Getting paid while traveling is surely every traveler’s dream. If you are still searching for your dream travel job where you also slowly tick off every city in the world, this guide is perfect for you!

Here are 100 best travel jobs to fulfill your wanderlust.

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Best Travel Jobs in the Hospitality and Travel Industry

  1. Au Pair

Au Pair is a type of travel job where you live together with your host family to do light household chores. It typically involves taking care of the children and cleaning the house. A weekly allowance, board, and the room is also part of the compensation. The duration of an Au Pair’s stay in a certain host also differs in every country. It can be from 6 months to 24 months. Until then, the Au Pair cannot look for another host family.

Potential Income

Between $400-$1000 a month depending on the country.


There are a lot of Au Pair agencies worldwide. Some of these companies are:

  1. Online Reservation and Sales

Online Reservation and Sales is also a popular remote job that allows you to earn while traveling. It is similar to working as a customer service representative because the main task involves assessing the customer’s needs and providing a solution to their problems. However, depending on the company you are working for, the nature of the tasks differ such as booking a certain equipment, getting a cruise line reservation, and etc.

Potential Income

Up to $13 per hour.


Companies like Hyatt, Ovation Travel Group, Travel Leaders Group, Two Roads Hospitality, and many travel agencies are actively hiring remote Reservation agents.

  1. Corporate Travel Counselor

As a Travel Counselor, your responsibility is to help plan an accurate and cost-efficient travel for your clients. This job does not necessarily require a high educational degree since most companies only require at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent. However, applicants with experience and formal training in the field are usually preferred.

Potential Income

Between $16,500 to $148,500.


Giant companies like American Express, BCD Travel, Pana, World Travel Holdings, Travel Leaders Corporate, and Rollinglobe are hiring remote Travel Counselors.

  1. Virtual Concierge

This work from home job requires you to step up your customer service skills where your responsibilities could include arranging bookings, reconfirming airline tickets, assist in arranging the guest’s restaurant reservations, assist in salon and spa appointments, and many more.

Potential Income

Between $12 to $16 per hour.


Typically, a virtual concierge works for multiple companies. Here are some that you can start with: Marriott, Sodexo, and LIVunLtd. Aspire Lifestyles, formerly VIPdesk.

  1. Family Travel Advisor

While there are Corporate Travel Advisors, there are also Family Travel Advisors to assist families in their dream vacation. This job helps families plan and avail travel services. One of the most important qualifications is an international and/or luxury travel experience.

Potential Income

$16,500 to $148,500.


Huge companies like BCD Travel are also hiring Family Travel Advisors.

  1. At Home Customer Service

An At Home Customer Service (Virtual Customer Service Representative) is the point of contact of the customers for any inquiries related to the company’s product and services. As a CSR, you provide solutions and suggestions to the customers. Speaking a second language is also a plus to some.

Potential Income

$8 to $15 per hour.


Convergys and eBay are two huge companies that are hiring work at home Customer Service Representatives.

  1. Sales Agent

A Sales Agent or Sales Representative is also a hot pancake for those who are looking for a location independent job. The main responsibility of this job is to sell products and services to multiple clients. You must know how to identify prospective customers, advertise the products, negotiate the terms, and follow up with the client. In order to become qualified for this position, you must have an excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.

Potential Income

Up to $57,000


On top of the list, Convergys is actively hiring Sales Agents as well as James Hardie, Honeywell, and Nestle Nutrition.

  1. Work At Home Field Recruiter

A Work at Home Field Recruiter is responsible for the acquisition of new staff of the company. You must be able to identify potential candidates out of the large pool of talents, conduct phone interviews, and evaluate candidates for employment. A bachelor’s degree in Business or Human Resources is required in this role. An experience in Talent Acquisition and Hospitality can also be considered.

Potential Income

Up to $74,000 per year for full time


MasterCrop is looking for Bilingual Work from Home Field Recruiters. Thermo Fisher also hires Recruiters with 15% chance of traveling. If you have more experience, DG Top Truck Transport is looking for Senior Virtual Recruiters to join their growing company.

  1. Worldwide Business Travel Sales Manager

If you are proficient in a spreadsheet and word-processing software, has an incredible management skill, and can negotiate, this job is perfect for you. Your main responsibility is to maintain relationships with the company to maximize revenue and market shares. Generating reports and data analysis should also be your forte.

Potential Income

An average of $55,000 per year, and it gives you the chance to travel 25% of the time.


Omni Hotel, Pyramid Hotel Group, and HEI Hotels and Resorts are looking for the best talents in this field.

  1. Virtual Team Leader, Travel and Lifestyle Department

Some companies are also hiring virtual team leaders to coach a team of Travel Consultants. This job requires a related experience in Travel and Hospitality field, creativity in solving problems, the ability to manage a team under pressure, and has a strong verbal and written communication skills.

Potential Income

An average of $50,000 annually.


If interested, American Express and ADTRAV Travel Management are hiring this position.

  1. Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is one of the top travelling jobs in the world. Nothing beats the luxury of flying while earning money. Before becoming a full-time Flight Attendant, the candidate must complete the required training courses.

Potential Income

$39,000 to $48,000.


Many huge airline companies are looking for Flight Attendants around the world. Emirates, Air Asia, Ryan Air, and Turkish Airlines are just a few of them.

  1. Bartending

Stepping up your bartending skills can land you a job anywhere you travel to most especially if you have a bartending certificate and years of experience.

Potential Income

$10 to $20 per hour. If you’re lucky to be in a tipping country, you can expect to earn more.


You can ask small local bars in your area if they have openings for bartenders. You can also check out this listing.

  1. Cruise Ship Staff/Crew

Similar to a flight attendant, a cruise ship crew is also one of those luxurious jobs that allows you to travel 100% of the time. An applicant usually needs to have a bachelor’s degree in order to join the crew. Some experience in hospitality is also a plus point.

Potential Income

Between $1,800 to $5,000 per month depending on job position and company.


The Disney Cruise Line is one of the biggest hiring company in this job. The Norwegian Cruise Line and Viking Cruises are also a good choice. Check out some companies here.

  1. House-sitting

If you want some side jobs to help you earn a little bit of income while you travel, house sitting is one of the most popular jobs. Your responsibility involves some house chores including some yard jobs and pet sitting.

Potential Income

$1,500 per month depending on the household.


You can find house sitting jobs in:

  1. Waiter

Pretty similar to a Bartender, a Waiter is also a popular job for travelers. There are a lot of restaurants that hire English-speaking waiters. Experience is not necessary but will give a boost to the applicant. In average, a waiter works 10 to 40 hours a week.

Potential Income

Between $5 to $40 per hour depending on the country and tips.

To apply, you can ask around the neighborhood for any vacancies or you can also start searching through these sites:

  1. Tour Guide

A Tour Guide is also a fun job that is perfect for jet-setters out there. It also does not always require a certain level of experience unless you’re leading dangerous tours. If experience is required, you can also work as an assistant tour guide first.

Potential Income

Between $10 to $20 per hour. You can earn more if your tour company accepts tips.

  1. Pet Daycare

This is one of the most interesting jobs for travelers and pet lovers at the same time. A Pet Daycare is similar to babysitting but for animals (mostly dogs). Pet sitters normally work in the pet owner’s house where the animals get taken care of while the owner is away. If you need extra cash while traveling, you can check out some flyers and postings in the neighborhood to see any pet-sitting opportunities.

Potential Income

$40 or more per week. A license for pet-sitters is also required in some countries.

  1. Chef

Being a Professional Chef can also give you traveling perks. Most of the time, simply walking into the restaurant can land you the job. All you need are the skills, the degree, and of course, some certification like the Food Safety and Sanitation.

Potential Income

The rate varies per country but on average, a Chef can earn between $10 to $50 per hour.


Although you can just walk-in and ask for vacancies in some hotel, you can also check out some job postings here:

  1. Airline Pilot

Aside from being a Flight Attendant, an Airline Pilot is one of the most obvious jobs that will surely let you travel. Flying from one country to another, an Airline Pilot needs to have a Bachelor’s degree, training in aviation school, and most importantly, a pilot’s license.

Potential Income

Between $112,657 to $146,834 per year.


Huge airlines like Emirates, Ryan Air, Air France, Delta Airlines, and Virgin America are just a few of them that are actively hiring airline pilots. You can also look for opportunities from this site.

  1. Travel Coach

A Travel Coach has a flexible schedule. This means you can travel all you want while coaching someone. This is usually how digital nomads earn for a living. Your client simply has to schedule a coaching session online and all you have to do is be online at the specified schedule. Coaching on making the perfect itinerary or applying for a visa usually only takes one to two hours per session.

Potential Income

Rates vary per coach. Popular travel personalities usually charge around $50 per hour.

  1. Yacht Crew

Depending on the size of the yacht, a Yacht Crew is a very lucrative job that can also fulfill your dream to travel. A yacht needs manpower from stewardess to captains, chefs, and engineers so definitely there’s plenty of opportunities for you to fill.

Potential Income

A large vessel can help you earn up to $90,000 per year. This falls to a monthly salary of around $5,200 to $8,000.


SuperCrew, Crew Pacific, Viking Recruitment Limited, Luxury Yacht Group, and Elite Crew International are some agencies hiring yacht crew. You can find available yacht crewing positions here.

  1. Hostel Owner

A hostel owner also has some travel perks that you didn’t think will be possible. A big-time Hostel Owner can open branches in other places which can give him more reasons to travel. Also isn’t it fun to swap travel stories with your guests?

The potential income of a hostel owner really depends on a lot of factors. However, one thing is certain that running your own hostel in a suitable location is a high-paying investment.

  1. Event Coordinator

Event Coordinators travel wherever the events are held. They meet with clients to discuss event details from scouting locations to staffing and cleaning up. This job is perfect for those who are creative, outgoing, and who loves to travel at the same time.

Potential Income

Between $23,000 to $43,000.

  1. Deliver Boats

If you love sailing and you are sailing to travel, you can actually earn money by delivering boats and sailing someone else’s boat. Who knows you might be sailing luxury boats for both pleasure and work? However, you will need a sailing certification and a captain’s license to get the job.

Potential Income

$2 per kilometer on average


You can find listings on the following sites:

  1. Deliver Cars

Aside from delivering boats, you can also deliver cars while on the road. A lot of huge car rental companies pay people to pick up these cars from where their customers dropped them and drive it back to their office. Most of these companies hire full-time employees but there are also some who accepts freelancers.

Potential Income

$25 per hour


If you are in the US, you can find listings in this site, AutoDriveAway. You can also checkout DAS Auto Shippers for other listings.

Top travel jobs in the Medical Industry

  1. Sports Psychologist

Sports Psychologists help clients meet their health goals and usually, sports psychologists meet and coach clients over the phone or on Skype. Even evaluating and monitoring their client’s progress does not necessarily have to be face to face so a Sports Psychologist has the power to work remotely and travel.

Potential Income

Between $60,000 to $80,000.


You might want to check out UNC Charlotte which is looking for Sports Psychologists.

  1. Travelling Nurse

Medical professionals are also in demand all around the world. If you have the heart to serve and the eye for travel, being a traveling nurse is for you. While some do it as a volunteer, getting paid for your service is not a bad idea too.

Potential Income

Up to $125,000 annually.


Geneva Health is one of the leading companies providing work opportunities in New Zealand, UK, Australia, etc.

  1. Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Aside from being a traveling nurse, you can also work in the medical field and still travel at the same time. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives meet doctors in different cities/ places to sell their products.

Potential Income

Up to $131,200 a year


Pfizer is one of the leading companies hiring these type of sales representatives and it also promises an attractive salary.

Travel jobs in the IT or Tech Industry

Digital Marketer

  1. Freelance Web Designer

If you have skills in graphic designing and a little bit of computer programming, web designing is the perfect job for you. It is also a high-paying IT job most especially if you work in a big company. However, if you want to have more time to travel, being a freelance web designer also pays high.

Potential Income

Up to $50 per hour.


To land a job, there are various websites like 99designs and Crowdsite that can help you get started.

  1. Freelance Web Developer

There might a thin line between a web designer and a web developer but in actual, a web developer works on the website’s backend functionality. Being a freelance web developer will also give you the freedom to travel while having the capacity to finance yourself.

Potential Income

Between $51,300 to $76,000


Upwork is an online platform where you can look for clients in need of your services.

  1. Search Engine Evaluator

One of the most popular online jobs, a search engine evaluator evaluate search results based on its relevance to the keyword or search term. There are a lot of companies hiring SEOs but the best companies out there are the ones where you can set your own schedule and your own workload.

Potential Income

Between $10-$15 per hour for starters with an average commitment of 20 to 40 hours a week.


Appen is a very promising company hiring SEOs. Check them out here.

  1. Application Developer

An Application Developer develops an application and sells it in the market like Google Play or AppStore. This is an interesting job because it pays well and a lot of software companies are now allowing “remote” workers to work for them. If not, you can also start your freelancing journey which gives you more travel time.

Potential Income

Up to $66,000 annually.

  1. Webmaster

Maintaining websites, generating web pages, monitoring sites traffic, and configuring web servers are some of the main roles of a Webmaster. Similar to other IT jobs, you can work as a remote employee or a freelance employee.

Potential Income

The average salary of a Webmaster in the US is $74,900 and could go higher than $85,000.


Some companies hiring Webmasters are:

  1. Data Entry

This easy task can help you earn extra income while traveling. The task simply asks you to enter data to a computer and it does not strictly require previous experience as long as you have a stable internet connection and a fast typing speed.

Potential Income

Up to $30,000.


Interested? You can find a lot of Data Entry jobs here.

  1. Testing/ Giving Online Feedback

If you are a tech-savvy person, you can also try giving online feedbacks of different applications. You simply have to use the application or site, test it, and then give your feedback to the client. There are a lot of sites out there where you just have to sign up for free and apply. Not everyone can also test a certain project since there are requirements like “for iOS users only” or “for Android users only”.

Potential Income

$3-10 per test


You can check sites like:

  1. Transcribing

One of the most popular remote jobs that offer flexible time for travelers, Transcribing requires fast typing skills and excellent grammar. A qualification test is required before getting hired for the job.

Potential Income

Up to $20 per hour


Focus Forward and Rev hire work from home transcribers.

  1. Social Media Manager

Are you a pro in social media? Then you can help other brands grow their own. As a social media manager, you manage (grow and maintain) other accounts. There are a lot of brands and clients who are willing to pay more for this kind of service.

Potential Income

Between $500- 5,000 per month


You can start by joining Facebook groups and pitching to clients who are looking for social media managers. You can also contact companies directly and offer your services and rates. You can also check the following social media marketing agencies:

Travel jobs in Sales and Marketing Industry

  1. Digital Marketer

If you want to become a Digital Marketer, you can find a lot of resources online to train you to become one. Growth Hub, for example, is a great online community to start with. The good thing about being a Digital Marketer is that it can be location dependent so you don’t have to worry about relaxing in a beach in Bali while still earning tons of bucks.

Potential Income

For starters, the average income starts with $1,500 and could go higher to $100,000 per month for the more experienced ones.


A lot of companies are using digital marketing. Few of them killing the digital marketing strategy are Airbnb, Slack, The Wirecutter, and Zappos so you might want to keep an eye on them.

  1. Affiliate Marketer

This is not really a fulltime job but it can still help you earn from the sides. The best part of being an affiliate marketer is that you don’t have to spend a lot of hours on it. Simply post a link of the product/site and wait for your network to purchase so you can earn a commission.

Potential Income

$500 to $10,000 per month. Usually, bloggers with a large following are earning well in Affiliate Marketing.


Large online shops like Amazon are offering opportunities for Affiliate Marketers. Shareasale and Awin are also nice to check out.

  1. Party Promoter

Party Promoters, just like Event Coordinators, also go where the parties are. So if you are a party animal who loves to travel, this job is perfect for you.

Potential Income

Up to $33,000 per year


You can apply to companies like YouTube and Live Nation Entertainment to promote their events/parties.

  1. Create and Sell T-Shirts

You can actually create your own shirt designs, print them, and sell it online. You can do this while enjoying a month-long trip in Peru. You can also sell these shirts to local street vendors or to your hostel. The cooler the design you make, the more will be interested to buy it. If you are a popular public figure, selling t-shirts with your brand will surely attract your followers.

Potential Income

$15 or more (profit per shirt)


You can sell your shirts on the following sites:

  1. Retail Buyer

If you like to shop and travel, you can also work as a Retail Buyer. Retail Buyers travel to trade shows, meet wholesalers, and visit retail stores all across the globe.

Potential Income

$40,000- 50,000 per year

  1. Sell Imported Goods

You can also splurge on shopping imported goods while you’re out of the country and sell them back home. This can be for any items from coffee to perfumes, etc. This is a good idea to earn a bit from your trips. You can also set up a garage sale for all the items you bought or you can sell them online.

Potential Income

Up to $1,000 per shipment

  1. Drop Shipping/ Private Labelling

This is what other travelers are doing. They travel and buy imported goods for manufacturers abroad, rebrand the item, and resell it online.

Potential Income

Up to $100,000 per year


Amazon is a great online platform to partner up with this type of business because they offer the “Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)” service which does not require you an actual storefront location. Your products will be stocked at Amazon fulfillment centers all over the world.

Travel jobs in Financial Industry

  1. Revenue Manager

If you have an eye for money management, you can work as a Revenue Manager and still travel. You will have to manage stuff like guest room inventory, analyze hotel performance, and recommend strategies for improvement.

Potential Income

Between $77,000 to $114,000 in a year.


Marriott, Hilton, Salesforce, and National Review, Inc are some of the companies that are hiring this position.

  1. Auditor

Traveling Auditors, although not a very popular travel job, still have a chance to travel as part of their role. Although most of their task is to prepare and examine financial documents, traveling auditors also conduct audits in distant locations thus giving them more time to go from one place to another. To be one, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree.

Potential Income

Around $34,000 per year.


 The following companies are hiring Traveling Auditors:

  1. Online Bookkeeper

You, too, can get value with your love for numbers! Online bookkeepers are also a thing now that work at home opportunities are getting more diverse. If you want to get started, you can work with a bookkeeping services company that acts as the middleman or work directly from a company. You can also use online platforms like Upwork to find freelance jobs.

Potential Income

Between $17,500 to $56,000 per year (entry-level)


You can find job opportunities from these sites:

  1. Real Estate Investor

Investing in private real estate through Fundrise is also a good idea to earn a little while you travel. The payout comes in quarterly which you get from the interest payments and property income of these properties you’re investing on.

Potential Income

Up to $1000 per month


If Fundrise is not available in your region, you can also talk to your local investment bankers.

  1. Stock Market Trader

This one is definitely not for everyone. If you don’t know how to gamble, you better skip this option or else you will only end up losing your hard-earned money. It may sound surprising but there are other travelers who are supporting themselves from stock trading.

Potential Income

Up to $3,500 per month (skilled and experienced trader)

Travel jobs in the Teaching Industry

  1. Corporate Trainer

A Corporate Trainer is responsible for teaching new skills and knowledge to the employees through various seminars, lectures, and activities. With this role, a typical day of a corporate trainer involves traveling to the venues of the training. Working in a huge company will give you more chances of inter-branch training thus more traveling.

Potential Income

The annual average salary of a Corporate Trainer is $46,000.


Some of the top companies specializing in corporate training are:

  1. Online Teacher/ Tutor

Online Tutors teach their specialties through various platforms like Skype. With this type of job, you can work as much or as little as you want which will give you the flexibility to earn while traveling.

Potential Income

Between $5 to $30 an hour.


Sites like Italki, TutorMe, and Cambly are few of the best online learning sites that you can work with.

  1. Teaching a Language

Teaching a language is also a different specialty. The most popular language to teach is English- most especially when you are traveling to non-English speaking countries. You can work in language schools in the area or you can also work online. In some companies, language proficiency certifications like TOEFL and IELTS are required to get hired.

Potential Income

Teaching online can pay you up to $30/hour while working as an English teacher abroad varies per destination.


These are some great companies to work online:

  1. Ski Instructor

If you have the skills and expertise, you can also work in ski resorts as a ski instructor. You can find opportunities like this when traveling to snowy countries like Canada, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Potential Income

An average of $15 per hour.


To apply, simply go to ski resorts in the area and ask for any vacancies.

  1. Kitesurfing Instructor

Not the most common travel job but kitesurfing is a great attraction in every tourist spot. If you have the expertise, you can also teach kitesurfing in beaches when traveling from one country to another.  This specialized job makes it very easy to get since not everyone has the skills.

Potential Income

Up to $45 per hour.


Kitesurfing shops in beaches are most likely looking for instructors. You can also look in KiteSurfAtlas for job postings online.

  1. Kayak Instructor

A Kayak Instructor requires First Aid, CPR, and Kayak Training certificates and is in-demand in various outdoor adventure companies abroad most especially in South Africa, one of the most popular kayaking destinations.

Potential Income

Between $10-40 per hour.


You can refer to this site for vacancies from US National Whitewater Center and many others.

  1. Dive Instructor

Dive Instructors are also popular among travelers who have a PADI Dive Instructor License. There are a lot of diving centers and shops all around the world that is looking for native English speakers with a divers license.

Potential Income

Between $10-15 per hour.


PADI, the world’s largest diver training organization also post job vacancies in their site that you might want to check.

  1. Surf Instructor

If catching waves is your strength, being a surf instructor is the best choice you have when traveling to popular surfing destinations like Hawaii, Bali, Mexico, and South Africa. This will also require basic certifications like Life Guard certificate, CPR certificate, and Surf Instructor certificate.

Potential Income

Between $10-$50 per hour


You can land the job in surf shops, hotels, and beaches from the countries mentioned above.

  1. Yoga Instructor

A yoga instructor is also another high-paying travel job. You can teach online by setting up a YouTube and Patreon account or by applying as an instructor in yoga hubs all across the globe.

Potential Income

An established online yoga instructor can earn as much as $1000 per month.

  1. Online Fitness Instructor

Similar to a yoga instructor, as an online fitness instructor, you can also make videos about fitness tips and workout routines on YouTube and other online platforms. With the proper marketing strategy, you will surely boost your audience and earn thousands of dollars a month by monetizing your content.

Potential Income

Up to $1000 a month (at most).

Travel jobs in the Arts and Recreation Industry

Street Musician

  1. Jewelry Maker

Being a Jewelry Maker can help you earn even when traveling. You simply have to make your pieces, post them online, and wait for orders to come. This is a good sideline job if jewelry making is your hobby. You can also bring your products while you travel and sell them in the streets.

Potential Income

Depends on the quality and price of your products


You can sell them to street vendors, get your own street stall, or sell them in Amazon or eBay.

  1. Street Magician

You can also work as a street magician as a sideline while on the road. If you have impressive skills, why not give it a try and see if you can trick passersby to pull some bucks from their wallet? Being a popular magician could also earn you a traveling show from country to country.

Potential Income

Up to $50,000 per year. (source)

  1. Street Musician

If playing musical instruments is your forte, you can also impress passerby as a street musician. A lot of travelers are doing this to earn extra income while traveling. The most popular destinations where you can usually see street musicians are park and subways where there are a lot of people passing by.

Potential Income

Up to $23 per hour

  1. Stagehand

Theatrical plays also need an extra hand. If you’re willing, you can also work as a stagehand to help set up props and move things around the stage. This type of job is usually contractual with contracts that last up to 6 months. During this time, you can travel with the production team to every show.

Potential Income

Up to $9 per hour


You can work for companies like LA Philharmonic, Fox TV Station, and Live Nation.

  1. Film and TV show bit player

You can earn as bit player too! Movies and TV shows are usually looking for extras or bit player with foreign features for a particular scene. If you happen to be in the shooting location, you can apply to the talent agency and give it a shot.

Potential Income

Between $8- 13 per hour


If you are in the US, you can check for any casting calls.

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is a high-paying job which delivers designs for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and company reports. Being a freelance graphic designer also gives you the freedom to travel since graphic designers can work at home or while traveling. As long as you have the technologies needed, you can work anywhere you desire.

Potential Income

Up to $3,500 per month


Pentagram, Landor, and Meta Design are the top three most famous graphic design companies you might want to check.

  1. Animator

An animator, same as a graphic designer, can also enjoy the perks of working anywhere they like as long as they have the proper tech. This travel job requires very special animating skills and the eye for arts in order to earn potential clients.

Potential Income

Up to $40 per hour


You can try looking for clients in the following sites:

  • Craigslist
  • Animation Facebook Groups
  • Upwork
  1. Voice Talent

Working as a voice talent is fun if you’re into theater and arts. There are clients looking for people to do voice overs in their presentations, movies, and even applications. Radio and television announcers also fall on this category.

Potential Income

Between $17- 20 per hour.


Upwork and Fiverr have a pool of voice talent demands that you can apply on.

  1. Performer

You can also work as a fulltime performer and travel to concerts, shows, and guesting. Celebrities, as well as local talents and performers, share the same perks of traveling across the country and if you’re lucky to establish an international fan base, you can also travel in and out of the country.

Potential Income

Between $45,774 – $67,821

  1. Athlete

An athlete also travels country to country depending on where he is competing. Sometimes, athletes also train overseas to prepare for the weather and get the best facilities.

Potential Income

Professional athletes can make five to six-figure salaries.

  1. Archaeologist

Archaeologists sometimes travel to certain destinations to conduct surveys or excavations. Being a traveling archaeologist can give you the best of two worlds- pleasure and work. A traveling archaeologist can live country to country exploring historical sites and writing publications.

Potential Income

Between $10- 12 per hour (entry level)


Some companies offering positions in Archaeology are:

  1. Camp Leader

Having the heart of a camp leader will give you the benefit of landing a role in campsites anywhere you go. As a camp leader, you are in charge of maintaining the harmony between the campers. Camps usually take weeks and depending on the company you are working with, you can be sent to various locations all over the world to conduct camping trips.

Potential Income

Between $11-13 per hour.


Camp Leaders is one of the leading summer camp experts hiring different roles for summer camps in America. This site also has helpful listings.

  1. Modeling

There are Facebook groups where you can find freelance modeling opportunities in your current area. Sometimes, these small photographers conduct photo shoots and are looking for certain features for their concepts.

Potential Income

Between $100- 400 per day (amateur level)

Companies also has listings for fashion modeling.

  1. Masseuse

You can become a certified masseuse by taking courses. This is a good side job while you travel because you don’t really need to have your own massage parlor to offer your services to people. You can also look for vacancies in your current neighborhood and work temporarily for them during your stay.

Potential Income

Between $33- 55 per hour.

  1. Hairstylist

Just like a masseuse, a hairstylist is also a great and decent job for travelers. In some countries, hairstyling services are very expensive. You can try to sell your services by offering cheaper rates.

Potential Income

Between $10- 30 per hour (not including tips)

Travel jobs in Writing, Translation and Video Making Industry

  1. Translation and Editorial

If you have an eye for correcting grammatical mistakes and can understand at least one language aside from native English, you can probably land a translation and editorial job. You can find a lot of job postings online which accept even those who are non-Native English speakers.

Potential Income

Up to $20 per hour

Companies and Upwork have a lot of job postings related to translation and editorial.

  1. Content Writing (Ghost Writing)

You can also write for other sites and blogs if you still don’t have an established online identity. This can help you earn money while you are on the road. You also don’t necessarily have to stick to one client.

Potential Income

Up to $45 per hour


You can try pitching to popular blog sites, magazines, and publications and see if your writing style fits their preference. You can also look for jobs in Upwork and Text Master and Crowd Content are companies offering content writing services too.

  1. Resume Writer

Resume writing is a specialized type of writing which is used for professional setup. As a resume writer, your task is to present your client’s professional qualifications the best way possible.

Potential Income

Between $30 to $75 per resume


Upwork,, and even LinkedIn offer opportunities for those who want to get this job.

  1. Ebook Writer

Perfect for creative minds, ebook writing also earn well if you want to maintain your life as a traveler. You can write anything like science fiction, romance, travel guides, self-help, technology, and manuals.

Potential Income

Between $18- 25 per hour.


If you want to start as a freelance ebook writer, you can sell your books on Amazon by working through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Otherwise, companies like WestStar Multimedia Entertainment are also hiring.

  1. Blogging

If you have established a huge following in your social media account, you might want to switch to blogging as one of your primary source of income. Successful bloggers earn enough money to sustain their lifestyle plus they get hotels and flights sponsorships in exchange for promotion.

Potential Income

Blogging income depends on how successful and popular you are. The earning potential of a blogger is unlimited but it is also quite competitive and making money through blogging takes time.

  1. Vlogging

Perfect for those who want to tell stories through videos, vlogging also pays well. May it be a travel guide, a DIY video, a workout routine, or just a storytelling type of video, vlogs are becoming more popular nowadays.

Potential Income

Vlogging, more or less, makes a similar income as blogging.


You can start setting up your YouTube account and upload videos regularly. Start building your subscribers and don’t forget to monetize your videos!

  1. Video Editor

You can also venture into video editing if you’re not the type who likes to be in front of the camera. A lot of popular vloggers out there are hiring a team who can edit their content for them. Huge companies in different sectors also contact video editors to edit their promotional videos, and etc.

Potential Income

Up to $29 per hour


Check out this video editing listing in and LinkedIn.

  1. Copywriter

Aside from ghostwriting and writing to your own blog, you can also write for other people’s site. As a copywriter, you write contents for other blogs or sites. You don’t have to stick to one client though, you can find different clients in different niches and write for them.

Potential Income

Between $30- $500 per article


Check out this site for freelance writing gigs.

  1. Photographer

Selling your photos while traveling is also a good idea and can actually help earn some money on the sides. You can post your photos in your blog or you can use sites like Shopify, iStock, and Shutterstock to sell them.

Potential Income

Up to $300 per month

  1. Pinterest Designer

Pinterest is making a huge impact on blogs and content creators out there that is why a lot of them are focusing on growing their Pinterest account. We all know that the most effective way to get noticed in Pinterest is through your pins and that is why Pinterest Designers are in demand these days.

Potential Income

Between $5- 10 per hour


You can post your pins in Facebook groups to look for interested clients.

Other Travel Jobs

Marne Biology

  1. Ads Manager

Facebook and Google ads can bring a lot of cash if strategically created. This is why huge brands are willing to pay for Ads Managers to plan and run ads for their products and services.

Potential Income

Between $500- $1000 per month per client

  1. Marine Biologist

Although not happening all the time, Marine Biologists also travel to interesting and exotic places and study sea creatures- big and small. To become a Marine Biologist, you need to study at least two Sciences with Biology as the most important and Chemistry, a close second.

Potential Income

Up to $44,311 per year


Here are some Marine Biologist job posting from Glassdoor.

  1. Forest Fire Fighter

A wildland firefighter is one adventurous travel job that for sure a lot of adrenaline junkie would like to try out. The education requirement is not very demanding since it only requires at least a high school diploma. Also, a certificate from a firefighting course is also included.

Potential Income

Between $33,800- 102,000 per year


FireRecruit is a site where you can find forest firefighter listings in the US. You can also use this link to get job postings from Indeed.

  1. Harvesting and Planting

Harvesting and Planting is also a great idea if you’re traveling to places like New Zealand, Australia, and North America. There are slow travelers (those who travel and stay in a certain place for months before moving to a new location) who work as fruit picker to sustain their life on the road.

Potential Income

Between $10- 20 per hour


Check out this listing from Adzuna and these harvest jobs from

  1. Become an Airbnb host

Being a frequent traveler, you often leave your place unattended for quite some time. One practical idea for this kind of setup is to rent out your home through Airbnb. If your home has a very convenient location, you will most certainly get bookings every now and then which will also help you earn funds for your trip.

Potential Income

Depending on your apartment’s location, rate and number of bookings, you can earn between $300- 5000 per month

  1. Sports Betting and Arbitrage Trading

Learning sports betting and arbitrage trading is a fun way to gamble and fund your work-travel lifestyle. Arbitrage betting is placing simultaneous bets on all possible outcome of an event which can guarantee profit whatever the result of the event is.

Potential Income

Between $300- 1100 per month

  1. Online Poker

Same as stock market trading, it is better to skip this option if you don’t know how to play the game. Online poker needs a deep understanding of the game and some skills in order to ace it.

Potential Income

Your earning potential depends on how good you are at playing poker.


Some of the best online poker with real money are:

  1. Answering Surveys

This does not pay a lot but if you have some extra time and you want to earn extra bucks, you can try answering surveys online. These surveys will help companies and businesses understand potential clients so that is why most of them are willing to pay people to answer surveys.

Potential Income

Up to $500 per month


Some sites that you should check are:

  1. Foreign Service Jobs

You can also work as a diplomat where you will be sent to another country to experience their life in that certain part of the world. This is a government job which is open to those with university degrees and knowledge of foreign language. There are certain tests and applications that you can find online if you want to become a  diplomat.

Potential Income

Up to $30,000 (starting salary)


To become a diplomat, check out the qualifications in your home country, take the necessary tests and courses, and apply.

  1. Fishing

If you’re traveling to Australia, China, Japan, and Alaska, you will most likely find seasonal fishing jobs. You don’t need to have a formal education credential in order to apply as a seasonal fisherman too.

Potential Income

Up to $20 per hour


You can find companies looking for crews in sites like Find A Fishing Boat. Most of these jobs are available in England, Scotland, and Wales.

  1. Pool Cleaner

If you don’t have any experience cleaning pools, you can easily look for YouTube tutorials and learn. This is a decent job if you want to earn a few extra bucks during your free time. There are a lot of villas and luxury houses around the world who are hiring people to clean their pools.

Potential Income

Between $5-20 per hour

Join Facebook groups or contact Airbnb hosts in your neighborhood.

Volunteer Jobs while traveling

  1. NGO Work

If you want to travel with a  purpose, working for the NGO is a good idea. It is also one of the most fulfilling travel jobs because you are not only traveling for your eyes but also to help the less fortunate communities all over the world.


Check out these sites for NGO Job Openings:

  1. Work on Sailboats

Working on sailboats is different from delivering boats or working on a cruise ship. A cruise ship crew and boat delivery guy most likely requires certificates and degrees to be hired. Working on sailboats, on the other hand, does not strictly require those qualifications. You can even get this job by simply hanging out at piers. Your daily task includes helping out the captain and maintaining the boat.

Potential Income

Mostly only volunteer work but can earn up to $10 per hour (in some cases)


These sites are posting job listings for this position:

  1. Help at an animal shelter

Animal shelters in most parts of the world are also looking for volunteers to help in their tasks. In most cases, this is a volunteer work but if you have the skills they’re looking for, you might get paid a bit. For example, some shelters are looking for veterinarians and if you have such experience, you might end up getting paid. Some shelters offer board and room as well.

Check out SPCA International website to get to know more of their cause and how to become an animal shelter volunteer.

  1. Woofing

WWOOFING, which stands for World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms, is a movement which links volunteers from all over the world to organic farmers. Volunteers help their host farms in the daily tasks in exchange for the cultural experience and accommodation abroad.

Becoming a WOOFer is easy, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick a destination
  2. Select a WOOF group
  3. Find a host
  4. Travel and WOOF away

You can check more details about this movement at their site.

  1. Work in Hostels

Working in hostels is also another popular travel job that most travelers are doing. This will not necessarily help you earn a lot but at least it could provide free meals or free accommodation. If you work in hostel management tasks, you might earn a few bucks per hour.

Companies has hostel jobs available all over the world.

  1. Teacher Volunteer

Becoming a teacher volunteer is another rewarding job for those who really have the passion to teach. It is also a good way to earn experience for those who are still starting in this career. As a teacher volunteer, you can help in local schools abroad like Indonesia, Nepal, and Costa Rica.


WorkAway has a lot of volunteer jobs from all over the world. You might want to check this series of hosts looking for teacher volunteers.

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