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Visa and Entry Guide

This section aims to help Filipino travellers specifically. We try to update this section regularly but please always verify from the official websites (e.g. embassies or foreign affairs websites) for your visa needs. This section does not aim to replace official sources but just to help you find resources easily.

Also, we advise other nationalities to check embassy websites or other official sources as your visa and entry guide as this section mostly caters Filipino travellers. Thank you!

How To Apply Chinese Visa For US Citizen Guide

Although Hong Kong and Macau, two of the most popular tourist destinations in China, is implementing a visa-free policy, US citizens need a visa when entering mainland China. This rule applies regardless if you’re entering...
Saigon Vietnam

How To Apply For A Vietnamese Visa As A US Citizen?

Vietnam with its flourishing relationship with the States and its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia makes a good travel destination for Americans who want a tropical vacation on the other side...
Kazan Russia

How To Get A Russian Visa For US Citizens

Russia, the world’s largest nation, has surely a lot of sights to offer for every travel bugs out there. Even with the most popular Saint Petersburg which boasts Russia’s rich culture and arts through the...
Santa Claus Village Finland

How To Apply Schengen Visa For Finland

Pristine lakes, lush forests—and the surreal harmony of colors in the Aurora Borealis. Those are just one of the unspoiled natural environments of Finland in Europe. It is a country of diversity, with its...

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