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There are several things to do in Sedona, Arizona. Famous for its red rocks and other stunning formations, scenic holing trails and some of the most spectacular views in the region, Sedona in Arizona is nature-loving traveler’s dream. Located two hours away from Phoenix, and three hours drive from Page, you can easily include it in your Arizona itinerary.

things to do in sedona arizona

Apart from its unique geography, there’s more to see in Sedona that speaks both of its fascinating cultures as well as representing its natural beauty.

If you’re headed this way at any time of the year, here’s a list of things to do in Sedona, Arizona.

10 Things To Do in Sedona, Arizona

1. Chapel of the Holy Cross

Holy Cross sedona

A stunning church that protruding from the red cliffs, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a definite must-see when you’re in Sedona.

This beauty was designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, a gifted sculptor who was architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s protégé. Overlooking the Verde Valley, one of the church’s unique features is the stained glass window that’s held together by a huge cross.

There are spectacular views of Sedona’s amazing rocky landscape from the Holy Cross, but a lot of tourists go here to enjoy the calm, serene atmosphere.

2. Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park

You can’t be in Sedona without seeing the red rocks, and it has to be at the official Red Rock State Park.

There may be lots of red rock formations all over but here is where you’ll see one of the state’s most recognizable landmarks — the Cathedral Rock.

This state park comprises 286-acres and offers unparalleled views of the more famous rock formations in the area. There’s also a picnic area by the Oak Creek, and hiking trails for every fitness level.

3. Vortex Sites

Vortex Sites

If you’re not even familiar with a vortex but want to see something different while in Sedona, then this is a must. A vortex is said to be a site of natural energy that supposedly gives either masculine, feminine, or neutral balancing healing.

To differentiate, it is said that feminine vortexes are perfect for meditation, while masculine vortexes are energizing. There is a theory that a unique kind of energy coming from the earth’s core swirls up and causes certain areas in Sedona to be a hotspot for intense healing.

Several Sedona trails are said to be vortex hikes, while intense energy spots are detected by the presence of twisted Juniper trees. It may seem too kooky but it’s quite fascinating, and people from all over the world even come to Sedona for these vortex sites.

Definitely a top point of interest in Sedona, wear comfortable clothes and put on those hiking shoes to go on this mystical Sedona experience.

4. Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

Take a break from red rocks and cathedrals and get to know Sedona’s arts and crafts scene with a visit to the Tlaquepaque (pronounced as Tel-AH-ki- PAH-ki) Arts and Crafts Village.

This is one of Sedona’s attractions, a one-of-a-kind shopping hub designed to look like a traditional Mexican village.

Check out the quirky art galleries, unique shops, some New Age shops that offer art and glassware as well as restaurants.

This is an ideal place to visit for souvenirs and trinkets to take back, have a meal and simply enjoy a stroll through its cobblestone streets or relax by the fountain. Items can be expensive but check out the local art and handmade items.

5. 7 sacred pools & Sedona’s most active sinkhole

7 sacred pools in sedona

Want a unique way to beat the summer heat or simply experience a different kind of water adventure? Head on to the scenic Soldier’s Pass, that not only offers amazing views of the red rocks but sone other interesting natural wonders.

On this 2.5 mile trail, you’ll see 3 natural arches, a set of 7 cascading sacred pools and an active sinkhole.

Stop by for a dip or just listen to the cascades, then continue your hike through more stunning scenery that changes from wide-open red rocks to a serene and shady hike as you continue through the Red Rock Secret Wilderness.

6. Trail With 13 Creeks

Trail With 13 Creeks

Set out early to ensure parking, grab some breakfast, and challenge yourself in this unique hiking adventure that takes you through 13 creeks. One of the most unique and enjoyable activities in Sedona is the West Fork hike, which is popular among tourists as one of the best hikes in Sedona.

The hike takes you through 13 challenging creeks that you must cross, a diverse plant life that’s uniquely Sedona, maybe even some fall foliage in between lush forested areas.

Situated in the Coconino National Forest and within the Oak Creek Canyon area, this hike stretches to over 3 miles but it’s mostly flat and the trail is scenic. The area is also mostly shaded because of the tall trees, a great escape from the usually hot Sedona summer.

7. Views from Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock

If it’s your first time in Sedona and wants to experience or see something that captures the area’s rugged beauty, the Cathedral Rock is a must. Known for its stunning scenery, it’s popular among tourists and often crowded.

It’s also quite a challenging (read: scary) climb and not advised for those who are not used to climbing or those afraid of heights.

However, there is an alternative trail that’s not crowded and won’t let you hang on to dear life as you make your way up. On the way up the Cathedral, you’d see the first fork and you just have to follow the Templeton trail.

This path doesn’t take you all the way up but it does offer magnificent views of the area, sans the crowds and the danger.

8. Sunset at Airport Mesa

Sunset at Airport Mesa

Sedona’s diverse landscape, with its rocks and mountains and canyons, seems like anywhere is a great place to view the sunset. However, there’s a particular place here that’s perfect for viewing the sunset and even capturing it on photos and that’s the Airport Mesa overlook.

Here, you get to experience the sunset over the red rocks, providing a stunning background to the play of colors as day turns to night. The sight is quite magical and romantic, and among the best things to see in Sedona whether you’re part of a couple or not.

This is one of the most memorable sights you’ll experience while in Sedona, that’s simple and inexpensive. It is also a great place to see the sunrise so if you’d rather do that, set out early and drive up here.

9. Black Cow’s Prickly Pear ice cream in Uptown

One of the best attractions in Sedona, the uptown area provides a variety of ways to treat yourself after hours of hiking and exploring. There are restaurants that serve comfort food, a fudge shop, frozen yogurt shops and a lot more but most will suggest a treat from the Black Cow Cafe.

This one is known for its homemade delights — apple pie and other baked goodies, specialty coffee drinks and homemade ice cream.

The ice cream is the best sellers especially among tourists, and despite the many flavors available, a must-try is the uniquely southwestern Prickly Pear.

This one is best served on Black Cow’s homemade waffle cone, a well-deserved treat after you’ve spent an hour exploring Sedona’s rugged nature parks.

10. See the red rocks dusted with snow at Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon

If only for this spectacular sight, Sedona is a fantastic place to be during winter. This is a rare sight so it has become one of the best things to see in Sedona for those visiting during the snowy months.

The area may be no stranger to snow but it melts so fast so you have to really plan and time your visit to capture this magical sight.

Immediately after a winter storm is the best time to go on a winter excursion in the Oak Creek Canyon to witness the cacti, creek, trees and red rocks dusted with snow, creating an enchanting winter paradise that you won’t encounter anywhere else.



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