budget travel tips

We all want to be able to travel more and see the world, but there is generally one thing that holds us all back. Money. Unless you have an unlimited bank account, you probably think it’s near on impossible to travel as much as you’d like to.

However, there are plenty of travellers who make their way across the globe on a shoestring budget. Here’s how to travel further with your budget.

budget travel tips

1.Smart planning

The first thing you’re going to want to do before jetting off is a whole load of planning. Look at different countries and how much things cost there, before deciding you want to spend a week in one of the most expensive cities on the planet (which is Singapore, by the way).

Consider how long you want to go for, how you’re going to travel from place to place, and how much you can expect to pay for things in each destination. With some clever planning ahead, you should be able to work out how far you can travel on your budget.

2.Set a budget

Talking of budgets, you need to make one – and ensure you stick to it, too. Work backwards from the date you want to set off and how much you can realistically set aside until then. Don’t kid yourself that you’ll put away all of your wages if you have rent and bills to pay before then.

Underestimate how much you can set aside so that if you do save more, you’ll have a bit of extra spending money to play with. When you’ve established a budget, go back to your plan and make sure it all ties in.

3.Pack wisely

Once you have your plan and you’re ready to hit the road, you’ll want to think carefully about packing. You can really keep costs down if you opt for hand luggage only, so this means you will have to pack wisely.

The Secret Traveller blog over on 1Cover has a list of packing essentials you won’t want to forget, including clothes you can mix and match, so you don’t need to take a whole suitcase of outfits. Remember to roll your clothes, to fit more in, and consider buying toiletries when you’re on the road instead of fitting them into your bag.



4. Find free things to do

While you’re travelling, it can be tempting to spend lots of money on attractions, but you really don’t need to if you know where to look. We have a whole load of guides on free things to do in cities all across the globe, including a guide on how to enjoy the famously expensive Los Angeles on a budget.

If you’ve done your research beforehand, then you may be surprised at how many attractions you can visit for free, or at least cheaply.

5. Work and travel

Finally, if you really want to make your money go further then consider working while you’re away. There are plenty of places to find jobs you can do abroad, and many of these will pay you in free food and accommodation.

This is an excellent way of stretching your budget further, while also being able to give back to local communities. Whatever your skills, there’s bound to be someone willing to swap them for a free bed for the night. Plus, by working alongside locals, you may learn about hidden gems in the country you’re staying in.

These five tips can really help you travel further on a budget, meaning you can see more of the world with less money. Have you got any others to add to the list? Please do let us know in the comments.


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