that is also one big challenge for a Travelling Pinoy.

What Filipino traits help(ed) you in your travels?

A lot of times it’s the being “kuripot” and knowing how to bargain/haggle. It helped me a lot especially when I traveled for two months in Southeast Asia. I managed to travel without a credit card and within the budget I set.

Greatest lesson that you learned from travelling?

That there’s always more to learn – about yourself, about the world, about little things. Everyday you learn something new. You just have to be open and curious to go beyond what is dictated by media and society.

Darlene in one of her trips in Indonesia

As a Pinoy traveller, how do you promote Philippines to other travellers?

Of course, by word-of-mouth to the travelers I meet along the way. And also through my blog and social media accounts.

Filipino blogger/s that you look up to?

The guys from The Poor Traveler, Gael of The Pinay Solo Backpacker, Trisha of PS Im on My Way and Ferdz of Ironwulfenroute.

Bonus question: What is the travel sound track of your life?

My travel playlist vary from time to time but these ones are the mainstays: I Lived by One Republic, Do or Die by Thirty Seconds to Mars, Put your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae, and Underneath This Sky by  Cameron Ernst.

You can follow her on her expat life and adventures through these channels: 

Blog Website: http://pointandshootwanderlust.com/
Instagram Account: @pointandshootwanderlust
Facebook Page: facebook.com/PointandShootWanderlust

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  1. Hi Christine,
    I love your post! Its Darlene experienced has burning me. My best friend has invited my to visit Poland and it was lovely done. I would to finish my list for Asia. Thanks a lot.

  2. Ooh, Slovenia has been one of those back of my mind places, but after this post and looking at these pictures, it’d moved up. I really want to go now!!! Beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the feature, love! I’m honored you chose me to be the first of this awesome series! More power to your amazing website! safe and happy travels! mwah


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