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Some things play a crucial role in our life. From the very first birthday cake to the first solo trip, everything makes up as an essential part of our memory album. A place that should definitely be a part of your memories is Delaware. Decked with unique destinations like tour of DuPont mansions, weekend at the Rehoboth Beach, State Parks at Delaware and array of boutiques or outlets make this place an amazing destination to explore without getting bored. So here are the top 10 things to do in Delaware should you find yourself is this underrated US State. 

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1. Beat the heat with fun rides at water parks

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Delaware gets loaded with tourists every summer visiting the place for its beautiful and fun-filled water parks. These water parks are essential to complete your trip to this place paired with cool breeze. You can have fun in the top ranking water parks in Delaware that include Whitewater Mountain, Thunder Lagoon Water Park, and Jungle Jim’s Water Park to name a few. Jungle Jim’s ranks as the largest in the area with amazing rides and Wave Pool “Sprayground” which is the prime attraction of this water park when visiting Delaware with families and friends having amazing time relaxing in the cool water.

2. Indulge in an historical lesson at Hagley Museum and Library

If you want to see some actual architectural examples of the 19th century Delaware, then a visit to the Hagley Museum and Library is must. It is a fine example of the pre-modern cultural taste with some of the most famous collection of beautifully preserved antique cars. Apart from being the dream visit for a car enthusiast, this place also houses the original mills for gunpowder manufacturing along with extensive gardens. The library is primarily focused on the innovative style of American technology and business.

3. Spend some quality time at the beaches

Unlike the crowded beaches in big cities, Delaware has quiet and peaceful shores that are perfect for a quiet escapade into the arms of nature. Among the rumbling waves of the beautiful beaches, the most famous is without any doubt, the Rehoboth beach. With pleasant weather all year long, you can invest in fine dining along with boutique shopping at the streets close to the beaches. Not just that, Delaware brings to you an array of fun-filled water sports to indulge in.

4. Watch the wildlife at Brandywine zoo

Brandywine zoo is open for tourists all year long with a chance to see the wild life up close. It is situated in Wilmington with more than 150 animals thriving in the area. Apart from the usual zoo visit, Brandywine provides facilities such as classes that are kid-centered including Winter Day Camp, Zoo Kids, Art in the Park, and so on. When you visit this zoo, keep in mind that a look at the cute sloths with two toes along with Zhanna, the Amur Tiger is must.

5. Take a stroll through the Bellevue State Park

Delaware is well known for its beautiful state parks. Among them is the famous Bellevue State Park which is spread across to an area of 328 acres. This state park is one of the best things to do in Delaware as recommended by locals. The park comprises of an array of things to do that includes hiking trails, fitness track, tennis court, fishing pond which is packed with variety of fishes, etc. Take a horseback ride through the park, or opt for bike ride to see the beauty of the park up close. It is among the famous spots for family picnics, events, etc. To know more about the famous parks in Delaware, make sure you visit NerdsTravel.

6. Look through the exhibits at Delaware Art Museum

Delaware Art Museum houses the collection of exhibits comprising of urban landscapes, pieces from American artists, Pre-Raphaelite Art, and Howard Pyle’s native creations. All these exhibits, both temporary and permanent ones inspire rich creative energy among the visitors to look for their inner hidden artists.

7. Seek adventure at Funland

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Serving its guests for more than fifty years, this adventure park has been a source of entertainment for families, office colleagues, and friends looking for fun time together. The Funland houses more than 20 rides starting with the evergreen classic carousel ranging all the way to thrilling Superflip360. Funland is a place where there is something for everyone.

8. Indulge in Surf Fishing at Holts Landing State Park

Holts Landing State Park can effectively be described as a beautiful hidden gem that is as peaceful with large areas of grassy fields, beaches, forests, fields, as well as abundant wildlife. It is a perfect place for the folks looking for some crabbing or surf fishing. Apart from these unique activities, one can also indulge in fishing, cycling, hiking, horseback riding, camping, etc. This state park is a delight for photographers as well as bird watchers.

9. Take pictures at the Longwood Gardens

If you want to do a quick travel out of State, Longwood Gardens in Kenneth Square, PA is a quick drive from Wilmington, Delaware. It is only 12 miles and one of those must-do day trips from Delaware.  Longwood Gardens dominates the land once known to be the home of native tribe named Lenni Lenape. It was used as the farming land which has presently been modified as a picturesque garden with exquisite fountains along with peaceful paths for walking around. It is a popular spot for many locals who love to spend some time amidst the untouched beauty of nature. The Longwood Gardens offer an array of services that includes tours, lectures, classes, community events, etc all around the year. Apart from all these facilities, the garden is also famous for its spectacular musical show based on water fountain showcased during summers.

10. Take a ferry ride from Cape May-Lewes Ferry

If you are seeking a relaxing experience when surrounded by nothing but water, a ferry ride connecting New Jersey to Delaware is must. The ferry ride lets you see exotic seabirds, stunning lighthouses, picturesque harbors, and if you are lucky enough, you might even come across a family of dolphins. This ferry ride is perfect for the ones seeking a break from the tiring journey exploring the county on foot or with a car. Make sure you catch a seat in the upper deck to get a great view of the Delaware Bay.

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  1. You are right when you said that this state is ‘underrated’. It is amazing to see how much there is to do there. It seems there is something for everyone and you can stay busy in Delaware for some time. Thank you for sharing the info. I will definitely add this to places I hope to someday visit


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