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With Valentines Day coming in a few days, expect couples to find the most romantic destinations to bring bae. And what does that mean? Expect your newsfeed to be filled by hashtag #couplesgoal pictures, along with “follow me” Instagram shots, romantic dinners, and pictures of the flowers they have received along with 2 pages of letters stating how much they love their partner. The partner who is probably sitting beside them but they would rather express their love and gratitude over Facebook – even if bae doesn’t have a Facebook and most likely won’t see it.

So as my way of rebellion for the upcoming Valentines Day, I am focusing on destinations that single people can enjoy while others die of sweetness on Valentines Day. Because you see, single people can enjoy Valentine’s trip too! So pack your backpack and enjoy these destinations that are suitable for single travellers.

1. Sagada

Who can’t forget the eternal line from the movie That Thing Called Tadhana – “Where do broken hearts go?” The place is a well-known destination for solo travellers even before the movie hit the cinemas. Located in Cordilleras Mountains, Sagada immortalized the perfect getaway for travellers who want peace and quiet. From caves, falls, valleys, and mountains, Sagada has the perfect spots for you to contemplate why you’re still single or plan the demise of your pathetic ex.

Things To Do In Sagada

  • Hanging coffins of Echo Valley to learn more about the local culture.
  • Spelunking in Sumaguing Cave.
  • Swim at Bomod-ok Falls.
  • Kiltepan Viewpoint for sunrise.
  • Zipline in Kapay-aw Rice terraces.

How To Get To Sagada From Manila

Manila – Sagada direct route Take the Coda Lines bus that goes straight to Sagada from Cubao. The fare is for Php720 semi deluxe seat (with no toilet) and Php980 for a super deluxe seat (with toilet). The journey duration is about 11-12 hours.

Manila – Banaue – Sagada route – If you want to break down your trip and visit Banaue first, you can take the bus from Ohayami or Coda Lines that goes to Banaue. It’s an overnight trip for 9-10 hours. From Banaue, you can either take a van (Php300 one way) or rent a jeepney (about Php4000) that goes to Sagada straight. This will take another 3-4 hours journey. You can also take a van (Php150 each) that goes to Bontoc from Banaue and take another jeepney from Bontoc to Sagada. It costs about Php45-50 and will take another 45-60 minutes.

Manila – Baguio – Sagada route – Take any bus that goes to Baguio. It takes about 6-7 hours and cost between Php400-500 depending on the bus company. From Dangwa Station in Baguio, you can take the Lizardo bus that goes to Sagada for around Php220. Travel time is about 6 hours.

To book your bus tickets without a hassle, you can book your tickets online here.

2. Siargao

Siargao is a well-known surfing destination in the country. And what does that mean? Abs, darling. Abs. If that is not enough to come here as single, I don’t know what else can entice you.  Seriously speaking, although this article is too far from being serious, Siargao has lots of extreme activities to offer. From surfing in world-famous Cloud 9, stand up paddle boarding in Sugba Lagoon, to cliff jumping in Magkukuob cave, these activities are surely for those people who don’t need someone entangle with them all the time.

Things To Do In Siargao

  • Surf in Cloud 9.
  • Try stand up paddleboarding in Sugba Lagoon.
  • Island hopping in Guyam, Naked and Daku Islands.
  • Swim with stingless jellyfish in Tojoman Lagoon.
  • Swim with bioluminescent planktons in Hagukan cave.
  • Cliff jump in Magkukuob Cave.
  • Float in Magpupungko rock pool.

How To Get To Siargao From Manila

Via Plane – there are now direct daily flights that goes to Siargao via Skyjet and Cebu Pacific. To check for cheapest rates available, click here.

Via Ferry – If you live or you are going to Cebu first, you can take overnight ferry from Cebu City to Surigao. This takes about 10 hours. From Surigao, you can take a fast craft to Siargao that takes about 3 hours.

Ready to visit Siargao and don’t know where to stay? Here’s a list of top resorts in Siargao. 

3. La Union

solo traveller destinations
Visitors sunbathing in San Juan, La Union | Image by Dodong Flores | CCO

Elyu, as fondly called by millennials, is the ultimate destination of the party and surfing loving animals from Manila. It also has the laid-back environment for yoga and meditation addicts but without the romantic feels like the honeymoon destinations of Palawan and Boracay. A lot of people travel here solo because of the strong backpacking community vibe. And it isn’t what you need? A place that doesn’t remind you that romantic sunset by the beach is meant to be shared with 6-pack abs hottie. Instead, it’s best to share it with new found friends that you met through sharing that good o’le beer.

Things To Do In La Union

  • Surf up in San Juan beaches.
  • Visit Ma-Cho Taoist Temple.
  • Eat with gusto in numerous good restaurants and cafe in Urbiztondo.
  • Pick grapes in Bauang Grape Farm.
  • Check out the Luna’s Watch Tower.
  • Swim in Tangadan Falls.
  • Enjoy yoga by the beach.

How To Get To La Union From Manila

There are numerous selections of bus companies that go to La Union from Pasay or Cubao. Just take a bus bound for San Juan. You can also take buses that go to Vigan and Laoag. Just make sure to get off at Urbiztondo beach. Bus travel time takes between 6-7 hours and it might cost you around Php400 one way.

4. Siquijor

Siquijor is the little island province off Visayas that is known for mystical stories of black magic and witchcraft. And it can’t be more unromantic than that. Unless you have a totally different kink. But you do you, brother. My point is, if you are looking for romantic getaway, then look elsewhere. Because Siquijor might not entice honeymooners but it is surely magical on its own and there are lots of things to do in Siquijor that you can enjoy despite travelling solo. You can enjoy snorkelling, beach bumming and diving alone with this place without witnessing couples doing the cliche “follow me” instagram shots.

Things To Do In Siquijor

  • Cliff diving in Salagdoong beach.
  • Beach bum alone in Kagasuan and Paliton beaches.
  • Get your free fish spa in the century old Balete tree.
  • Dive and snorkel around numerous dive sites.
  • Witness the Witches Festival during Holy Week.

How To Get To Siquijor From Manila

From Manila you can take a flight bound for Dumaguete, and take a ferry from Dumaguete to Siquijor. Travel time is about 1-1.5 hours. Fare is between Php230-Php360 depending on the fare class. There are also ferries from Cebu and Tagbilaran but the ferries still do a stop over in Dumaguete.

Can't get enough of Visayas? Here's a 2-week Philippines itinerary
around Visayas region.

5. Masbate

solo traveller destinations
Palani Beach, Masbate | Image by write4acause | CCO

This off-the-beaten and one of the upcoming destinations in the Philippines is becoming popular with white beaches and panoramic sandbars. And if you feel all alone, you can mingle and take selfies with turtles in Sombrero Island or do the “follow me” instagram shot with manta rays in Ticao. Just make sure, it’s the manta rays that’s following you and not the other way around!

And if the ocean adventure is not enough, you can also unleash your inner cowgirl or cowboy through the Rodeo festival in Masbate City. Because sometimes kabayo is better than bebe ko.

Things To Do In Masbate

  • Diving and snorkeling in Sombrero and Ticao Islands.
  • Visit and be amazed of the beauty of Catandayagan Falls.
  • Enjoy the rock formations in Burubancaso.
  • Take instagram shot of Buntod Marine Sanctuary sanctuary.
  • Roll in the rolling hills and ranches.
  • Relax in Halea Natural Park.
  • And join the Rodeo Festival.

How To Get To Masbate From Manila

There’s a daily flight from Manila to Masbate. Philippine Airlines have daily flights while Cebu Pacific flies four times a week to Masbate. To check for cheapest rates available, click here. There’s also a RoRo bus that goes to Masbate from Cubao. The bus will be carried from Pilar, Sorsogon to Masbate City.

So I hope you enjoy this list and believe it or not, there are advantages in travelling solo! And remember, from the wise words of eternal single travellers, “Catch flights, not feelings!”

single traveller destinations


  1. This is a great list! And I love your photos! They inspire other people to travel and it invites them to visit the places. Although it would be fulfilling to travel alone, it is more fun to go on a trip with friends.


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